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maynard Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:10:42 from    

VItor is correct in that TRT is legal, I mean we have billboards for it here in the US. That said, he makes it pretty obvious the advantage it gives a fighter. Cant blame him at all, it is not against the rules, but what a horrible message it sends out to aspiring fighters/society. Take PEDs or die. just my .02

whiteshadow Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:15:05 from    

I think what we saw tonight was more skill than any advantage TRT gives… the man just is naturally faster than most. Awesome fight for Vitor. Thanks as always to Bruno for getting this up so quickly.

rockhead Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:16:33 from    

Nice work Vitor!

JimmyLegs Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:17:33 from    

Holy s***. That kick came outta no where …

mmafan Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:19:25 from    

The streak continues…
you have to be an MMA legend in order to beat Vitor Belfort.

shocktime Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:22:49 from    

Dayummm! All I wanna know is where #%*& can I get some TRT?

chris Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:23:03 from    

rockhold was the favorite lol the ufc could have at lest gave him a more even match first like stan or bisping but i think i think rockhold is still a force to recon with but this just seemed like a give me to me bottom line being the level of compitition

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:33:56 from    

rockhold why you no takedown

Konrad3465 Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:38:57 from    

TrT doesnt make you throw perfectly timed spinning heel kicks. Technique and practice does. Take the TrT away and hes probably going to throw and land that kick 9/10 times. Its not like hes Dan henderson at 40+ doing trt hoping to land 1 punch. Hes utilizing every facet of his game with stunning technique and poise. GET USED TO IT.

Noel Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:39:25 from    

Rockhold keeps his hands low. He paid for it.

john canyon Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:45:41 from    

agreed, it is legal, but what are the long term effects? Will he be able to live day to day without it after he retires?

FailSonnen Says, in 5-19-2013 at 00:51:32 from    

You f****** idiots…..you can take all the TRT in the world that’s never going to help you get the timing to KO someone out with a spinning heel kick. That takes SKILL and PRACTICE.
Just like Uriah Hall’s and Edison Barbosa’s spinning heel kicks.

Just wish he’d had done that to Jon Jones

lowlywhisper Says, in 5-19-2013 at 01:15:57 from    

Lol, no TRT doesn’t give you technique, but it allows your body to perform as it couldn’t if natural aging were accounted for. You go over 33 years old at 180 lbs and you’re starting to creak, your muscles slow down and you just don’t recuperate like you used to. It’s even earlier for smaller fighters.

This isn’t supposition. You can graph performance over thousands of athletes, and if you see a second peak in an athlete’s career, it’s almost certain to be artificial enhancement.

Like all the other fighters that need an artificial boost, Vitor just just shot up too much junk early in his career. Now that is conjecture, but it’s a good bet to be true.

josh Says, in 5-19-2013 at 01:33:28 from    

that bitch boy got knocked the fuk out LOLOL…..luke was the only guy from sf that was not a real champ….. cuz he all know he lost to jacare and if they rematch jacare would eat him

Kill em All Says, in 5-19-2013 at 02:14:56 from    

Welcome to the UFC Rockhold

Jo Says, in 5-19-2013 at 02:30:12 from    

@Konrad – What, you think T just makes you bigger? Nay. Stronger. Faster. Better cardio. But above all the ability to go hard and drill every day without burning out, so you come in far more skilled and prepared than you would otherwise.

Drillers are killers.

Since it’s allowed you have to be on it or you are giving a huge advantage to the opponent.

this guy Says, in 5-19-2013 at 02:37:39 from    

Another Brazilian gets a storybook ending fighting in Brazil. First it was Big Nog submitting a guy who had never been submitted right after recovering from a broken arm. Then, it was Anderson Silva landing a phantom knee against Bonner, again, a guy who’s never been stopped separate from a cut. Then, Belfort head kicks Bisping silly. Tonight, Belfort again head kicks the SF champ and earns an easy win. You couldn’t even script this… wait???

Serious, only one fighter has ever come over as a legit champ in a rival org and won their first fight. That was Overeem, who coincidently, was then popped for too much test in a ‘surprise drug test’ and then lost his next fight looking lethargic. Champs Pettis, Condit, Lombard, Melendez and now Rockhold all got beat in their first fight in the UFC. The first four fights were controversial decisions to say the least not to mention the UFC outright refused to give Pettis his deserved title shot against Edgar because they knew the fight wouldn’t go to decision and Pettis would KO Edgar making the UFC champ look weak. Had Melendez won the decision a few weeks ago then things would be different. That horrible decision solidified it for me.

