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topgunjager Says, in 9-21-2009 at 08:16:03 from    

He’s back!!!

Father Time of Children Says, in 9-21-2009 at 10:16:48 from    

Man, Vitor’s head movement and focus right before the attack was so reminiscent of Anderson Silva’s.
Yes that will be the battle. Vitor has the skills to take out the champ.

sooooopernate Says, in 9-21-2009 at 11:15:38 from    

kinda hit him in the back of the head tho…

NOTORYUS Says, in 9-21-2009 at 12:08:09 from    

franklin said vitor has got very fast hand so what? hahahaha now what? lol

flip_flava34 Says, in 9-21-2009 at 13:16:58 from    

Well they said it’ll be an explosive, fast K-1 type of Elite striker that would give silva most trouble, BELFORT is like Melvin Manhoeuf of CRACK…so thaT would be the fight!!!

flip_flava34 Says, in 9-21-2009 at 13:17:52 from    

*oops like a melvin manhoeuf on crack and might just be able to take out the spider (still though Im ROOTING FOR HIM)

ckrisis Says, in 9-21-2009 at 13:32:51 from    

thats very upsetting

seawolf Says, in 9-21-2009 at 14:33:14 from    

I was thinkin the same thing…..hit em in back of the head…

F3dor Says, in 9-21-2009 at 17:17:17 from    

yay hopefully this means no more main events with franklin mr boring decision

baller Says, in 9-21-2009 at 18:03:10 from    

vitor vs silva now dat will be the gud fight

WhiteHamster Says, in 9-21-2009 at 18:31:13 from    

Lets see who Rich has beat. Hmmmm other than Wanderlei -nobody. He’s way to overrated because he is likable.

Loss Vitor Belfort
Win Wanderlei Silva
Loss Dan Henderson
Win Matt Hamill
Win Travis Lutter
Loss Anderson Silva
Win Yushin Okami
Win Jason MacDonald
Loss Anderson Silva
Win David Loiseau
Win Nate Quarry
Win Evan Tanner
Win Ken Shamrock
Win Jorge Rivera
Win Edwin Dewees
Win Evan Tanner

WhiteHamster Says, in 9-21-2009 at 18:32:48 from    

now that i look at the list of his wins, it appears he has a definitive advantage against old, deaf and dead guys.

MMAFan Says, in 9-21-2009 at 19:41:16 from    

Rich may have already been out by the time he was punched in the back of the head but still, there were two back of the head shots.

E-G-muscle Says, in 9-21-2009 at 20:39:55 from    

I really didn’t think that strike was going to put Rich out on his ass like that. I didn’t notice the impact it had on Rich until I sw the instant replay.

Mike Says, in 9-21-2009 at 23:41:18 from    

I counted one back of the head shot only because franklin had turned his head. But he was already out. So, this is moot.

Mike Says, in 9-21-2009 at 23:45:16 from    

Ehh maybe two back of the head shots… but still it was the left to the chin as he was going down that ended it not the back of the head. No need excited everybody. Back of the head shots happen especially when you put your head down as a shield as you are being pummeled.

ditchpigii Says, in 9-22-2009 at 01:04:56 from    

At the pub I thought it was that last grazing left that hit Rich toward the back of the head and got him. You can’t see it on this GIF, but now I think these last two shots only grazed Rich. If you go back to the video you’ll see (I think) these were the last two of a pretty f’ing damn quick 5 punch combo: straight right, left uppercut (and….good night Rich), another right hook that missed, and then what you see here, a grazing right hook – left hook that clip Rich as he’s already goin down. Upon review I think this is more impressive than it looked in the pub.

CobraCommander Says, in 9-22-2009 at 03:36:57 from    

If Rich were as good at fighting as he is eloquent (for an athlete), he’d have a straight nose right now.

PuNcH Says, in 9-22-2009 at 21:32:37 from    

yeaaaaaa boy!

onewayticket Says, in 9-23-2009 at 14:41:39 from    

he is not that fast…lol this Gif is in a fast motion.

Love2Hate Says, in 9-24-2009 at 11:41:13 from    

CobraCommander I would like to see you go into the UFC for like 3 years and come out the way you looked when you went it in….
Rich Frankin isnt overrated he is a really good fighter not #1 middleweight champ or anything but he is good, people get caught it happens…..this is UFC he made a mistake and put his hand down and lost I would like to see you fight rich franklin and see if he is really overrated

brocksadick Says, in 9-24-2009 at 22:32:02 from    

Please don’t retire franklin Let him fight silva one more time. Nothing is more entertaining than rich get f-ed up. Love it. Maybe have him fight a gorilla next time.


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