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purebadass Says, in 6-1-2013 at 20:23:13 from    

dana white paid her to supposedly get her knee fixed. cat vs rhonda could not sell and tate vs rhonda is where the money is at

RanchFace27 Says, in 6-1-2013 at 22:39:39 from    

She rocks. Such a bummmmmmer that she got injured. I mean really it jut shows you frail we humans are. One day we’re shaking off punches and kicks to the face and the next day we’re on the DL. No one is safe from reality!!!!

greengiant Says, in 6-1-2013 at 23:53:30 from    

@RanchFace27 – Just like martin lawrence says: No one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life.

greengiant Says, in 6-1-2013 at 23:54:16 from    

@purebadass – Is there any proof to back that up or is it just internet bullshit.

TheRealDeal Says, in 6-2-2013 at 00:09:09 from    

yea pure proof whos cock were you sucking to get that knowledge…f****** TROLL!

Jo Says, in 6-2-2013 at 02:16:50 from    

Calm down guys, it’s common tin foil hat speculation that the UFC really wanted Rosey v. Tate and not Zingano. Now it’s happening…

I wish Zingano the quickest of recoveries. Sure she’s not as hot and marketable as Tate or Rhonda but I like her. I’ll watch her over Tate definitely.

Joe Dog Says, in 6-2-2013 at 10:25:46 from    

^^^purebadass is talking out of his pure backside. His conjectures are drivel at best, more than likely alcohol driven nonsense. Injuries happen and plans change. The UFC’s TUF must go on and the likely opponent for Rousey is Tate (for several reasons, I can only guess). Once the show is over and Rousey tweaks Tate’s arm again, and maybe one more a few months down the road, then it will be Zingano’s turn.

I knives Says, in 6-2-2013 at 10:46:40 from    

. Why are all the presidents Freemasons?

Dnomyar Says, in 6-2-2013 at 22:36:35 from    

Very Funny “I knives”.
How about Dana was responsible for 9/11, “purebadass”. What kind of name is that ? … I guess it beats the more accurate, “tinypenis”.

People are sheep Says, in 6-3-2013 at 00:11:06 from    

Purebadass has it spot on! Look at you muppets! A few pictures on Twitter and you all believe she was injured. She got paid off! People are such sheep! Believe anything you feed em! Zingano was never supposed to beat Tate! The whole season was set up for Tate vs Rousey!

eyesawake Says, in 6-3-2013 at 01:41:19 from    

Dude, the presidents are totally Freemasons because it’s better for the UFC’s ratings.
Everybody knows that.

Skeptical Says, in 6-3-2013 at 23:53:27 from    

“injured” Let me guess, she doesn’t need an operation right? What a surprise. Totally got paid off!


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