Not to mention Anthony Johnson was beating Vitor on the ground in Brazil and the ref stood them up three times in the first round. Worst stand ups I’ve ever seen, ever. Johnson was punishing Vitor on the ground with powerful GnP. Don’t believe me check out Vitor’s speech after winning. His eye is completely shut. That was from about one minute of GnP from Johnson. Had the ref not got Johnson off Vitor for no reason three times Johnson would have TKO’ed him. Say goodbye to Vitor headlining free cards in Brazil and making tons of money for the UFC. Maybe that’s why he’s on TRT in Brazil and not Vegas. Vegas probably won’t license him because he’s been busted for roids in the past.

New age Says, in 5-19-2013 at 04:03:09 from    

/ agree to all comments that state, TrT does not throw perfect reverse heel hooks. GSP is using as well, so don’t be so quick to judge Vitor! Exp and skills won that fight not PED’s. American fighter nut huggers need to realize, even their favourite fighters use PED’s, with maybe a few acceptions that don’t! But truley more high level pro athletes use PED’s, than high level pro’s that don’t! Hate to break it to you, but your favourite athletes are most likely on drugs! Cry about it!

Jack Says, in 5-19-2013 at 08:19:22 from    

TRT is a anabolic steroids pure and simple. It is cheating at highest form in athletics.
So you bone heads get that facts strait!!

dity Says, in 5-19-2013 at 09:23:37 from    

There is no such thing as an athlete finding a second peak where all of a sudden they begin performing the same or better as their first peak. Chael Sonnen said that Vitor is “finally starting to believe in himself”. I have used testosterone supplements and let me tell you, they give you a confidence you wouldn’t otherwise possess. Vitor’s body, his face look completely different, like he has morphed back into a young man. Sure he has skills and talent, but those slowed down and his confidence sucked without it. It is cheating, period.

Maximumpain Says, in 5-19-2013 at 09:43:20 from    

That was Facking awesome!

BennyV Says, in 5-19-2013 at 09:52:51 from    

Contrats to Vitor, he should now be named the interim TRT Champion!!!

PowerTele Says, in 5-19-2013 at 10:01:16 from    

I don’t care what you guys say, DOPE is DOPE. We want to see a pure art form for who has the best training and God given ability. I am not into a 35 year old dude getting a second chance on DOPE because he got he behind handed to him in the past and was considering retiring. He looks like a 21 year old soccer player. No way he would look and perform this way with regular nutrition. Pat Healy cannot smoke some WEED which grows naturally on this Earth but others can do TRT? All fighters should be able to do Cocaine because that is more natural than TRT. “You continue to turn back the clock.” Yes, because I have Testosterone levels of a 21 year old. He says God gave him this, nope, TRT gave you this. Don’t use God if you are not completely leaning on him.

Joe Dog Says, in 5-19-2013 at 10:43:52 from    

Jesus God drivel, TRT use, bad haircuts etc…no question, Vitor is one dangerous dude.

Avengedlevis7x Says, in 5-19-2013 at 11:01:19 from    

TRT is just Testosterone shots steroids. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Advantage stronger, faster and the confidence of superman. Disadvantages gives you poor stamina and extreme arm pump, which sucks in a fight. When I fought and was on test, I was extremely tough in the first round but after that, I was gassed out. Without it I could last 3 rounds easy but not near as tough in that first round!

dankarelli Says, in 5-19-2013 at 11:33:11 from    


lol @ arm pump as a side effect. Just because you took steroids doesnt mean you know what the hell you are talking about.

A spinning kick to the Jaw is what won Vitor the fight, not taking testosterone. Wow the idiocy on here is remarkable sometimes.

