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goat509 Says, in 6-20-2012 at 02:02:53 from    


straightAhead Says, in 6-20-2012 at 02:14:08 from    

That Wanderlei greasing story was hilarious!

Nice episode

Rio_Warrior Says, in 6-20-2012 at 10:13:15 from    

They should do a nimrod table with the early guys it probably would come with many fun stories.

TheViciousone Says, in 6-20-2012 at 11:32:19 from    

I wish Tito just once would shut the hell up. He has to be the most annoying, rude and pompous fool I know..

PitfighterZ Says, in 6-20-2012 at 11:38:08 from    

I loved when they talked about the rules. Sometimes, they came up with rules on the spot. The ref. would just say, “no, you can’t do that,” and you had to abide.
There are many reasons to have all the rules they have now, but I will always miss the vale-tudo rules like Royce said: “No eye gouging, no biting.” And if you get eye gauged or bitten, tough luck! And people think cups are important now…

greengiant Says, in 6-20-2012 at 13:34:36 from    

epic.some of the best fighters ever.i miss the days all those guys fought.we can always go watch the dvds and relive them though.

brucelee23 Says, in 6-20-2012 at 14:09:56 from    

Why doesnt Royce ever credit any other mma fighter for the evolution of the sport. Its all about the gracies ?? … Well Royce, it may have been had you stuck around the ufc and continued to fight the likes of coleman, couture and ortiz. These guys change the gracie jj style ufc competition into an athletic sport of cross trained participants who would of crushed any gracie as the ufc progressed !!

thaddiuslustre Says, in 6-20-2012 at 16:17:56 from    

it’s great to hear Couture give recognition to Minotauro & Crocop for producing 1 of the greatest fights to have graced this sport thus far. Made possible by the pinnacle of all venues: PRIDE FC! the truest most conducive MMA/ValeTudo format to date.

noseel Says, in 6-20-2012 at 21:24:43 from    

I think there was alot of good stuff left on the cutting room floor.

mma made easy Says, in 6-21-2012 at 02:14:22 from    


JoJo Says, in 6-23-2012 at 22:48:38 from    

Pride had some great fights, but you are forgetting all of the absolute bullshit mismatches, cooked fights, massive drug use, last minute changes, etc…a total lack of sport purity.

jonnyx Says, in 6-30-2012 at 03:11:36 from    

@thaddiuslustre Says couldn’t agree more.

pride had its ups and downs but given all that, at that time i’d rather watch pride than ufc.

and this was really entertaining.


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