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Oddjob Says, in 4-11-2012 at 11:21:28 from    

get em’ KenFlo!! s*** is cheating. I dont care what anybody says

AOPrinciple Says, in 4-11-2012 at 12:59:48 from    

I don’t really get Florian’s argument. I realize that MMA is not like baseball; you aren’t just hitting a ball. You’re fighting in a cage! That sounds like all the more reason to use performance enhancers. If this is just about cheating as cheating, then you could make the same argument for everything that constitutes cheating. If this is about whether performance enhancers are appropriate, though, I don’t see why they aren’t. Vitamins and minerals are “performance enhancing”. Caffeine and DMAA are PE. SLEEP CALORIES are “performance enhancing”. This is such an arbitrary line. If a guy naturally has testosterone levels which are much higher than his opponent’s, we don’t penalize him for it. If someone is naturally 3x stronger than his opponent in the cage, when don’t penalize him for that either, but if he is those things because of the supplements he takes, we penalize him for that!? These are *weight* divisions. If a guy makes weight, I think that should be the only category that matters. Maybe we should make sure competitors’ biceps are within the limit for the 155 lb division…

AOPrinciple Says, in 4-11-2012 at 13:06:00 from    

Oh. And one more thing. I like seeing great fights. Better fights are made by better fighters. Fighters using these PEs are better fighters. If a fighter is willing to brave the risk of using PEs, I say more power to him. And don’t anyone play the safety card. It’s cage fighting. Nuff said.

uncledana Says, in 4-11-2012 at 14:13:02 from    

kenny could have been champ with peds

ScrubJONES Says, in 4-11-2012 at 17:12:11 from    

u are all dumb f****, if thats what the commission says thats what goes, and + using PEDs will make u stronger and increase the risk for death in fights, which is bad for fighters and the sport in general. dumb f****

keyboardcowboy Says, in 4-11-2012 at 17:22:35 from    

@ aoprinciple yes. it is cage fighting. but were trying to get its image far away from that of the gladiator. if u want a cock fight, go to a bar. i dont want to see PEDs just like i dont want to see groin shots and eye gouging. so if u have that attitude, then you must want nut shots and fish hooks. whats next in aiding? do you want weapons next? go back to school

poopoohead86 Says, in 4-11-2012 at 17:46:10 from    

I think if jds still wants to fight overeem then they should play fisticuffs. Jds will still knock him out. Unfortunetly for overeem, hes lost alot of respect he cant get back

LFCandUFC Says, in 4-11-2012 at 18:03:37 from    

AOPrincipal sounds like he’s going through a bit of roid-rage there haha… but on a serious note, if you are good enough, you don’t need to take the illegal stuff. Stick to the vitamins and whatever like your worthy opponent.

sammy Says, in 4-11-2012 at 19:25:05 from    

I’m just surprised the other 5 heavyweights passed the test

Common Sense! Says, in 4-11-2012 at 22:53:14 from    

AOPriciple probably idolizes Mark Maquire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds. It’s cheating idiot! Whether it’s Baseball, UFC, or Swimming! Period! Kenny’s 100% right. The only way to stop it (in any sport) is random drug testing. The difference between vitamins, minerals, and caffeine, is that those are legal! Next you’re going to say that sleep is performance enhancing because it helps you rest before a fight. You’re an idiot! BTW, weed is not a performance enhancer. Nick diaz should not be suspended for it. Keep random drug testing in all major sports! And guys like Mark Maguire’s home run record should not count! He broke the record while cheating, from a guy who didn’t cheat like 60 years before him. Ridiculous…

Nickolas D. Wolfwood Says, in 4-11-2012 at 23:49:15 from    

Kenflo good fighter, better broadcaster

AOPrinciple Says, in 4-12-2012 at 00:02:33 from    

lol. At least I got a reaction…

@keyboardcowboy: PEs are not the same as fish-hooking and groin strikes. PEs are just that: performance enhancers. What performance they enhance is delimited by the rules of engagement. MMA is striking, grappling, etc… If this is the activity fighters engage in, then that’s the performance they enhance. They don’t by themselves lend toward any particular activity.

