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metallicafan Says, in 10-3-2012 at 21:03:55 from    

Probably lol

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-3-2012 at 21:32:36 from    

your an idiot metallicafan if you believe that to be true.

Anyways you could tell Urijah was joking because in all seriousness Bisbing would annihilate him. wouldn’t be a fair fight.

cyndilauperfan Says, in 10-3-2012 at 22:26:13 from    

Delusional. If the mental aspect was the most important then Uriah might be champion. But sorry little guy, unfortunately skill is the most important, you know, talent. If only your mind could throw punches, eh? …or your chin…

mmafan11 Says, in 10-3-2012 at 22:52:01 from    

I like Urijah but his time is over.

He can’t beat the best at 145 or 135.

Bisbing can’t beat the best at 185 (Silva, Wiedman etc) but he can beat Urijah’s ass.

failsonnen Says, in 10-3-2012 at 23:11:46 from    

People get hung up too much on weight classes these days. Remember, in heavy weight, a guy can outweight you by like 40 lbs and no one will give a crap so whats 157 to 185 really…

wannin Says, in 10-3-2012 at 23:18:33 from    

Would love to see Bisping kick the living s*** out of him

cgbloke Says, in 10-3-2012 at 23:29:12 from    

failsonnen has made one of the best points ever on this site…ha!

joeyjojo Says, in 10-3-2012 at 23:44:07 from    

misleading title :)

canguy Says, in 10-3-2012 at 23:51:00 from    

It’s called an athletic commission. They won’t let you fight if you’re outweighed by 40 pounds, or say, you’re the current UFC champion and you’re fighting a guy with a 0-8 record.

mma made easy Says, in 10-4-2012 at 01:08:26 from    

heh, ah, yes. The good ol’ days. Bring back sumo wrestlers and dudes with one boxing glove… :\

DavidJones Says, in 10-4-2012 at 02:45:15 from    

bisping is a bitch and faber is a warrior always coming to fight, not to put on some game plan and fight dirty or like a f a g against brian stann pretending to be a wrestler.faber got screwed in match making,he always fought the toughest guys. bisping got gift fights his entire career.

biutze Says, in 10-4-2012 at 03:10:15 from    

Pretty good interview from Uriah, good stuff.

wow Says, in 10-4-2012 at 08:18:07 from    

@ Failsonnen

your missing the point, Faber is like a Hobbit statistically against Bisping.

So Faber might walk around at 155 – 165 Bisping walks around at 205 – 215

Heavyweights are Heavyweights hence the 60LBS difference, you choose to be a big 265LB and be slower and stronger, or your a cro cop who came in at 235 and has the speed.

Faber you would get tooled by Bisping

rrrrr Says, in 10-4-2012 at 08:56:17 from    

Faber would submit Bisping he is way too fast.

Colonel Says, in 10-4-2012 at 09:30:08 from    

good interviwer

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 10-4-2012 at 10:41:02 from    

Bisping is not 185.Probably more 205-210.So 50 pounds difference is way too much.And fifty pound difference when you only weigh 155 is 1/3 of your weight.Fifty pounds for a HW is only 20% of his weight so there’s a big difference there too.

inanebignate Says, in 10-4-2012 at 12:52:46 from    

He is definitely kidding around. Anybody that says size does not matter does not know what they are talking about. Size matters alot. bisping would easily beat faber. Now if their is a large skill differential, a small guy can beat a big guy. And also guys you gotta remember when you are talking about size advantage you need to think about it in percent of weight not just pounds. For instance if faber weighs 157 and bisping 205 then bisping weighs 48 pounds heavier which is about 31% of fabers total weight. Now lets take two heavies were one weighs 240 and the other weighs 268 that is only 20% of the smaller fighters total body weight.

greengiant Says, in 10-4-2012 at 13:01:12 from    

i always expect ignorance to show its head.calling smaller fighters hobbits and all that is ignorant/dis-respectful but its impossible for someone that says that stuff to comprehend what im saying.you say that stuff because your insecure,ignorant and self centered.so basically don’t ever try and act like a good person because your not.

wow Says, in 10-4-2012 at 13:34:02 from    

@fail sonnen

back in the old ufc a fighter would only have one style of fighting, and even they werent all masters at what they did…. they werent trained for months in advance they would find out the night of who they were to face,,,,,

now a days with the fighters trained in all aspects of marital arts we would start seeing people get killed in the octagon from different weight classes…. its common sense… they have weight classes for a reason not just because dana wanted to take the fun out of ufc,,,,, these guys are the top trained and prepared atheletes in the world…. and ps faber would get KNOCKED THE FU%$ OUT by bisping its sad that he would even talk sghii


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