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Jamie O Says, in 12-19-2008 at 09:23:17 from    

I still don’t get to this day why they were stood up when clearly Rampage was showing some ground control..

megablast Says, in 12-19-2008 at 09:35:02 from    

what the hell was he doing, he didnt even try to avoid the knees.

JD Says, in 12-19-2008 at 10:15:18 from    

He’s f***** dazed idiot.. how many knees and kicks did you see him take before you decided to comment and say he wasnt even trying to block..

gummo-815 Says, in 12-19-2008 at 10:45:42 from    

i think 3 is gonna look just like 1 and 2. rampage remembers those knee’s

rgood Says, in 12-19-2008 at 11:15:56 from    

rampage has a very good chin. Wandy may not be able to put out that kind of flurry anymore.

Esteban Says, in 12-19-2008 at 12:13:41 from    

I think this is a great match up and i think both these guys are rediculously strong and good fighters

Penn_fan Says, in 12-19-2008 at 12:54:06 from    

“All i guantee is VIOLENCE” -Wandy Silva-

Maelman Says, in 12-19-2008 at 12:59:22 from    

I dunno man.. thats some serious neuro-associative conditioning… if Rampage isn’t worried about the same happening again he’s just stupid lol

Niv Says, in 12-19-2008 at 14:03:54 from    

I think 3 will end like the previous two by ko.

Of course Rampage was in both of those fights and if he is going to beat Wandy his only chance is on the ground. If Rampage is dumb enough to stand he’ll need treatment for post traumatic stress disorder after this one.

ArmBarMafia Says, in 12-19-2008 at 14:10:58 from    

The thing about page for the first 2 Silva fights was he wasn’t mentally ready. During the 2nd one, I don’t think the fool would eat, drink, or even sleep for a 1 week from the fight.
He went into that fight very unprepared. The same for the 1st fight as well, just not as severe.

Page is in his prime right now, Silva is past his. The only question that remains is how Page comes into the fight mentally. Will God tell him to prepare, or will God tell him to do something foolish again ;) I guess we will find out at the end of the month.

n1gel522 Says, in 12-19-2008 at 15:10:21 from    

nope rampage is a different fighter now so look to see rampage get the win

toño Says, in 12-19-2008 at 15:54:51 from    

they were inactive in the ground….rampage was with his head glued to wands chest…that was his mistake

Heavy Hands Taylor Says, in 12-19-2008 at 15:57:56 from    

In PRIDE, that was a legitimate stand up. Notice, Rampage didn’t get the yellow card, Wandy did for inactivity which is well within the rules of PRIDE and includes standing the fighters up.

Also notice that the Wandy hits him with a leg kick (that looks eerily similar to the one Forrest tagged) and that disoriented Rampage.

Rampage is still the same fighter and Wandy has only gotten smarter. Sorry Jackson.

Castro Says, in 12-19-2008 at 16:10:25 from    

Rampage won’t be stuck in that clinch anymore. I know Wanderlei and Marven eastman are in a totally different class (skill wise), but remember what happened when he put Jackson in the clinch? He ate an uppercut, and went down. It’s not going to be the same fight, I’ll tell you that.

compcast Says, in 12-19-2008 at 16:38:58 from    

page takes this fight by tko in the third round

Jasonicus Says, in 12-19-2008 at 16:43:01 from    

I see Rampage learning from his mistakes, but I don’t see a different outcome. Silva looks like he is back on track.

adambomber Says, in 12-19-2008 at 18:18:37 from    

yall are some wandy nh’ers
if you think the 3rd time will be the same you are clueless.

Samski Says, in 12-19-2008 at 18:34:11 from    

The 3rd fight is going to be awesome.

yoyo Says, in 12-19-2008 at 20:14:14 from    

second one was better.

KidRockYa Says, in 12-19-2008 at 20:42:43 from    

Wandi has dominated Rampage twice and he is deep in Rampage’s head. He better keep Wandi on the ground or its all over. Wanderlei’s standup is too fast and powerful for him

:pingaloca Says, in 12-19-2008 at 21:14:05 from    

Dam, pure domination, but I have to give ‘page props for going out like that. However, I still don’t know why they gave Wandy the yellow card when it was page that was doing the lay and pray technique. It’s MURDER!!! Part three will be outstanding, I got Wandy on it!

kevlo Says, in 12-19-2008 at 23:13:44 from    

Third time’s a charm! Wandy by k.o. headkick at 1:34 1st round! When this prediction comes true you can email me to read your fortunes at $50 a pop!

