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Rick Says, in 6-2-2008 at 02:43:30 from    

Oh no! Where did the long luxurious hair go!?

Atom Says, in 6-2-2008 at 03:20:57 from    

Thanks for getting this vid up so quick :-).

Cant believe it went the distance LOL.
Good fight. Im impressed that Pulver neutalised most of Fabers take downs and ground game. Equally that faber had such good stand up..he was just too explosive and fast for Pulver to cope with I think.

I felt Pulver could have been more aggressive and thrown more kicks but im not complaining.

Hope to see more WEC fights up soon ;-).

REDRUM Says, in 6-2-2008 at 03:26:52 from    

Answer: His “surfer do” was in corn rows.

I thought for sure that Pulver was going to win. He let me down. Oh well.

Mark Says, in 6-2-2008 at 04:09:15 from    

Wow… That was a great fight. I was never really a Jens Fan but man you got respect the guy after that fight. Great Chin and great sportmanship.

Kevin Says, in 6-2-2008 at 04:12:55 from    

yeah he let me down as well. it seems like the power in that left hand has disappeared. his combinations were crappy and i can’t believe faber hit him with that right so many times. wasn’t it obvious as he ducked down THAT many times that the right hand was coming next? eh. i dunno.

so much for an MMA shocker win. gotta wait for the next UFC i suppose.

The Beard Says, in 6-2-2008 at 07:18:45 from    

Damn,Pulver has a freaking great chin!!

junglerottjim Says, in 6-2-2008 at 11:30:41 from    

It was an ok fight Pulver looked tired and slow the entire time. After seeing him get knocked out by lauzon man handled by penn i personally think pulver is no longer a world fighter. Faber has always fought chumps and now fights a decent guy and cant finish best fighter pound for pound my ass!

Rivers Says, in 6-2-2008 at 12:09:35 from    

Good fight, Pulver didn’t look as aggressive as I though he would be, great chin and spirit tough.
Faber is just too quick and creative!

Best fight of the night was Torres Vs Maeda IMHO…

KieranMac Says, in 6-2-2008 at 13:10:12 from    

Great, great fight, definitely up there for Fight of the Year. I’m surprised it went the distance, but given the skill and determination of both fighters, maybe not TOO surprised.

And junglerottjim, if you think fighters like Jeff Curran are “chumps,” I’m curious to see what your definitely of a good fighter is, then.

As for Pulver getting beated by Penn, can you name any other fighters out there that can take BJ Penn right now? He’s a very different fighter than he was early in his career, and in my opinion, he’s a hell of a lot more dangerous. That’s saying something, because he was the champ when he wasn’t as focused and now that he’s dialing it in, he’s going to be nearly impossible to stop.

Yeah, Pulver’s only fought chumps too, huh? Go back to watching EliteXC, maybe Kimbo’s more your style of fighter.

Luke Says, in 6-2-2008 at 13:23:30 from    

Wow, Faber is simply incredible.
Explosive with precision, creative with body control, aggressive with sportsmanship.
Gotta love him.

eiz Says, in 6-2-2008 at 13:42:33 from    

Amazing fight…

A million times better than that elite xc crap…

Faber can probably take out Kimbo once he gets close enough and choke him out.

In fact, Fabers elbow on the ground would kill Kimbo !

Oh yeah… Fabre has no cauliflower ear to worry about.

Bushidodan Says, in 6-2-2008 at 14:31:58 from    

Nice performance by Faber!! Pulver’s chin is ridiculous!! It looked like a case of just too much speed and athleticism for Pulver to handle. All around a good fight. I’m impressed but I’ll need to see Faber take on some tougher/younger competition before any of that pound-for-pound talk. Maybe it’s time to see him at ufc 155… It would be great to see him try to avenge his lone loss to Tyson Griffin.

aduh Says, in 6-2-2008 at 14:36:41 from    

needless to say
Faber doesnt wanna go up 10 pounds
145 is kinda fun to watch but not really the greatest fighters down there Faber is good and gotta respect Pulver for going the distance but i knew Faber would win
thanks for post

thedude Says, in 6-2-2008 at 15:33:23 from    

you know for being a boxer pulver sure keeps his hands down low. lol uriah is going to keep landing those rights if he don’t move them up

Don Says, in 6-2-2008 at 16:23:18 from    

Jens had a fluke win over BJ Penn and has been overated since!

sterling Says, in 6-2-2008 at 16:30:15 from    

BJ would take care of him. Hah.

