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iceberg187 Says, in 5-4-2010 at 09:48:20 from    


is there any more likeable guy then wanderlei?

Bas Ruten Says, in 5-4-2010 at 10:09:43 from    

Akiyama will stand with him. His gameplan should be to take him down and beat him there, which Sexyama can do easily. But Akiyama is from a different, world, he will try to entertain, and “prove something” by standing. That is the difference between old school PRIDE-style fighting and UFC and modern MMA. A fight is more than about winning, its about beating the other guy up and proving somehting. PRIDE = fighting. UFC = MMA sport.

glenn Says, in 5-4-2010 at 10:54:38 from    

I really wanna see silva fight the spider now that can be a entertanning fight and they have bad blood between them should be asome if it happend

joejoe Says, in 5-4-2010 at 12:05:46 from    

@bas ruten
definately, the pride guys had the gladiator mentality
they did things to entertain. it was very entertaining to watch pride. but sometimes they did ridiculous things and get their butts beat by smarter athletes
the ring is perfect for more technical fighters to thrive in
aggressive and grinding fighters have a harder time in rings cause of their lack of technique

Niv Says, in 5-4-2010 at 13:59:26 from    

glenn I have some bad news for you, Wandy and the Spider publicly kissed and made up last year.

They’re buddies again so bad blood doesn’t eist between them anymore.

On another note if their ever was a fight to be had between these two it should have been four years ago when both were at the top of their games. I fear Wandy would get owned by the Spider today.

paddedummy Says, in 5-4-2010 at 14:12:55 from    

WTF was that?

brian kenny Says, in 5-4-2010 at 14:21:54 from    

what’s up niv.. long time

Brightland Says, in 5-4-2010 at 16:20:51 from    

This looked more like advertisement of jaco clothes than of Wand training.

Niv Says, in 5-4-2010 at 16:34:53 from    

Hi Brian I’ve been around from time to time, how are you?

Grape Soda Says, in 5-4-2010 at 18:23:07 from    

I’ve been a fan of Wandy for years and he keeps moving up in my list of favorite fighters as other fighters succumb to the lure of money, fame and self adulation.

Can’t wait to train at his gym in Vegas.

808 Says, in 5-5-2010 at 00:26:24 from    

@bas ruten

you dont know squat about pride. it is all about winning. i want to see you get in the ring and say its not all about winning. all fighters are a nature of habit remember that. why you think they study eachothers film.

brian kenny Says, in 5-5-2010 at 06:27:43 from    

can’t complain….ready for the shogun fight this weekend

Niv Says, in 5-5-2010 at 12:04:27 from    

Yeah me too, unfortunately I can’t get out of work this weekend stuck on the night shift.

I’ll have to follow live updates and watch the fight later.

Enjoy the fight, regardless who wins I doubt it’ll be anything but a treat to watch these two go at it again.

Same as the first go around my money’s with Shogun.

Take care


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