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Tankless Says, in 10-9-2013 at 07:08:16 from    

Dudes using one of oldest tricks in the book…..trying to get him to stand in front of him and strike by pissing him off by saying he hits like a girl………which everyone outside of brazil knows isn’t true I guess ….what a monkey

glenn Says, in 10-9-2013 at 08:51:47 from    

well that girl beat your ass, no dominate your ass for 5 round, I will expect the same ass whooping again

usernane Says, in 10-9-2013 at 09:31:00 from    

Cain doesn’t hit like a girl, is more like JDS has a rock on his shoulders, or he can go and ask all those that got KO’ed by Cain.

skepty Says, in 10-9-2013 at 09:56:45 from    

@Tankless & @glenn he probably lost but still it was just a decision. JDS put Cain away with one punch but Cain was unable to stop JDS after 5 rounds of punching him in the face so YES CAIN DA PUÑETAZITOS COMO UNA CHICA.

Gio Says, in 10-9-2013 at 11:40:05 from    

Damn dos Santos, I didnt know u can get dropped by a girl.

hhy Says, in 10-9-2013 at 12:27:43 from    

love both guys but cain is king! long live the king!

Twana Says, in 10-9-2013 at 16:56:23 from    

I feel Cain will win this one too.. in the first round.
Cain would do something similiar to what he did to bigfoot….
Cain is smart. He knows dos Santos wants not only to win but to punish him badly, so this one will be extreme speed and power one.
Or may be I am wrong.

OscarMayhem Says, in 10-9-2013 at 19:00:53 from    


You say that “he (dos Santos) probably lost”. Hilarious! Try watching the fight next time.

Hawaiian Says, in 10-9-2013 at 21:38:50 from    

Really love both these fighters, but I am pulling for Cain. Win or lose for either fighter, I wish them both the best in life.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-9-2013 at 21:57:06 from    

I don’t know what’s up with fighters talking s*** about the guy who just beat their ass. IMO it just insults yourself more then anything.

alexnexus Says, in 10-9-2013 at 22:28:01 from    

what’s worst: to hit like a girl, or to take a beating like a bitch?
… just asking…

rob Says, in 10-9-2013 at 22:35:55 from    

Skepty, try commenting without being a biased tool. You know damn well Junior landed that haymaker overhand right just behind Cain’s left ear, throwing off his equilibrium. Game over. Junior says he did in fact fight “the real Cain” the first time and he wasn’t buying the injury excuse. However, same sore loser expects us to believe he overtrained for the second fight and therefore he lost. Yawn

Mjon Says, in 10-10-2013 at 22:09:04 from    

Same Brazilian bs, excuses all round. DOs Sontos will be forgotten after this fight

mmawannabe Says, in 10-12-2013 at 15:08:28 from    

These two Mexicans are awesome! Can’t wait for the war!


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