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draztik Says, in 6-19-2008 at 02:05:06 from    

he will be back after he quits drinking and acting like a moron.

sterling Says, in 6-19-2008 at 02:09:21 from    

Had all the opportunity in his hands. Not that I think he could have beaten Amir. He may have been able to lay on him, but we’ll never know. He’ll never forget this.

ronzeo Says, in 6-19-2008 at 02:19:39 from    


Csari0 Says, in 6-19-2008 at 02:23:49 from    

You are a shitty wrestler anyways, just like the rest of the cast. Why are there only wrestler in the TUF?… Oh yes.. it’s the only thing Americans practice.

TUF is like a low budget WWE… with shittier wrestlers…LOL

Griffin getting a title shot after going 2-1 in his last 3 fights…. now there is a JOKE!!!

Just Some Guy Says, in 6-19-2008 at 02:27:15 from    


Gene Says, in 6-19-2008 at 03:11:17 from    

We should have known it was this moron by his past behavior in the house. He has no control whatsoever when he’s drunk. This jackass is exactly what the whole sport of MMA needs to stay away from. One day he’s going to piss off the wrong guy and get shot in the head. I don’t give a crap how good of a fighter he is, he still ain’t bulletproof.

MUAY THAI SPECIALIST Says, in 6-19-2008 at 03:16:20 from    

“do you know who i am??!! im a UFC fighter” lol that will scare anybody.

Daniyal Says, in 6-19-2008 at 03:29:44 from    

What a moron throw away a golden opportunity given to him I hope this makes him cut back on his drinking..

palito_lippi Says, in 6-19-2008 at 05:00:45 from    

hey Mr. President, that was not the first time that happen to TUF, remember Chris Leben? after they drank he crushed some stuff and went outside the dorm… but anyway great decision from your good office…. I think UFC 86 was lack of supporting fights, not like that of UFC 85…

all4hiphop Says, in 6-19-2008 at 07:45:46 from    

Their just kids, he f’ed up when he started “I’m a UFC figher” .. another Promoter will sign him, even though his LnP is weak.

goro Says, in 6-19-2008 at 08:27:00 from    

that´s right ,he is not a fighter, just a stupid huligan.

sjp925 Says, in 6-19-2008 at 09:54:38 from    

man im dissapointed i really wanted cb to kick his ass i was shocked amir defeated cb but at least he gets his 2nd chance now. but anyway this guys a dope and he you could just tell if he actually did win and become famous he would be the biggest mess ever and just would make the ufc look bad.

Principal Skinner Says, in 6-19-2008 at 10:30:22 from    

I’m surprised that Jesse got dropped so easily for “terrorizing” female patrons and saying, “I’m a UFC fighter,” after they put so much focus on him on the show. A suspension or another less dramatic penalty would have been more appropriate. It’s not like he assaulted someone.

Dana White is a drama queen.

gspfan Says, in 6-19-2008 at 12:36:37 from    

I’ve said this from the 1st episode, Jesse speaks and acts like an idiot. He’s a poor representation of the sport. These guys need to look up to guys like Spider, GSP and Couture as to how to behave.

ymbsnakeeye Says, in 6-19-2008 at 13:27:01 from    

the truth is he wasnt ready to fight for the UFC… mma has enough fighters who arent mature as it is… but one more that walks around throwing out the UFC name isnt going to help.

Doc Says, in 6-19-2008 at 13:39:12 from    

I seem to think if he would have came out when dana asked him what happened and said something like, “ya, I f’ed up big and i didnt mean to represent you in this way, and i do admit i have a drinking problem that gets the best of my emotions, but i’m taking steps to quit.” he might still be around. Instead,”UH…errr (nasaly sounds)..duhhhh…I drank to much…(nasaly sounds) got a lil rowdy…(nasaly sounds)”. What a douche if you cant own up to your mistakes your not a man and if your not a man you NOT a fighter! (dont get mad ladies i didn’t mean it like that)

kimura expert Says, in 6-19-2008 at 14:37:43 from    

he didn’t just terrorize the female guests but did you forget too that he broke a car’s window? That in itself is grounds to be arrested. I don’t agree with everything dana white’s done with regards to the ufc but he got this one right on the money. Jesse needs to get his act together first and dana white i think told him to call him back in a few months. There is only one solution to JT’s prob – stop drinking! You are mentally challenged as is and drinking alcohol more so lessens whatever brain cells you have left.

douchbag Says, in 6-19-2008 at 15:49:42 from    

He might as well said ‘do you know who I am? I am Dana White!’ bwahahahaha

douchbag Says, in 6-19-2008 at 15:50:41 from    

Dana White: “Jesse… you are a douchebag. And we at the UFC don’t hire douchebags. You’re out!”