The Black Swordsman Says, in 12-20-2008 at 02:02:00 from    

It’s Rampages time … Wanderlei is a beast but he’s washed up and if Jackson gets it to the ground and stays active the ref isn’t gonna make them stand

The Black Swordsman Says, in 12-20-2008 at 02:07:44 from    

and god damn rampages chin is made of granite cuz he ate everything but the kitchen sink and still didn’t go out

adambomber Says, in 12-20-2008 at 07:07:58 from    

Kevlo since when does Wandy kick high lol. Your an idiot stfu
this will never happen Wandy doesnt even do headkicks plus hes shorter
*heres your sticker*
Rampage by a ktfo uppercut
Wandy is going to be absolutely demolished

gotcrowd.com Says, in 12-20-2008 at 11:16:43 from    

Silva by murder…..

Micah Says, in 12-20-2008 at 16:54:53 from    

Yeah, Page is a more focused fighter now with the kid killing murder drive rampage. Enough excuses for Page and his energy drink non-eating deal. He’s a chimp, I mean Chump, Hopefully Wandy puts him away forever.

Demetrio Says, in 12-21-2008 at 04:30:47 from    

Wandy gonna put the final nail in the coffin 3rd time around

Whisker Biscuit Says, in 12-21-2008 at 11:46:40 from    

The first fight was pretty close up until Wandy clinched. I saw Wand fight Cro Cop live, all you’ll see today is the edited version. They should have stopped that fight. He took so much damage. You can see it on his face. He’s not the same guy anymore. I’ve seen more violent fights, I’ve seen more drawn out fights, but the beating Cro Cop put on him inflicted the kind of damage that just stays with you. If you saw him rematch Hendo shortly after and lose his title you’d know what I mean. My point is Wanderlei has lost a step. It’s very possible for Quinton to win here. But I’m not sure he knows that. It’s like when someone mentions Wanderlei Silva someone told him the boogy man is comin. His voice gets all shaky and he starts talkin that “I aint scared” s***.

Nitro Says, in 12-21-2008 at 14:08:03 from    

When I think of the Boogie Man, I picture Wand and he’s never kneed me in the face so Rampage probaably cries on the inside when he thinks of him.

KruengThai Says, in 12-21-2008 at 14:27:13 from    

The second fight was really brutal. Quinton got knocked out cold and the ref grabs him by his waistband to pull him back in the ring and a fountain of blood was pouring out his nose. Quinton should be thankful that the UFC doesnt allow soccer kicks.That would just be too much for us Americans -with our weak stomachs and all.Why does a boxing commision control a sport that is so far beyond boxing?

josedoors Says, in 12-21-2008 at 19:40:07 from    

that dude is violent………..wow rampage is going to use his head now…but to stop wandy’s knees… hahaha

jeremyemilio Says, in 12-22-2008 at 00:19:52 from    

Wandy is a dangerous man…

(Head kicks on the ground are insane, though. I don’t care what anyone says.)

Maelman Says, in 12-22-2008 at 09:38:08 from    

I dont understand where everyones gettin their confidence in Rampage from.. I mean the guy got destroyed both fights with Silva. Yes im full aware Ramapge is a “totally different fighter” but its not like Silva just stayed the same either lol I strongly believe Wandy’s record is much more impressive than Rampages aside from the Chuck coorealation.

Wandy is gonna beat Rampage pick a way it doesnt matter

Steamer Bean Says, in 12-22-2008 at 18:52:16 from    

The thing most people tend to overlook is Quinton was just another gheto ass black dude from the states as far as the Japs were concerned, and was marketed as such. (his training camps sucked balls) He was fed to the beast. After coming home he relearned how to box, how to fight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I have unquestioning faith in him, I just honestly believe if there ever was a chance for him to win it’s now. The fact that Cro Cop and Hendo softened ol Wandy up a bit doesn’t matter much to me. The fact is, Wanderlei isn’t as good as he was, and Quinton is much better than he was. The problem with that equation is history has a tendency of repeating itself and it’s well into its cycle with these two. We’ll see soon enough……..
(making it very clear I’m not rooting for either, there’s a special place in my heart and memories for both these knuckleheads, it will break my heart to see either one lose, but that’s just part of an epic battle)

chuck Says, in 12-24-2008 at 21:28:15 from    

mma is a bunch of bums fighting for rent money

Pride FC Says, in 3-4-2009 at 13:37:06 from    

The reality is Silva is nowhere near what he was back in his Pride days. Ir’s expecred that he loses which he did. The man can’t administer the kind of damage he used to and isn’t in the same shape. Jackson on the other hand is still in his prime, certainly much closer than Silva.
Everyone hyped up Silva after the Jardine fight but I knew it wasn’t telling of Silva’s conditioning these days. Old Silva wouldn’t have been knocked out by a punch like that, Jackson wasn’t even looking, he just swung with eyes closed to avoid being hit.


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