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MMAgiantsilva Says, in 11-4-2012 at 20:43:32 from    

Besides the low pay how in the world did Miguel Torres make less money than Spong even if Spong lost. And I am a fan of Spong but that makes no sense.

paddedummy Says, in 11-4-2012 at 20:51:23 from    

Good lord mma fighters earn next to nothing, I’d like to know how much WSOF made off the event. These meat heads need to stop saying that they would fight for free

Turboobsessed Says, in 11-4-2012 at 23:36:33 from    

MMA Fighters make next to nothing? $90,000 in one fight isn’t good for you? That is just one fight in a year.

lowkick Says, in 11-5-2012 at 00:19:48 from    

Miguel Torres lost 5 out of his last 8 fights. He fights in the bantam weight division. A division no one cares about.
Tyrone Spong has a big name and reputation and fought and won at LHW, if anything he should have been paid more.

ufcinsider Says, in 11-5-2012 at 00:20:50 from    

I remember when Arlovsky got paid 800 000 to fight Fedor.

ufcinsider Says, in 11-5-2012 at 00:21:53 from    

Tim Sylvia got paid 800 000
Arlovsky got paid 1 200 000

James Says, in 11-5-2012 at 00:27:33 from    

what really bothers me is that the paycheck a fighter takes home basically comes down to a popularity contest. tyson steele got paid $10,000 for a tko win over gregor gracie, if he lost it would have been $5,000. yet gregor got paid $25,000 in defeat all because his last name is gracie. that’s the way it is in the ufc, and many other promotions.

k1superstar Says, in 11-5-2012 at 00:45:30 from    

Lol, so funny. Theirs guys in the UFC that would kill to get Arlovskis pay day.. and it was the first event of a sub par organisation. I thought the pays were impressive considering.

metallicafan Says, in 11-5-2012 at 01:41:45 from    

^spong won

keulniss Says, in 11-5-2012 at 02:35:11 from    

@MMagiantsilva, because Spong is more famous, has a better record, and is a much better fighter than Torres (his mma skills are still pretty much unknown however). In fact, I’m surprised his pay wasn’t even more than his.

JJ Says, in 11-5-2012 at 03:01:26 from    

@paddedummy – I don’t know what the prices of tickets were and how many the sold but it all looks reasonable. They probably made 100-200k on top of everything. maybe a bit more – depending on advertisers and deal with NBC. This is a SMALL show, not the UFC, not even Bellator. And a debut. They’ve done a great job in my opinion

ETK Says, in 11-5-2012 at 03:05:15 from    

$4,000 to fight Tyrone Spong, is definitely not worth it

hehe Says, in 11-5-2012 at 04:29:23 from    

WSOF just started you morons…you expect them to pay the same as the UFC. Are you guys nuts??? stupid idiots

k1superstar Says, in 11-5-2012 at 04:32:12 from    

Arlovski and Spong had a free pay day anyway. They fought complete flabby cans. I didnt watch the other fights but im sure they would of been similar. Fed them to the lions.

Tempted Says, in 11-5-2012 at 07:21:12 from    

Paydays were better than most of Bellator’s. That said, WSOF might last a year. All fighters who matter fight in the UFC, just a sad fact of life. As soon as someone shows they are good, they get “called up” to the big show leaving their former organizations behind. Gambino is the most recent. He beat Foster for the belt and got called up the next day.

WSOF is trying to pick up where WEC left off and it isn’t going to happen. I can’t think of a single top 5 fighter in any division who isn’t in the UFC.

couchtat Says, in 11-5-2012 at 07:55:03 from    

seems like smaller fighters are getting screwed on payments>>>>>how can spong make more than torres?

blondie Says, in 11-5-2012 at 11:38:48 from    

Why are fighters who win making the same as the ones who lose (Cobb/Torres)?

anakonda Says, in 11-5-2012 at 12:07:26 from    

LOL $5000 for a fight, you pay training camp, rent, food and doctors from that? What a rip off. Same thing in UFC as well, no name and you will be abused.

newmmfan1 Says, in 11-5-2012 at 13:31:00 from    

lots of stupid comments on here regarding pay…one thing I think is funny that people never seem to talk about is negotiations. these guys sign contracts. this is an open market. they get to decide how much they get paid. this is one of the reasons why you see strange discrepancies in pay between seemingly equally marketable/successful fighters.

I would be surprised if they offered Gregor Gracie $25K but I wouldn’t be surprised if he used his name to negotiate up to $25K.

Also notice how some fighters like to have win bonuses (for higher payout potential) while others prefer fixed contracts where they know exactly what they’re going to get. This is all part of the negotiations and both parties are responsible for the results, not just the organization or just the fighter

theodore roosevelt Says, in 11-5-2012 at 17:44:32 from    

Okay, so what kind of money do you make grinding away at your job to make you think that this is chump change? Training is physically hard, but way easier than grinding at a job. That is probably worst case scenario only half of what they make if you’re a no name. Sponsors pay well, plus gate and bonus because this is a bigger company. These guys aren’t in the B leagues and they aren’t suffering. Bunch of economic whizzes around here…

paddedummy Says, in 11-5-2012 at 21:56:35 from    

Ya ok there Donald Trump, I don’t even have a f-ing job but I guarantee you that I still have a higher $tandard of living than a guy who has to train full time for at least 2 months, pay gym fees, trainers etc., and then gets ktfo and a torn ACL for $5000, sponsors/gate/bonus or not. What a $weet deal! Don’t compare these earnings to a guy flipping burgers for minimum wage, compare them to other pro athletes who don’t have to train half as hard, take much less risk of getting injured and still make 1000 times as much. Teddy is the WSOF promoter

wcoastassassin Says, in 11-5-2012 at 22:10:03 from    

What really sucks is the guys that fight for a few thousand dollars. Here, and in UFC and StrikeForce. Boxing is even worse though many guys fight for a few hundred dollars and are feeder fish to build guys records up.

JJ Says, in 11-5-2012 at 22:50:28 from    

@Tempted I could think of a few top 5 guys not in the UFC. It gets harder if you count SF guys as UFC already (I believe SF will be rolled into UFC rather sooner than later). Top 5 guys in the SF? Cormier, Rockhold, Malendez, Marquardt. In Bellator Chandler, Curran, possibly Alvarez. You also have some guys in One FC, like Fernandez that might be there. There are guys like Khalidov from KSW who are close and could be there. Also – you don’t need to have top 5 guys to put up a good shows and not only survive but make money. It’s sometimes more than a good promotion “makes” a top 5 fighet than the other way around. I’d say the best guy WSOF has right now is A. Johnson. They also have an intersting prospect in Sponge. There is a lot of good Eastern European guys ready to go, especially Russians, Polish, Lithuanians, who they can sign. Also they can try to get some guys from the K1 who want to cross over. These guys have following they’ll bring into the promotion. Sponge is a good example of a guy who got a lot of attention not even having one mma fight, until few days ago. Now we know why. There is a good material for future stars around and if Sefo and his bunch know what they’re doing they can create a successful promotion. Despite the fact that they’ll see their stars leaving for the UFC, they can still manage stay afloat.


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