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Jt Says, in 5-4-2012 at 19:01:37 from    

Anyone know what channel its on in the UK?

benjamin Says, in 5-4-2012 at 19:03:28 from    

Someone needs to be checking Toquino’s testosterone levels.. Where’d his neck go?

glenn Says, in 5-4-2012 at 19:09:22 from    

good card

Carl Says, in 5-4-2012 at 19:17:47 from    

Looks like f***** good Card boyz

Ozinator Says, in 5-4-2012 at 19:22:51 from    

diaz is going to destroy with that length advantage

failsonnen Says, in 5-4-2012 at 19:41:48 from    

Man some of those fighters look so different at the weigh ins.

fitedoc Says, in 5-4-2012 at 20:35:56 from    

Belcher will be over 205 tomorrow night. At least that’s what happened in his last fight

xformat Says, in 5-4-2012 at 21:05:13 from    

Great. There are two fights that I want to see. Who are these other pucknuckers?

jack.perpetual Says, in 5-4-2012 at 21:17:19 from    

mini-reem pullhardest

Yommomamoto Norifumi Says, in 5-4-2012 at 21:30:53 from    

Palhares Vs. Lombard please!!!

In fact any arrangement as long as it involved Belfort, Wanderlei, Toquino & Lombard would be spectacular.

Here’s to Hendricks clobbering Clown Hair too.

Ima Douchebag Says, in 5-4-2012 at 21:41:16 from    

Ozinator knows nothing! Miller is a badass. And it is not on in the UK there JT so go to the pub and get some fish and chips. Oh yeah tell Mick and the boys I said hi.

knuckles Says, in 5-4-2012 at 22:19:04 from    

palhares needs a random drug test

yerkilla03 Says, in 5-4-2012 at 23:18:13 from    

Look at palhares’ wings man that guys looks like he’s ready to fly O_O

Pope Says, in 5-4-2012 at 23:44:55 from    

Palhares seems too excited. I have a feeling he is going to do something retarded again…I can’t wait.

c..kid Says, in 5-5-2012 at 00:41:29 from    

wow miller looked sucked up

csari0 Says, in 5-5-2012 at 01:12:05 from    

Say what you will about the Diaz brother, but I love their intensity, yes they can be often be dick heads, but their intensity is real!

Survival Lobby Says, in 5-5-2012 at 01:19:48 from    

belcher looked kinda sickly

AintMyChild Says, in 5-5-2012 at 03:22:37 from    

Diaz has the W, if he losses he beats himself from being to confident. Belcher should win by UD

cigronne Says, in 5-5-2012 at 03:41:47 from    

Hope Belcher pulls off a victory, although he is literally been thrown to the wolves, Palhares is a very scary dude

iodio Says, in 5-5-2012 at 06:26:41 from    

Have u seen how tanned looks Nate this time?

vaughnrich Says, in 5-5-2012 at 07:57:33 from    

diaz looks like he got a spray on tan lol

BigPapa Says, in 5-5-2012 at 08:08:22 from    

Wait…… I thought Pat Barry was go without cutting his hair and shaving until he got a submission win in the UFC. That is a letdown.

glassjoe Says, in 5-5-2012 at 09:42:01 from    

Jim Miller is half as tall as Diaz. Going to be a long night for him……….

Reallynow? Says, in 5-6-2012 at 19:12:27 from    

yeah they threw belcher to the wolves and belcher clubbed the wolf over the head after canceling out his ground and even getting the upper hand. lmfao. just because paul was big. hes still one dem fighter. bjj is different when you have punches thrown at you.

emrb Says, in 5-7-2012 at 19:52:50 from    

I was very glad to see JucinMore get pounded by Belcher. Doesn’t matter who wins between Silva and Sonnen, Belcher gonna beat them.


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