Crazywhitie Says, in 6-19-2008 at 16:46:07 from    

I Think this all would have been funny if he was running around going I “Do you who I am, I’m Nicholas Cage” This guys a joke,

chuck biscuits Says, in 6-19-2008 at 17:06:54 from    

There’s a serious psychological disorder with this guy. It’s like he had the mind of a 10 year old. I hope he can correct it and come back.

David Says, in 6-19-2008 at 17:27:06 from    

im going to say that this is bullshit! ya jesse messed up, but how much ufc fighters have done stuff they shouldnt have and are still in the organization. hell, chris leben spent a month in the slammer and bj penn went on probation for punching a cop. that doesnt mean they should be out of the ufc or even make them bad people that cant redeem themselves. why is dana white such an authority on morality, its not like he lived a sparkling clean life before he joined the ufc. i remember on the bad blood episode him hoping he wouldnt fail the CAT scan because some guy rung him up bad when he was younger. how would he like it if someone told him he wasnt emotionally ready for the ufc because of one stupid thing he did

as far as im concerned, jesse was one of 2 best fighters on the show who fought their way through the comp and deserve to be in the final. not CB who the ufc clearly wanted to win from day 1

dragonslayer Says, in 6-19-2008 at 17:41:34 from    

some one who acts like that much of a retard and gets that big of n ego n acts that stupid,i hope he jumps off a cliff.
retard of the year award

Robert Says, in 6-19-2008 at 17:47:17 from    

Hmmm, lets see, kicked out a limo window, stepped up to security guards and claimed he was a UFC fighter there-by giving UFC a bad image and proceeded to harass females at a bar. But for some people here that’s not enough to kick him out? Just a slap on the wrist, huh? Stupid. Dana is the UFC president and has to do it by the book. Dana said trashing the house is one thing but going out and doing all that s*** that idiot did is inexcusable and he’s absolutely right. I wouldn’t want sonebody like that to represent my business. He’s lucky he didn’t get thrown in jail and sued for sexual harassment and he’s lucky Dana isn’t getting sued cause technically that guy was still part of the show and Dana could probably be held liable and even if it’s a weak case it’ll still bring bad PR to the UFC.

paddedummy Says, in 6-19-2008 at 18:31:52 from    

This moron sucked but the best fighters do illegal s*** all the time, it must have something to do with an excess of testosterone. If they aren’t allowed to compete in the UFC because of that then being a UFC champion won’t prove anything except that you are the toughest choir boy,lol. This is just as retarded as having to have a clean drug test and not just for roids/performance enhancers. Eddie Bravo: “Weed makes your jiujitsu better”=LMAO!

capital L Says, in 6-19-2008 at 18:54:58 from    

“Why are there only wrestler in the TUF?… Oh yes.. it’s the only thing Americans practice.”

Yeah and everybody knows wrestlers have never achieved ANYTHING in MMA…

IRIEYE Says, in 6-19-2008 at 20:50:34 from    

palito_lippi Says, in 6-19-2008 at 05:00:45 from hey Mr. President, that was not the first time that happen to TUF, remember Chris Leben? after they drank he crushed some stuff and went outside the dorm… but anyway great decision from your good office…. I think UFC 86 was lack of supporting fights, not like that of UFC 85…

he said that was the 1st time that happen after the show was over try and listen to soemthnig befor you say its wrong

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 6-19-2008 at 22:00:00 from    

Doesnt anyone feel any compassion for this guy.

He won his way to the final. We all make mistakes, Dana “not so bright” White had to put his foot down. muhahahahaha because he is king s*** right.

