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NotVinnieJones Says, in 8-16-2013 at 21:50:29 from    

This video can also be titled: How to make yourself look like a complete tool by taking a stand against a sport you know absolutely nothing about.

luke Says, in 8-16-2013 at 21:58:10 from    

This guy is an idiot! Who do these politicians think they are?

Ozinator Says, in 8-16-2013 at 22:00:08 from    

I never knew Rampage said that stuff but in the light of the fact Page did and was with the UFC at the time, the councilman isn’t as unreasonable as he is being portrayed here(though he should have named names to make his point). He isn’t anti MMA and even said it’s great for kids

peterjones Says, in 8-16-2013 at 22:06:09 from    


bartonfisk Says, in 8-16-2013 at 22:07:37 from    

The video he is refering to is the video that Rampage did, thing is when he made that video he was hoping the UFC would fire him over it.

Bruno: http://www.mmatko.com/rampage-jackson-how-to-video-pick-up-a-gurl-fast/

dragoman Says, in 8-16-2013 at 23:42:05 from    

he seemed quite reasonable. agree with 100%. he said the sport itself is good for kids, i think he just has a problem with the video rampage put out, and stuff of similar nature. agree with him

KungFuLowKick Says, in 8-17-2013 at 00:56:48 from    

That pig is in th epockets of the culinary union… BTW that r*** and chlorophorm thing was Rampage and he’s not fighting for the UFC and i think he wasn,t fighting for them when he did the vido or was a couple of days form getting fired. How come they got after the multi billionair Fertita brothers (UFC) who don’t even employ Rampage anymore and not Bellator and TNA who currently employ Rampage?? Another slimebag politician getting bribed by the Culinary union. Politicians are so pathetic. The only people they fool are dumb people.

And I think Dana was also referring to the douchebag NFL player who was threatening to “beat up every N***** out here”. The only thing they did is fine him and gave him psychological aid… The UFC has fired fighters for quoting a r*** joke from a TV show and they fined guys for calling anothe rfighter a f**. That shitstain on society has nothing o nthe UFC.

Big Rig Says, in 8-17-2013 at 01:43:44 from    

Another clueless clown that has no idea what he’s talking about! Stick to what you know,cleaning septic tanks you freaking turd!!!

the pope Says, in 8-17-2013 at 11:31:44 from    

this guys the most ignorant moron i think ive ever heard . for years and years athletes of all sports have been accused of r***, murder, drugs and every other crime under the sun and that includes baseball, football , soccer , boxing u name it . athletes r gonna do whatever the hell they want , to single out the ufc and keep kids from coming to an event is just stupid.

Ozinator Says, in 8-17-2013 at 12:24:59 from    

these go to 11

MYPEEN Says, in 8-17-2013 at 16:09:57 from    

Who cares what Rampage did, that guy is an ass clown. Seriously. In TUF he talked all that game to Gayshad and then lost Hahaha dude and Tito are ALL WASHED UP, I pray that they both get KO’d in their upcoming fight

KingKong Says, in 8-17-2013 at 21:28:37 from    

he’s a politician, did any one really expect him to know what he’s talking about:)


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