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NEL Says, in 1-24-2013 at 18:38:24 from    

I don’t like hating on fighters, but man i hope rampage looses to glover.

wow Says, in 1-24-2013 at 18:57:55 from    

This will be a great fight. Johnson has some insane speed, but Dodson’s knockout power poses a definite threat to his game.

John Nada Says, in 1-24-2013 at 19:59:51 from    

I weigh more than both of these midgets put together, and I’m not even fat.

DonDonDon Says, in 1-24-2013 at 20:54:27 from    

I hope you learn to spell @NEL – Looses means to set things free. He can’t be set free but he can lose in the fight. I want you to be the best ok?

Sad to see Page go out like this, should be more honorable way as he’s been instrumental in promoting and representing the UFC through his fights, interview and personality! Too bad he will fight somewhere else and with lesser opponents, but good for him to stand up for himself. If you guys realized the billions the UFC make than you would see his point about fighters not making proper money.

ThatDude Says, in 1-24-2013 at 21:13:07 from    

Ooohhh Yeahhh, Definatly will be tuning in for Fox 6

COUTURA Says, in 1-24-2013 at 21:20:17 from    

Dodson its a retard

Aikido4Life Says, in 1-24-2013 at 21:27:54 from    

Rampage playing psp during the conference…

Tear Says, in 1-24-2013 at 21:53:20 from    

Is Dodson supposed to be human?

Come6acKid Says, in 1-24-2013 at 23:51:43 from    

@DonDonDon if you are going to be a spell police “THEN” (not “THAN”) you should get yours right, don’t you think?

png Says, in 1-25-2013 at 08:10:51 from    


If you’re going to oversee the boards as a regulator you should think about the structuring of sentences using nouns and verbs; “spell police” should read: the Spelling Police. “Going to be the spell police” would describe a group carrying out a single action. Your attempt at a sentence might read better if constructed as following:

If you’re going to act* like the Spelling Police*, then you should consider your use of the conjunction “than” when describing a sequence of events that occur after an instant. Here you should use the adverb “then” in order to propose that we* would realize Quinton Ramone Jacksons’ ongoing polemic, which highlights the issue of disparity in relation to fighters’ pay and the projected profits of the UFC.

Rampage to war. I hope.

*Act is used here because there is actually no such thing as the Spelling Police
*Title format used here because they are described as an institution
*The readership of MMATKO.com

Buttplug Says, in 1-25-2013 at 12:31:01 from    

The internet is still the best place for taking stupid arguments way beyond anything rational.

Amosaback Says, in 1-25-2013 at 12:31:59 from    

Randy would have been a much better choice for this new VP position: by 10-fold. I imagine he was offered the job but declined it to pursue his acting career. Alternatively, maybe the UFC didn’t offer this to Randy because of what he’s said in the past in favor of the fighters unionizing.

randomthought Says, in 1-25-2013 at 14:16:11 from    

I think for the flyweights, they need to make the ring smaller so they don’t move so much. It was hard watching benavidez fight johnson. Then lastly, I hope rampage does get knocked out or lose badly. Then I hope pettis wins and punishes cerrone like diaz did. Then we’ll see rematch with pettis and henderson! Can’t wait for that!

LowinfoVoters Says, in 1-25-2013 at 18:15:31 from    

Why do so many mma fans act like c**ts?

YOUEFFSEE Says, in 1-25-2013 at 19:45:31 from    

I remember when 2 guys stood up and swung at each other, than the Brazilian s*** came and its wrestling/bjj BORRRING no wonder the companies going under, Bellator can overthrow them in a few years, its the closest to Pride we will get in America. Two 125 guys as the headline I’m Excited!.. Tex/Page is the whole card.

jiu-jitsu warrior Says, in 1-26-2013 at 02:42:52 from    

Dodson is a mega-tard, that dude is a straight arrogant prick/douche master..!!


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