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jdogg Says, in 5-17-2013 at 14:26:05 from    

Belfort will win and then get suspended for PED’s.

INANEBIGNATE Says, in 5-17-2013 at 15:42:10 from    

vitor needs a new hair stylist

Joe Dog Says, in 5-17-2013 at 16:10:05 from    

Win, loose or draw, Belfort has Jesus.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 5-17-2013 at 16:53:37 from    

lmao remember when sakuraba made vitor his bitch? that is why vitor has weak mind and needs trt. with that said rockhold gonna own this half-negro

ericsson Says, in 5-17-2013 at 19:17:49 from    

Vitor Belfort is f****** done man!! he took so much s*** at the beginning of the UFC and also in pride now it’s TRT F*** off Belfort you are one drugged up mothafucker

vitor belforts dryed up testicles Says, in 5-17-2013 at 20:18:27 from    

vitor maybe you wouldnt need TRT like a little girl if you didnt abuse steroids your whole career. cheating f*****.

Perulives Says, in 5-17-2013 at 20:47:42 from    

This may sound shallow…but I was a Belfort fan till I saw that haircut. I can’t respect any man with that douchey of a hairstyle. What was up with breaking up the stare down in 2 seconds? Guess Vitor got a little too excited when Luke got in his face.

Axe Murderer Says, in 5-17-2013 at 23:32:17 from    

I hope Luke comes forward, yet to see someone succeed at that against Vitor.

greengiant Says, in 5-17-2013 at 23:48:21 from    

Its amazing how many people jump on talking smack about certain things if one fighter mentions it. Maybe vitor did abuse roids when he was younger,he might need trt just to be at the normal level. We have all made bad decisions in life so put yourselves in his shoes and relax. If luke did not mention this over and over then you people with tunnel vision would not be saying a thing.

Johnnybeards Says, in 5-18-2013 at 00:53:20 from    

@Marvelous Mad

Though I’m a fan of both men, I’m pretty sure the consensus is that Sakuraba v. Belfort was a fix!

al client Says, in 5-18-2013 at 02:34:44 from    

Belfort by TKO.

guy Says, in 5-18-2013 at 04:18:37 from    

Bruno did you pick vitor or rockhold? If none who do u like I’m thinking of placing some wagers

Bruno: Rockhold decisions win or by 4-5 round sub.

4real Says, in 5-18-2013 at 06:48:11 from    

Hey marvelous mad madam min bet you want to be on yourknees taking it deep from that half negro!?!? Stupid ass typical f*****.

4real Says, in 5-18-2013 at 06:58:19 from    

Why don’t you try saying something productive vice saying the s*** you know your ass would never say to any grown man for fear of
him just making eye contact might make the bitch in you go running for shelter or at least another keyboard to act tough on. More bitch than boy all of you. And here t thought the season the low forehead haters was over………change your tampons boys get a job,leave mothers basement and grown the F*** up. Four real.

TheMartialArtArtist Says, in 5-18-2013 at 14:24:27 from    

marvelous mad man – Negro’s or not, we aren’t doing too bad in a sport that you’re apparently a fan of. Silva, Jones, we’re the consensus pound for pound best fighters in the world. But I guess you already know that. Sorry it hurts so much.

axe pittbull Says, in 5-18-2013 at 18:18:56 from    

@ marvelous mad man- No time for ignorant racist scumbags. Watch what you say punk or when your back turns. wack!


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