You know why Vitor needs TRT? Because when he competed back in the day in an unregulated sport – EVERYONE was taking it. These guys put themselves at risk (with HUGE opponents on steroids and literally almost NO rules) so that the Luke Rockholds of today could compete and make a living out of it. That’s why Vitor needs TRT now. So Luke should say “Thanks for the physical harm you’ve done to yourself in the past so that the rest of us could compete today”
Just to clarify (though I dont think people will read this) TRT is to replace your natural testosterone levels that for whatever reason are low. I had testicular cancer and I’m on TRT now. I take approximately 100 mg’s per week which is what the average human male makes and I have blood work to make sure my levels stay within the normal range. That basically makes me on par with you guys on here. I am no super man and my strength is average – there is NO advantage I have with my TRT over any of you – the only advantage would be to YOU GUYS if we were to fight and I wasn’t on my TRT. HOWEVER if I were to INCREASE those dosages then YES – THAT’S CHEATING!!!
There seems to be an adolescent level of understanding on these sites… it amazes me how stupid and ignorant so many of you people are…
I only wish none of you will have to understand exactly what TRT is from personal experience.


coutura Says, in 5-19-2013 at 11:57:47 from    

vitor is a trt beast he is under 5.0 radio a new breed chael sonnen is a trt looser a froud frank mir too is a bioachhh and the rest goes on. overeem was more than 16.0 I wish vitor would go up to at least 15.0 he will be a monster just like the old times

Jdogg Says, in 5-19-2013 at 13:22:34 from    

It doesn’t matter what any of you say. Vitor won the fight WHILE on TRT. It doesnt matter if he used the most skill based technically advanced move to win the fight. Do that while training naturally and then we’ll talk.

ckif Says, in 5-19-2013 at 14:11:00 from    

we did it mama!!!!! go betor

dankarelli Says, in 5-19-2013 at 15:32:18 from    

Actually JDick, it doesn’t matter what YOU say. Scroll up and read my reply, then re-read it about 10 times. If that doesn’t enlighten you, I suggest you find a train track and lay down on it and wait.Hopefully U can do this before you have a chance to procreate.

PAPABear Says, in 5-19-2013 at 15:41:36 from    

If thats what Vitor did to Rockhold, imagine what Anderson Silva would do to him

icolater Says, in 5-19-2013 at 16:15:15 from    

whats the story with TRT in boxing does anyone know?

thecyclops Says, in 5-19-2013 at 16:44:33 from    

Most of the idiots on here dont even know what TRT is by the looks of the comments.People talk about like TRT is a substance,for example “TRT is just Testosterone shots” and”where #%*& can I get some TRT?”or “You f****** idiots…..you can take all the TRT in the world…”
For gods sake,TRT is TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY!!!!!!!!!!! its not a substance,or a sterioid,its a medical “therapy”to raise testosterone levels….

Jaydog Says, in 5-19-2013 at 16:57:37 from    

I dont think TRT would be an issue as long as the individuals testosterone level is normal on fight day. Fighters should be required to give notice prior to signing the fight that they are on it and show proof it was prescribed by a physician due to low levels or whatever medical reason. Then the UFC should require a weekly testosterone level log throughout the extent of their training camp. This way, for fighters that truly need it; they use it without it being considered cheating. I’m no expert at all but its sounds like it would work anyways.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-19-2013 at 16:59:34 from    

Yeah but the problem is Vitor doesn’t have testicular problems…Also I don’t know about Brazil and their Atheltic commission if they have one.So it’s highly possible he abused TRT and wasn’t on normal levels.I don’t care about a guy like Forrest taking TRT because he lost a testicle when he was younger.But if you ever tested positive for steroids BEFORE taking TRT then you shouldn’t have the right to take TRT because the only reason you need it is because you abused steroiss in the past.

guynialator Says, in 5-19-2013 at 17:28:34 from    

@this guy, get your mma facts straight before writing an essay putting out a stupid point on Anthony Johnson, vitor beat the guy and HE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE WEIGHT! Riddle me that idiot! A Johnson is in fact at his natural weight now fighting at HW! So he deserves no credit!

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 5-19-2013 at 18:20:24 from    

Sweet kick, but hard to be impressed with a so in your face type cheater.

avengedlevis7x Says, in 5-19-2013 at 18:24:47 from    

Thecyclops TRT is TEST 100 jack off, which is steroids.. What a retard

jeff_figmb Says, in 5-19-2013 at 18:41:53 from    

Brian Stann’s a f****** f**!!! TRT is legal for all men to get prescribed due to LOW T. I have it at 35 and I have to take test replacement as well. It’s far from similar to Sammy Sousa and Mark Mcgwire. Those guys were on REEM size cycles. Look at vitor, he’s small and ripped which goes to show you he’s on the normal range of test. All you haters need to shut the F*** up and stop crying. Especially Brian Stann!! What an idiot!!