What’s up with that photo? It looks like Dana White was shooped into the background.

gummo-815 Says, in 6-2-2008 at 17:08:45 from    

its a shame cbs couldn’t hook up with a legit organization so a fight like this could have headlined sat night!! instead of that elite crap!!

Trentn13 Says, in 6-2-2008 at 17:10:05 from    

What a FIGHT!

Rick Says, in 6-2-2008 at 17:11:38 from    

Could he go up in weight? He’s 5’6 and solid muscle, the only possible way for him to get heavier is to start loading up on ice cream or riods.

rick Says, in 6-2-2008 at 17:11:57 from    

I think Faber needs to go up 10 lbs. Come on, 145 is what most men weigh at age 14, move up, fight better competition, and get more respect because he is that good.

Actrazor Says, in 6-2-2008 at 17:46:37 from    

the way faber is built I think that 145 is his natural weight. Pound for pound one of the best in the world. Way too much for Jens.

Smashedyoface Says, in 6-2-2008 at 18:22:46 from    

I’m so glad I watched this fight. I couldn’t end my weekend on that stupid ass “ELite” XC card. I really thought that Jens would bring more of a fight to Faber, but then again that just shows you how well Fabers game is. I was pulling for Jens but have even more respect for Urijah now.

Ant_Dogg Says, in 6-2-2008 at 18:34:24 from    

WOW! Who knew that Faber had so much power. I think that is what Jens kind of timid and cautious about being a little more aggresive. Once he felt his power he knew all he could do was be patient and wait for the right opening but it never came.

REDRUM Says, in 6-2-2008 at 23:11:18 from    

Tyson Griffin would beat Faber again, if they were to rematch.

smack Says, in 6-3-2008 at 01:40:22 from    

faber and pen should fight im sure pen could drop down hes got body fat to loose

mefninja Says, in 6-3-2008 at 01:53:43 from    

props to both fighters

Robert Says, in 6-3-2008 at 02:35:32 from    

Faber just has that natural instinct. He’s seems to be able to see the punches and kicks before they’re thrown and he has the skills and speed to back it up. Nice fight.

Robert Says, in 6-3-2008 at 02:36:31 from    

eiz, you still crying about that, man? Let it go. It’s over.

Mike Says, in 6-3-2008 at 04:54:03 from    

There is no way faber can go up in weight. He’s a natural 145′er. He had trouble taking Jens down because he’s the bigger guy. Imagine if he goes up in weight and fights someone who’s going down in weight from welterweight? I don’t know if you guys have heard of another 145′er named Norifumi “the kid” Yamomoto. He’s pretty good. I would definitely pay to see Faber go against him.

Anger Says, in 6-3-2008 at 17:51:01 from    

Anyone who thinks Faber is overrated like that idiot “junglerottjim” is just ignorent. Just because you don’t recognize the names of the people he’s fought doesn’t make them chumps. 145 and below is not very popular in the US, so the names aren’t familiar. Faber has beaten world class Japanese fighters and world class grapplers at Abu Dabi. Definitely Top 5 Pound for Pound after that standup display

Rick Flair Says, in 6-3-2008 at 19:31:41 from    

Well it just goes to show how dominant WEC is over UFC.

I mean Faber would rock BJ Penn even if he went up in weight. Heck he could take GSP and Silva too!



joemainmann Says, in 6-3-2008 at 21:24:49 from    

wth are you talking about rick flair??? I watched that fight and in my opinion faber is not good at all. I mean he couldn’t even finish jens pulver off. Jens pulver looked like he didn’t even want to win IMO let it was set up. I mean there were plenty of times where he hit faber and could have hit him continuously but decided not to. His punches were slow as well. All this and faber couldn’t even finish it how pathetic. Faber would get murdered by bj penn and gsp and silva lmao wow thats like out of this world. faber would get schooled by any of those guys. IMO jens pulver is not that good now. He might of been better in his earlier years when he had the dedication to win but now its like he doesn’t care. anyways rick flair you are retarded.

KJC Says, in 6-4-2008 at 00:08:57 from    

Penn would own Faber..Sherk is just a slightly bigger version of Faber after all..and look what happened to Sherk :)

Whisker Biscuit Says, in 6-4-2008 at 00:19:55 from    

WTF? Jens was just standing there smiling during the exchanges, and was just kinda hangin out, bullshittin with the ref when they were on the ground. Everytime he hurt Faber instead of closing in, he just backed off. Nobody that actually wants to win is that conservative with their attack. When I’m gonna take a dive, I usually put on some scuba gear, Jens Pulver puts on his fightin trunks.

