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cupOteaGov Says, in 10-18-2012 at 14:07:38 from    

Bigger than soccer, dream on.

mmafan400 Says, in 10-18-2012 at 14:47:29 from    

it is a pretty big dream to be bigger than soccer, but they are right, if there’s a sport that could make it, it’s fighting. It’s an entertaining sport, exciting, cool, dynamic…It has everything going for it

fuckDANAwhite Says, in 10-18-2012 at 15:12:38 from    

at least soccer is still about soccer, not about PR and taking crap, and the teams dont get to pick who they play against, unlike UFC fighters. and soccer is not owned by an egomaniac asshole like dana white that ruin the sport, and hes not trying to hide it anymore. ufc sucks.

Cletus Says, in 10-18-2012 at 15:25:28 from    

Fertita billionaires!

SocraticMMA Says, in 10-18-2012 at 15:27:31 from    


Widen your perspective. It’s just a matter of time.

oshawabinalex Says, in 10-18-2012 at 15:37:43 from    

What’s Soccer? Is that like football?

randyisstillchamp Says, in 10-18-2012 at 17:20:36 from    

more kids can fight than play soccer lol

dub Says, in 10-18-2012 at 18:46:33 from    

well.. wasn’t going to say anything about soccer.. but since the door was opened unwillingly. Soccer has got to be one of the dumbest sports to watch. not because the actual game isn’t entertaining. the concept of soccer is brilliant.. but all the soccer players are pansy actors. There isn’t one game where players are not pretending to be hurt or rolling on the ground from a hit that didn’t even touch them! it’s hilarious when a soccer player is supposedly on the ground hurt, but then slowly peaks up and looks around to see if anyone gives a s***.. lol.. this pansy acting is truly embedded within soccer now.. you can not separate the two.. this is why soccer sucks now.

Ozinator Says, in 10-18-2012 at 19:12:17 from    

MMA Soccer would be a great sport

MGMA Says, in 10-18-2012 at 19:28:43 from    

Soccer world cup that takes places every 4 years garners 1 billion+ viewers. Soccer has been around forever, and is economically so implanted in cities life that it’s not going anywhere. Cities that don’t even have money, borrow it to build soccer stadiums for their teams cause they know it can have a financial impact for the city. Soccer fans buy ton of merchandise, they buy tickets for the whole year. Soccer games (and there are an incredible number of them) never get canceled, except if there’s a mjor reason, cause the fans paid the tickets, the city is waiting for the taxes, and the TV network paid for the broadcasting rights. UFC, as much as I love it, is nowhere near soccer.

Did I say that I hated Soccer as a sport?

mmafan11 Says, in 10-18-2012 at 20:40:40 from    

Most people in the developing world can’t afford to pay $50+ for PPV.

Soccer is Free on TV especially the big matches.

UFC will never be as big or bigger than Soccer.

kyokushin Says, in 10-19-2012 at 00:10:28 from    

UFC is free on tv where i live(SE asia) now ever since its partnership w/ fox movies premium.

dhtattoos Says, in 10-19-2012 at 01:44:15 from    

funny,the people who say that the ufc will never be as big as soccer, probably sound a lot like the people who where telling Dana and the brothers that they’re crazy to think they can make anything out of the ufc. No wonder there is such a small percentage of really succesful people in the world, it’s because the masses, the common person, thinks so small, no perseverence, no big dreamers that believe they can achieve..no do-ers..just s*** talkers and underachievers..

endless Says, in 10-19-2012 at 02:38:20 from    

I think if they had 3/5 rounds with pride rules, and pride style entrances, they would be bigger than soccer. Ah and about half the roster. To be a global power they need to have a limit on the number of fighters, from each country. Limiting the number of fighters they sign. Tired of seeing guys come and go. Keep a smaller core group guys the fans can relate to.

Wilbur Says, in 10-19-2012 at 02:51:06 from    

I don’t think it can be bigger or even close to soccer, because there are so many peaple who don’t like such a violent sport. I do though ;)

jammyman Says, in 10-19-2012 at 02:57:14 from    

Soccer sucks

greengiant Says, in 10-19-2012 at 03:30:24 from    

see sometimes when the next top contender is in line for a title shot it turns out boring.so they chose a different more exciting route.i tend to lean twords the top contender getting his shot but im not totally against a more exciting fight either,look at pride fights.a lot of times those fights turned out to be very competitive and fun to watch.

ThatDudeInTheBack Says, in 10-19-2012 at 09:59:53 from    

@fuckDANAwhite. No offence dude but if you think soccer isnt about PR then you dont have a clue. And for the record soccer aka football to me is filled with egotistical idiots. I think your blatant and blinding dislike for Dana is stopping you from realising how much him and Lorenzo have done for MMA. They managed to convert a once barbaric no rules fight club into a socially acceptable mainstream sport. Now im not Dana’s biggest fan but i still believe his triumphs far outweigh his failures. Give respect where its due.

123456789 Says, in 10-19-2012 at 14:15:25 from    

yes soccer is how you say football in the u.s.a

JJ Says, in 10-19-2012 at 14:46:53 from    

@fuckDANAwhite You’re delusional if you believe soccer is not about PR. It’s a bunch of completely corrupt semi-intelligent individuals milking even dumber fans for the money to watch 22 idiots following the ball. Might sometimes be funny if you don’t watch it closely enough to see guys diving in pain from hits that never happened, f****** their “friend’s” wifes and what not. On top of that making enormous money.

And to clarify: what you all mean by “bigger then…”? You can’t compare whole global thing called soccer to one organization. You can try to compare it to NFL or NBA, but not to soccer as such. It’s dumb. Also if by bigger you mean more profitable for team owners you’re dead wrong. Only few clubs in the world make any money, 90%+ of them are LOSING money. If by big, you mean more people watching it, than you’re right. There more idiots than intelligent human being, so dumb sport will always be more popular than the one more demanding to understand. There are few soccer fans understanding a little bit of a strategy going on, but most of them are too dumb for it – they just enjoy it becasue of this prmitive tribal-like identification (calling teams like Chelsea FC “we” for some weird reason, just as anybody in Chelsea would give a F*** about dumb idiot buying a ticked or sky sports subscription) and BETTING. Also, taking UK as an example, it’s PURELY

JJ Says, in 10-19-2012 at 14:48:18 from    

about PR. You can’t watch a 30 minutes of anything without an advert showing idiot footballers stories, or advertising football matches etc. It’s all over the streets, billboards, radio, tv, papers. MMA is NON-EXISTEND and still doing very well.

bear uk Says, in 10-19-2012 at 15:14:09 from    

when lorenzo was speaking it was like a breath of fresh air, dana speaks and im thinking f***** hell ive had enough. cant stand him any more

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 10-19-2012 at 17:11:46 from    

You just speaked my mind.If soccer wasn’t filled with faking f*** I would love watching it.I love watching sport shows where they show NFL and NHL highlights then they show faggy soccer players diving and rolling 50 times on the ground like they are on fire.And the worst is they ALL do it.


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