this guy Says, in 5-19-2013 at 18:42:51 from    


At the people justifying TRT when it is blatantly obvious it’s possible to abuse TRT rather than use it for health reasons. Sonnen was flagged for high test. His levels were 16.9/1. The average guy or someone on TRT for health reasons their levels are 1/1. Take a look at a rejuvenated Belfort and tell me his levels are 1/1. Even in Vegas a fighter can have levels of 4/1 and they’re still cleared to fight. Vitor only fights in Brazil now so that right there is a serious red flag, especially considering his bodily transformation since he began fighting in Brazil. The same people bitching about Overeem in the past are probably the same people backing TRT and Vitor now. They’re allowing these levels because it rejuvenates older guys like Wandy, Hendo and Vitor and for guys heading in that direction it gives them a chance to finish their careers strong. TRT is now becoming a precedence in the UFC and it will only evolve from there. Fighters on the treatment have a legal right to pump up their test to at least a 4/1 ratio and there is no doubt this is being abused especially overseas. Don’t believe what people tell you, use your mind.

jeff_figmb Says, in 5-19-2013 at 18:51:20 from    

Simple point is this: We as fans want to see our favorite fighers fight longer. If they black ball TRT all around, so many fighters will be done. Hendo, sonnen, Wandy, belfort, so many more. they’ll all be toast at age 30. And the up and comers like Rockhold etc will have to hang up the gloves young. That’s just a fact. The way these guys train can cause low T alone as well as past steroid use. I have low T at 35, a lot of men our age do. It sucks and I never did steroids. U ever see all these low T commercials all over TV right now? It’s turning into a massive industry and it’s legal. If you and I are allowed to get prescribed testosterone, why can’t these guys? It’s becoming mainstream, I’m sure more sports will allow it over time otherwise all of us out here in the real world will have to be banned from it as well. In the end, if TRT is banned, this amazing sport (MMA) will only be made for young men 18 to 29, which can’t be a good marketing thing for the UFC. TRT gives the brand name older fighters a much longer shelf life and that’s just a fact. End of stroy…

PowerTele Says, in 5-19-2013 at 20:49:26 from    

You all need to spend some time reading medical research on TRT. Any doctor will tell you that TRT is only for those that are unhealthy. An example of that would be testicular problems and other ailments that severely effect your health. Many studies prove that testosterone does not lower with age, it can stay the same in a healthy, active person. I agree with TRT for those that truly need it, NOT FOR ATHLETES THAT ABUSED ROIDS EARLIER IN THEIR CAREERS. Don’t cheat and you won’t need it. Please do some medical research before you guys post.

Joe Dog Says, in 5-19-2013 at 21:02:13 from    

TRT is legal, but the post fight lab tests and results are not in….

thecyclops Says, in 5-19-2013 at 21:04:25 from    

TRT is testosterone replacement therapy.Idiot.

this guy Says, in 5-19-2013 at 22:58:04 from    

Fact is if you can’t compete naturally then you need to hang up the gloves. Why should we feel sorry for guys like Belfort, Wandy and Hendo who had amazing careers and need to exit the sport with grace, not abusing their bodies using drugs just so they can compete which coincidently, might have serious long term repercussions on their health. Where are the studies done on men who competed using TRT fifty years ago? That’s right, TRT is a new medicine. Medical doctors don’t even know the repercussions of long term use of TRT not to mention abusing TRT by taking elevated doses and then competing in a high stress environment. Remember in the past doctors used to back cigarettes and tell people to smoke because it calms nerves. Many people learned the hard way!

People who approve of steroids in sports and TRT care nothing for the health and safety of the athlete. I think Belfort, Wandy and Hendo have done a great job with their careers and I would like to see them 20 years from now at some event. But if they continue to compete with the assistance of drugs which have not been proven according to a long term health evaluation then a few of them might end up at home drooling on their slippers. TRT should be banned in all sports until such a time doctors can learn the long term side effects by testing their non athlete medical patients. Observers who like this stuff most likely enjoy watching these fighters beat each other to a pulp. That is not Martial Arts. Wrong sport. Go watch youtube and type in kimbo slice.

mmafan Says, in 5-19-2013 at 23:21:21 from    

I think the mantra in most sports and in fact, in most careers typically is:
“If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’”
Think about how many times you’ve bent the rules in your job or general activities.
I doubt Rockhold would’ve beat a non-TRT Vitor anyways…

Joe Dog Says, in 5-20-2013 at 01:16:08 from    

Avengedlevis7x = BS. Chances are, this keyboard warrior has never been in any competition and obviously knows nothing about PEDs.

