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theultimate fighter Says, in 9-13-2012 at 12:31:20 from    

if you watch the reply, anderson actually stuck two of his toes into vitor belforts mouth, before he fell down.

JayDeeHero Says, in 9-13-2012 at 12:52:01 from    

I really hope he wins.

tyler durdon Says, in 9-13-2012 at 15:16:49 from    

Watch gsp vs shawn sherk, same sh!t, different pile.

The Guy Who Always Brings It Back to Sex Says, in 9-13-2012 at 16:12:42 from    

A 10 second question for Vitor will get you 10 minute answer from Vitor. Please shoot me.

jkdchris Says, in 9-13-2012 at 16:25:24 from    

Vitor’s in Disney Land . . . . we got one here in Paris but they don’t seem to want to train ‘Old School’ ! LoL Great guy, fantastic attitude !

xformat Says, in 9-13-2012 at 17:41:47 from    

Jones has reach. Jones has power in all forms. Expect no spinning elbows. Expect jabs, safe leg kicks, right overhands and finally submissions.

xformat Says, in 9-13-2012 at 17:47:13 from    

So Vitor offered to fight Hones. Dana White never mentioned this. In the UFC, who’s telling the truth?

ustabeluke Says, in 9-13-2012 at 19:40:46 from    

praze god
praazzze god
prazzzzze god
prazzzzzzzzzze god.
wtf is wrong with people?
What century is this?

It’s unfathomable that people still think this way in this day and age.

victor Says, in 9-13-2012 at 19:53:06 from    

Vitor is one of the greats would love to see him get inside on jonny

Jake Says, in 9-13-2012 at 20:08:00 from    

“Jon Jones is sponsored by nike, thats good, but I’m sponsored by god…”

screwballhk Says, in 9-13-2012 at 23:59:36 from    

Evidently you’re a devout Christian when you beat the crap out of people for money and marry a p*** star. Duh.

warrior1978 Says, in 9-14-2012 at 04:26:16 from    

@ustabeluke People have been “prazing god” for years and years now. I’m not sure how or why this century would make God obsolete as if we’ve stumbled across something so mindblowing and unprecedented that people start to think, “oh man, now we don’t need God any more!”

goat Says, in 9-14-2012 at 04:43:48 from    

Belfort needs to open up and share his thoughts more.

chamberfool Says, in 9-14-2012 at 09:22:24 from    

I dunno why people critisize Belfort at all. For crying out loud he’s always been a gentleman, he’s a Christian so hes going to talk abotu God but last I saw he wasnt going on any crusades or protesting abortions. hes a passionate guy, articulate and a real fighter. I hope he wins. likely not, but, its not impossible.

jesusisfake Says, in 9-15-2012 at 08:05:37 from    

vitor is too old to have an imaginary friend, isn’t he?


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