Steamer Bean Says, in 6-4-2008 at 00:25:31 from    

Joemainman, I don’t know if you’re right or not. It really did look like he just didn’t care. But I think what is more likely, is WEC is making Faber their poster boy, and Jens got a nice little paycheck to go out there and get thumped on for a few rounds. The two were so friendly before the fight I expected a kiss or two. Somethin smells fishy. Oh, It’s Fabers snatch.

Rick Says, in 6-4-2008 at 01:04:48 from    

Faber’s striking and jiujitsu is much better than Sherk’s. I can’t wait for the steroid shark to try to move down to 145 and see what legit muscles and do.

bob Says, in 6-4-2008 at 01:52:55 from    

Bj would lick the blood off of Fabers face after he kicks is butt and it would be funny to see rick flairs face!!!! expesually fabers face!!!! jens was nat at his best that night…dont kno why?????

REDRUM Says, in 6-4-2008 at 02:26:34 from    

Hey Rick,

I hope you were being sarcastic. WEC is not dominant over UFC. Just because Faber beat Pulver doesn’t mean he could beat anybody currently in UFC. Besides, UFC doesn’t have a featherweight class, so it’s irrelevant.

Filo Beto Says, in 6-4-2008 at 13:28:15 from    

Is it just me or was Mir all over Fabers jock the whole fight? Didn’t give much love to Evil. Great fight though. I would love to see a Sherk v Faber throw down

Smashedyoface Says, in 6-4-2008 at 20:06:24 from    

Rick Flair Says, in 6-3-2008 at 19:31:41 from Well it just goes to show how dominant WEC is over UFC. I mean Faber would rock BJ Penn even if he went up in weight. Heck he could take GSP and Silva too!AT THE SAME TIME!

Possibly the stupidest most ignorant thing I have ever read in my life… We are all now dumber after reading that little post you made. Penn could POSSIBLY be a good fight if Penn dropped weight… but Faber moving up would get destroyed. GSP would beat the s*** out of him… and Silva would cause the first death by KO in MMA.

viking Says, in 6-6-2008 at 15:24:56 from    

Great fight.

There’s already been a death.

Possibly the stupidest most ignorant thing? I don’t know…I’ve been on this board for quite a while…

MMA TKO=awesome

Cooper Says, in 6-6-2008 at 17:30:18 from    

I was disappointed in Pulver’s boxing. For a good portion of the fight it was a boxing match and I would think an ex-boxer would be able to handle a guy who only throws a right straight.

santos Says, in 6-6-2008 at 17:46:27 from    

Very biased commentary that night. It was all about Faber. Did you see when Faber hit Pulver in the nuts, Mir said that Pulver walked right into it. That’s bullshit. Im more of a Faber fan.. I don’t even like Pulver but wanted him to win this fight. Seriously, the fight looked fixed to me.

Chef Erik Says, in 6-6-2008 at 23:58:53 from    

Hi! I like to eat punches for five rounds.

Sean Says, in 6-7-2008 at 11:04:21 from    

George Bush is an idiot and no WEC match was fixed a couple nights ago.

chris Says, in 6-7-2008 at 16:03:12 from    

GSP wouldb run over pulver ,tyson griffin ,urijah faber, huerta , clay, and just about any fighter under 170 his stength skills and explosive ness is 2 much for any fighter 2 dill with in the octogon expecially after serra nkocked him out it made him a knew fighter I belive he will hold that belt for a long time.

I was very disapointed in pulver 2 .thought he would knock out faber . He looked real slow and 2 freindly. 2 much respct

j_satan_666 Says, in 6-7-2008 at 22:04:50 from    

faber would be koed by silva rick flair, and gsp, and bj. your a wwe fan and should stay one. go run alnong nature boy.

Gcam Says, in 6-10-2008 at 13:05:10 from    

i swear all these people posting like they’re MMA experts just because they’ve seen every WEC show on thier local cable network disgust me. can you believe they tried to hype this fight as the “GREATEST” cage fight of all time and that Jens was a “Legend”. what a joke. i’m a Jens fan but he’s definitely no where near Legend status. all you WEC die hard delusional fans need to go get yourself some learnings in real MMA before you start blowing smoke about your beloved not even B rated WEC but more like E or F rated. Faber’s OK but wouldn’t last outside his little kingdom there. so don’t go thinking any real talent should have an obligation to go him for a fight. he should step up to the real bigs. maybe go hit the japan circuit and test the waters. ha, he’d get his ass handed to him and be depressed as a mid level talent there. never mind

FkN HoLoGraM Says, in 5-12-2009 at 18:36:48 from    



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