Im not saying I wouldve done that or even that Jesse is not a meathead but it is a little ridiculous to be so rash other UFc fighters wouldve recieved a fine, I am sure he is going to have to pay for the window.

Plus the first thing he said was he drank to much maybe he needs AA and then could fight in the UFC to ban someone for such a small thing is ridiculous when looking at the big picture and nobody got hurt do to his shinanigans.

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 6-19-2008 at 23:08:26 from    

I was laughing at him the whole time then he started talking about how he cant go home and what is he going to tell his kid. That part kinda sucked. But he screwed and has to pay for it.

Mas Says, in 6-19-2008 at 23:34:09 from    

MMAGiantSilva, Hey i can tell you this it is Dana’s job he ain’t here to take sht from a fighter who is bringing a companies name down. It is not acceptable by any of the other fighters and for you to say Dana the things you said about dana is compelety not relevant to this problem. Ya dana is stupid but this was the right decision. If you saw the other episodes he has made many more mistakes this is not the first thing. Also if you heard Dana he said “Call me when you have everything is order” So he is really giving him another shot.


jric1 Says, in 6-19-2008 at 23:49:56 from    

Coco, noooooooo!!! Don’t worry Coco, you’ll have a bright future and fit right in with EliteXC or any other up-an-comming organization. You’ll get some world class fighters that have legitimate impressive records with losses almost as much or if not even more than the actual wins. So, don’t worry coco, everything is going to be alright coco.

tim Says, in 6-20-2008 at 00:07:16 from    

Oh my god. Guess there is a bit of control in the UFC House. Boring!!! So it happened outside the house. BORING Zzzzz…. Break the house up… But not in the real world. Call Reno 911. Guess this guy learned his limits…. Zzzzzz!

Actrazor Says, in 6-20-2008 at 07:06:39 from    

“Why are there only wrestler in the TUF?… Oh yes.. it’s the only thing Americans practice.”

We also practice at laughing at douche bags who put us down because of where we live. grow the hell up.

Dpeng Says, in 6-20-2008 at 13:05:47 from    

Lol….TUF….what a s*** show

Vin Says, in 6-20-2008 at 13:31:40 from    

Can you imagine the crap his baby mama laid on him when he got home?He probably really needed a beer.
What a way to screw up ! Yet, after multiple episodes of urinating on himself -it’s really not a surprise.
Dana White was correct.

twalker Says, in 6-20-2008 at 23:07:04 from    

Alcohol + testosterone = Jackoff The formula never changes.

Big_Red Says, in 6-20-2008 at 23:41:52 from    

FRom the same organization that brought you David Tank Abbott.We don’t want know stinking drunks Dana says eh….lol
This is the best thing for Jesse in the long run.Some very respected people are walking away foam Dana and the UFC because of the way they treat their fighters.Jesse Get some help with your drinking as someone who laid off the stuff in my 20s.( that’s been about 20 some years ago)You have some hallmark signs of alcoholism.If Dana Really gave a crap about his fighters he’d have you offer an apology and at least attend ask you if you need help and have you and maybe attend some AA meetings ,but in reality Dana you have never really given a shi# about Your fighters.It’s all about the benji’s
Do yourself a favor get yourself sober and Go to Extreme or any where else.

Ai Guy Says, in 6-22-2008 at 02:02:46 from    

To those who said he shouldn’t have gotten kicked out for this s***, what would you say one needs to do to get kicked out then? Dana didn’t act like a “drama queen” at all the guys not a moron he doesn’t want people who get trashed and go around talking s*** bragging they fight in the UFC in the organization. It makes them look bad, regardless no one should behave that way. Dana is trying to give MMA a good image because a lot of people out there still see it as “human cockfighting” and not as a sport.

Also the UFC is run by different people now from when they promoted tools like Tank Abbot. If you don’t know the history of the sport you shouldn’t talk. I love MMA but some of the fans are the dumbest people I’ve ever seen.

Breached Says, in 6-22-2008 at 09:37:12 from    

“what do i tell the people…its my whole life… and not finnish… i just want to disappear for a while”

was it a shock? cock jock cock block’d . the only kill’r thats ill’r is yourself.

MY PERSONAL MOTTO: Respect and you will be Respected. Disrespect and you Shall be Disrespected

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