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Bosancina Says, in 10-10-2007 at 02:04:29 from    

Awesome fight wish I had been in the ref’s place… what a view.

dudewithface Says, in 10-10-2007 at 02:36:21 from    

that was a pretty crazy fight it be interesting to see how much rampage has improved since then and if he can beat silva

joelza holden Says, in 10-10-2007 at 02:38:37 from    

That was a wicked finishing knee,he dropped like a f***** tree.Rampage has improved heaps after that ko.

amine Says, in 10-10-2007 at 04:50:57 from    

wonderful WAND

David Says, in 10-12-2007 at 18:19:54 from    


niv Says, in 10-14-2007 at 03:13:55 from    

Honestly I don’t know how much Quinton has actually improved since then. He was at the top of the heap in Pride and basically got his ass handed to him by Wanderlei twice and Shogun once. He also was submitted by Sakuraba, aside from that he basically beat on everybody else mercilessly.

Nothing to be ashamed of there.

In the case of Wanderlei, I think if he and Chuck fought back then Wanderlei would have kicked his ass big time. Now after two huge losses I’m not sure where Wanderlei is, he’s been in a lot of wars in a very short time and it may just be starting to takes its toll.

Having said that, I have faith in the axe murderer and I think there’s going to be a lot of exciting battles where Wanderlei Silva will become one of the most feared fighters again.

Hugo Says, in 10-26-2007 at 15:14:06 from    

i agree with Niv. for the most part rampage is still the same fighter. that fight was a while ago so i hope he has improved and learned from his mistakes, like all good fighters do. As for Wanderlai and Chuck, i’d still love to see that match. Wanderlai’s losses were from crocop and henderson, both great fighters. and Chuck’s is also coming from 2 losses from rampage and jardine. styles make fights and Wanderlai vs Chuck could go either way. Wanderlai likes to go straight at his opponent and start swinging. Chuck likes to wait and counter strike and get his crazy wide swings in usually resulting in a knock out. saying that though their last few fights have been very different from their usual selves.

brad Says, in 11-18-2007 at 11:11:50 from    

i hope liddell bites his f***** nose off

Neil Says, in 11-27-2007 at 18:21:52 from    

Both Liddell and Silva are without a doubt, 2 of the greatest fighters MMA has seen. I personally will be rooting for Silva though.

James Says, in 1-4-2008 at 12:20:05 from    

I don’t get it. Silva didn’t use the clinch or his patented knees against Liddell. And he wasn’t his normal hyper-aggressive self. Makes no sense to me.

chris from iowa Says, in 1-18-2008 at 17:26:02 from    

god damn that was an incredible performance by the axe murder rampage did not have an answer for the clinch and got the big knee to the face .B E A utiful

manfred Says, in 1-28-2008 at 22:32:22 from    

the most brutal KO EVERRRRR. WAR SILVA!

chris jr Says, in 1-29-2008 at 01:37:51 from    

that was pretty brutal,hacked him up

haris Says, in 2-19-2008 at 01:40:54 from    

dang, did you see the blood dripping from rampage’s nose when the ref picked him up? shi* dawg! right now..i think rampage wud take silva, and if liddell fought rampage again..liddell would win.

nagant Says, in 4-4-2008 at 04:51:35 from    

lol haris, you idiot, how would liddell beat rampage now? he has lost to him twice.

Izzy From Toronto Says, in 4-29-2008 at 17:13:04 from    

Big knockout everybody gets f***** up sometime i’ve just not seen Anderson Silva not get it he is the the man though.

Cali Says, in 5-11-2008 at 23:20:05 from    

Good work on the vid. little PVD soundtrack too. That finish was incredible. Jesus.

steve Says, in 7-5-2008 at 16:31:27 from    

good fight.as 4 the fight tonite i like forest better but i think rampage will win by ko in the 2nd. this matchup isnt good 4 forest!

Alex Says, in 9-18-2008 at 16:12:38 from    

great fight.. brutal knee, Rampage out cold, blood pouring down onto the mat at the end…. they are about to have part 3 !!!! UFC 91 …

Anyone know the music in the back ground?? awesome beats. want to know the song.

T Says, in 10-9-2008 at 15:14:07 from    

impressive fight. these two are so exciting to watch. i remember being on the edge of my seat when i saw this for the first time. i still love to watch this fight over and over. it inspires me to train harder. can’t wait till 3!

hikari33 Says, in 10-10-2008 at 21:25:47 from    

if u ever wanna K.O rampage just do knees to the head


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