@LFCandUFC: Do you think any fighter wants to be “good enough”? I know what you mean, but fighters want to be the best they can be. PEs DO make you better. Also, when you’re not “good enough” to accomplish a certain feat, PEs can make up the difference. Using qualifiers like “worthy” and the like is just a reference to the rules as they stand. I’m not advocating cheating, I’m advocating reevaluating what counts as cheating from a legal standpoint.

@Common Sense: (I think you made that username up just to respond to me) I wish you’d bothered to read what I wrote. I know it’s cheating. Again, I’m saying the logic that makes PEs cheating isn’t very tight and is, in fact, arbitrary. I’m not for cheating. I thought that would have been relatively clear. lol… I never suggested marijuana was performance enhancing.

The Truth Says, in 4-12-2012 at 02:17:33 from    

I used to inject that s*** straight into my ass, trust me when I say it’s some freaky superhuman s***, 35 pushups turns into 200 pushups, and you’re not tired afterwards, in fact, you go running to try and kill the rush. Besides, Kenny’s point was it is illegal and dishonorable, which is true for a reason… it’s cheating.

The Truth Says, in 4-12-2012 at 02:18:17 from    

But man does it work.

halo666 Says, in 4-12-2012 at 04:10:19 from    

RE: AOPrinciple

I don’t get your argument either.

lorenzo Says, in 4-12-2012 at 06:40:25 from    

@AOPrinciple: Bro you don’t get that. They are enhancers and enhancers…steroids give you too big of an advantage . Caffeine doesn’t…
And c’mon! Vitamins and minerals aren’t enhancers. They are nourishments…

AOPrinciple Says, in 4-12-2012 at 12:03:40 from    

@lorenzo: Right, they both give advantages. The difference isn’t qualitative, it’s quantitative. Where do we decide to draw the line between “enough” and “too much”? There isn’t a qualitative reason; it seems arbitrary. You can call vitamins and such nourishment if you want. Changing the label doesn’t alter the physical effects. Vitamins will enhance the performance of an otherwise vitamin deficient fighter. That’s true, regardless of what you’d like to call those performance enhancing substances. What does “deficient” mean, anyway? No one is caffeine deficient, lol, but we take it anyway for its… performance enhancing effects. Again, quantitative, not qualitative.

@halo666. Would you, um, like me to clarify? Or are you just making fun of me? Mockery isn’t an argument. I hope no one is impressed by “well, you’re stupid!” responses…

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-12-2012 at 17:03:16 from    

The difference is all minerals and vitamins you can get them from eating food.I don’t think there’s anything natural on earth that you can eat and it gives you the ability to recover from training twice as fast,it just doesn’t exist.And don’t respond with food can be a performance enhancer.

AOPrinciple Says, in 4-12-2012 at 19:05:51 from    

Why does it matter whether or not a supplement is naturally occurring? Why are we biased against substances that are synthetically produced? I believe DMAA is man-made (correct me if I’m wrong) and it’s legal. And PEs add more of what our body naturally makes. The stuff is natural, just not in it’s normal environment or distributed in normal amounts. That highlights it, I think. Again, it’s the quantitative measurement. There is no qualitative difference.

SinkTheHooks Says, in 4-13-2012 at 23:43:28 from    

Kenny is the man and Alistar is a f****** cheater, no other way to put it. 14-1 level increase WTF, If Kenny did half a cycle he would have won a belt, he will always be a champion to me though and New England. Looks like Brock really got f***** over.. Overeem was confident because the harder you get hit the more you wanna hit back in a fury. Jose Aldo needs to be tested, even I hate to say Wandi , the Brazilans are getting away with a lot of s*** imo.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 4-14-2012 at 17:48:42 from    

Anyone who watched OverRoids early fights back in Pride and compared his body mass to what it is now and COULDN’T connect the dots that he’s a hard core Juicer is so f***** stupid I don’t know what to say…


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