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 5-20-2013 at 07:49:48 from    

TRT does not make you throw perfect kicks…..BUT, it allows you to train, deal with injuries, and build strength. So yes, TRT does greatly affect his performance in the cage.

avengedlevis7x Says, in 5-20-2013 at 08:07:25 from    

TRT is just a pretty name to make it sound better. TRT is synthetic testosterone, anabolic steroids is synthetic testosterone. TRT is nothing more than pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids. Google it retards….

dankarelli Says, in 5-20-2013 at 08:43:08 from    


Yes. It is s steroid. It is EXOGENOUS testosterone. What is important to understand (and what you clearly fail to grasp) is that a person taking (NOT ABUSING) TRT will have the same levels of testosterone as you do right there sitting on your keyboard spewing ignorance. There is NO ADDED ADVANTAGE!!! UNLESS they are ABUSING IT BETWEEN TESTING – but that happens in all sorts of sports with all sorts of different steroids.

My argument is about semantics. It’s that people intermittently use the term TRT to indicate superior performance or benefits from a physiologic perspective and that is NOT TRUE – that only comes when the individual is ABUSING it. and FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, when you are taking ABOVE the recommended dose – that is no longer TRT – that becomes steroid abuse.

jdogg Says, in 5-20-2013 at 09:56:10 from    

@ dankarelli – So just because I have a difference of opinion, you want me to kill myself and genocide my future? Wow. You’re a real pillar of humanity. Please tell me you’re not, or never will be in a position of leadership in any capacity whatsoever. I think your the one who needs to cut your balls off and spare any future children the misfortune of suffering your “life skills”.

To everyone else who can read without going into an immature rage, all I’m saying is this. An Indy wins the race using the same engine, tires, etc, as everyone else. But he also had nitrous to use just in case he needed it down the stretch, how well would that be received? Would any of you earnestly accept a loss by someone on TRT if you were in Rockhold’s position?

jdogg Says, in 5-20-2013 at 10:32:46 from    

Dankarelli knows for a FACT that Vitor was not abusing TRT.

JO Says, in 5-20-2013 at 12:12:44 from    

No rule violation means no problem. Disagree with the rules if you want.

My real confusion is that people who watch sports are so ignorant of the effects of testosterone. It doesn’t do the work, but it allows you to do it and get results.

T makes everything better. Everything. Maybe you have to be older, have taken it and train daily to understand. I’m about to get on it myself to help my respiratory system.

Joe Dog Says, in 5-20-2013 at 14:40:18 from    

Enough about TRT! Did you see that spinning heel kick to the head and the subsequent finish? That was spectacular. Now, we’ll see about the post fight test results….

OscarMayhem Says, in 5-20-2013 at 18:46:56 from    

I wonder what would have happened if Rockhold would have used some of that Butter’s Special Creamy Goo.

dankarelli Says, in 5-20-2013 at 19:21:50 from    

Jfool. You seem to have a hard time reading, or perhaps comprehension is your issue. There is no “Nitro” with TRT, no advantage whatsoever.. Like I said before, if Vitor’s TRT was done properly, Vitor should have the same testosterone levels as you do. It’s a supplementation to put your levels within a normal range. How is this a difficult concept to understand? I’m on TRT, and I need it. Without my TRT my Testosterone levels are almost zero because when I dont take it I get demotivated, suffer from insomnia, depressed (clinically), irritable, I store fat, I lose muscle (despite working out), my sex drive plummets and my ability to maintain a full erection suffers. It’s a sickness. When I take my testosterone, It puts me into the normal range I would be producing if I didn’t have cancer previously. I dont all of a sudden learn to do a spinning heel kick, or slap on another 20 lbs of lean muscle. It makes me “normal”.

SO technically, Vitor should be at a DISADVANTAGE if he doesn’t take his TRT. But with his TRT he should be level (hormone wise) with Rockhold.
NOW – IF VITOR is UPPING HIS DOSAGES between fights that is a WHOLE other discussion.
My problem comes from the fact that there is a MISUSE of the term TRT. TRT is medicine to make a person’s testosterone level normal for their age.

