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Eat.Sleep.Fight Says, in 9-4-2013 at 22:01:33 from    

Thanks for the quick post @bruno

Bruno: No problem.

bhdchris Says, in 9-4-2013 at 22:17:36 from    

Bruno is on top of it.. Knew Jacare would beat him up..
I think Yushin needs to go to another organization…

OscarMayhem Says, in 9-4-2013 at 23:55:26 from    

Yushin can’t bully skill or a gator. Great post. Thanks Bruno!

damnitrudy Says, in 9-5-2013 at 02:05:36 from    

Needs to work on his kicks but Jacare is starting to look tuff on his feet.

cigronne Says, in 9-5-2013 at 09:42:25 from    

Jacare is for real and soon to be a top major force the man to beat up.

mdom Says, in 9-5-2013 at 13:34:41 from    

Hey guys… I didn’t get a chance to see Jacare’s fights in Strikeforce. I’ve only seen his victory last night and his win over Camozzi. I’ve been impressed with him with these two fights (especially last night), but I don’t really know what kind of fighter he is. Anyone watch him enough to fill me in on the kind of fighter he is?

MMAMessiah Says, in 9-5-2013 at 14:00:33 from    


Jacare is among the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the world. He is a multiple time BJJ world champion and an ADCC champion. There are few, if any, MMA a fighters that would survive on the ground with this guy and none in his wieghtclass now that Maia is down and Roger Gracie is up.

He is, in my opinion, the most athletic of the BJJ practitioners to come into MMA, which is why his overall game has advanced so much. He’s worked a lot on his standup and wrestling as well which has show in his last two fights.

He has yet to face a legit American style wrestler like Munoz, Wiedman or Chael, so it is yet to be seen how he handles the double leg and having an All-American in his guard. His standup techniqe still needs a bit of polishing, but I think he takes fights against Bisping, Constantinos and a few of the other punchers in the division. Right now Vitor is a bad matchup for him…

Just my opinions

mdom Says, in 9-5-2013 at 18:25:07 from    


Thanks for the detailed response, much appreciated. Agreed… it’d be great to see him vs a high level American style wrestler to see how he does. What Jacare’s cardio like (or anyone else reading this)? He is pretty beefed up. Wondering how he handles himself in the long run if need be.

MMAMessiah Says, in 9-5-2013 at 20:13:14 from    


He’s been to decision 4 times (3-1) and two of those were 5 round affairs against Rockhold (L) and Tim Kennedy (W). He also had a decision victory in DREAM against Jason Miller that was in the 10minute 1st round and 5 minute 2nd round format that they use in Japan. Those 10 minute first rounds really test your cardio.

JoeS Says, in 9-6-2013 at 18:59:26 from    

Damn, either Jacare that good or Okami fading fast. Okami hasn’t looked the same since round three against Boetsch.


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