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metallica fan Says, in 9-19-2011 at 17:53:59 from    


Brunosocks Says, in 9-19-2011 at 18:03:02 from    

Why did they make Cerrone win?! That’s bullshit! Benson would tear him apart just like he actually did, twice..

wowsers Says, in 9-19-2011 at 19:22:39 from    

wow that submission system is terrible, what a load of crap, i bet by the time it gets released that goes by by or thq aint getting my money,

cc98 Says, in 9-19-2011 at 19:27:41 from    

game sucks…gota play the dream cast one!!!

DilleyWilley Says, in 9-19-2011 at 21:09:15 from    

personally i like MMA by EA

vin Says, in 9-19-2011 at 22:54:21 from    

mma ea is the best just no fighters. ufc should bury the hatchet with EA for the fans.

coutura Says, in 9-19-2011 at 22:55:58 from    

i hate how they walk

the faceless Says, in 9-19-2011 at 23:00:04 from    

ES MMA is one million times better and more realistic but i guess they won´t make another one

kingdean Says, in 9-19-2011 at 23:50:17 from    

love ground sway and the standing guillotine

Pope Says, in 9-20-2011 at 01:39:11 from    

ea mma striking and movement is a hundred times better. This game has always looked liked rockem sockem robots. UFC needs to drop THQ, they just dont get it. the submission system looks terrible too. Im prob gonna buy it anyway because im an idiot.

Mag Says, in 9-20-2011 at 01:52:34 from    

EA MMA was a lot more playable, especially standing. This does look better with more animations and fighting against the cage, but still needs work. Would love to see an old school vale tudo rules under league where all techniques are legal, like soccer kicks, knees to the head on the ground, etc. Love that in EA MMA.

187_silva Says, in 9-20-2011 at 09:23:07 from    

EA MMA is junk tried it hated it UFC games are better maybe i’m just a hater on anyhing thats not ufc its the best for a reason

tra101 Says, in 9-20-2011 at 12:06:49 from    

EA MMA is still the best mma fighting game hands down and ufc is just too stiff, there is no comparision.

Shinka MMA Says, in 9-20-2011 at 12:32:14 from    

the knees on the ground looked way too choppy/fast, but I quite like the ground sway, and the takedown system looked much improved. Striking from the back clinch and all the cage stuff: great!

zonytony Says, in 9-21-2011 at 00:09:39 from    

Ive had ea mma for a month, beat it and havent played it since. Ive had ufc 2011 and still play it all the time. Ufc Undisputed blows ea mma out of the water.

DilleyWilley Says, in 9-21-2011 at 13:19:15 from    

EA MMA is the best. I like the fight night style of striking. It is overall a better game with more play ability. Haven’t touched either UFC games since getting it. And I’m not gonna start with this one.

cobydagreatone Says, in 9-22-2011 at 17:13:37 from    

EA MMA is total garbage we tried to play it for a while, and its just dull, controls were terrible and clunky, action was slow.. Its just a bad game from top to bottom. Absolutely nothing good about that game at all!


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