If Vitor suddenly looks Jacked up and profoundly different from before – that my friend is not TRT but STEROID ABUSE. 2 distinctly different terms.
I am a medical professional, I have studied endocrinology for years, I also have friends who are competitive bodybuilders and who use steroids, and I use TRT as a medicine. SO yes JDICK, I know a s***-ton more than you. Instead of trying to be right (which you are not) take this opportunity to learn a little knowledge and open your mind)
Realistically speaking, we aren’t disagreeing on the advantages of steroid abuse, Im simply trying to educate you on the difference between TRT use and steroid abuse.

So, once again, I’ll reiterate for you:
There is no Physiological “ADVANTAGE” to taking TRT. It actually levels the playing field. The comments on here refer to Testosterone ABUSE – and that is NOT TRT!!!!!!!

FYI – I think Vitor is probably cheating and probably drops his levels to within the normal range when it comes time to test. This is the problem, but an easy fix: If we test him regularily, there is no issue. He wont be at an advantage because then he would have to stick to his TRUE TRT regimin and his testosterone levels would be typical.

There is a legitmate use for TRT and athletes who need it shouldnt be banned from taking it. Unfortunately all it takes is a few fighters like Vitor to abuse the system, and a generation of internet jackoffs to misinterpret the truth and give TRT in general a bad name.

Not sure how many peopl will read this but hopefully SOMEONE learns the difference.

Vitor needs to be tested regularily. I bet if they did they would find him jacked to the titties on mega doses of testosterone (again, NOT TRT).

Jason Corb Says, in 5-20-2013 at 19:53:34 from    

blah blah blah im sick of hearing about TRT…that sall everyone is talking about…PLEASE someone answer me this…why in the World were people RANKING ROCKHOLD so HIGH?? who did he beat???

Jdogg Says, in 5-20-2013 at 21:11:41 from    

@ Dankarelli – tl;dr

To everyone else I think the issue here will be not the use of TRT, but the abuse of it. TRT is not just some feelgood drug for middle-aged fighters. I have always liked Vitor, but im afraid he’s gonna have this win vacated.

Jdogg Says, in 5-20-2013 at 21:11:41 from    

@ Dankarelli – tl;dr

To everyone else I think the issue here will be not the use of TRT, but the abuse of it. TRT is not just some feelgood drug for middle-aged fighters. I have always liked Vitor, but im afraid he’s gonna have this win vacated.

ibunn Says, in 5-20-2013 at 22:47:43 from    

Anyone else notice it looks like Rockhold gives Vitor a head nod to throw the kick just before the kick is throw? Fixed fight?

NotVinnieJones Says, in 5-20-2013 at 23:54:41 from    

All this TRT talk means absolutely NOTHING!! Why? Because despite some people’s negative opinions about it the UFC is still making money off of Vitor Belfort. He’s still putting butts in seats and getting viewers to tune in. The Vitor Belfort/TRT talk becomes relevant when it starts affecting viewership and having a negative impact on the revenue and profits. When that happens, Dana White will take notice and make something happen that Vitor doesn’t want to happen.
But I highly doubt it will ever come to that. The UFC will continue on its path, the people will continue to attend the events and buy PPVs. And since that will happen despite all this TRT talk, its easy to come to the conclusion: all this TRT talk means NOTHING.

dankarelli Says, in 5-21-2013 at 10:12:56 from    

lol @ JDogg. You had an opportunity to educate yourself, and chose not too. Typical. Next time I’ll use happy faces and emoticons if I want to pass some knowledge for you. Or better yet, I probably wont bother.

Hopefully 1 person read it and gained some knowledge, seeing as how it’s a topic being discussed (incorrectly) ad nauseum.

jdogg Says, in 5-21-2013 at 11:59:50 from    

@ Dankerelli – I agree, you probably had some useful info in your elitist response from up there in Canada. But I stopped reading at “jfool”. Really? jfool? You’re better than that man. When you grow up and stop using 3rd grade comebacks, maybe I’ll have some civilized discussion with you. Until then I won’t bother either.

dankarelli Says, in 5-21-2013 at 20:56:36 from    

I wasn’t gonna reply, but I had to tell you how funny your line “elitist response from canada” was.

Dude, you crack me up. seriously, I laughed out loud.

thank you.



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