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KungFuLowKick Says, in 1-29-2012 at 11:42:33 from    

2nd interviewer only knows MMA since UFC Undisputed 2009.You should hit him with a jumping spinning back kick.Nobody would use that in a real fight and any technic with jumping in it sucks and has no power.And when he asked about his energy bar it made me laugh.How can you not know s*** about a sport and still be an interviewer?

VisionQuest Says, in 1-29-2012 at 12:30:25 from    

Look at the Count, humble as pie, lol.

crookz Says, in 1-29-2012 at 13:12:12 from    

yea bisbing won this fight unfortunately theres more money in sonnen vs silva

Dan Blankenship Says, in 1-29-2012 at 15:48:18 from    

Chael won that fight. He took the fight to Bisping and people need to watch it again without Joe Rogan’s bias commentary. Bisping landed a few against the cage face punches that did nothing to Sonnen. People were just expecting Sonnen to take Bisping down at will like he did Silva. Bisping would be destroyed by the counter-attacking Silva. Sonnen vs Silva II will be a much better fight!

G Says, in 1-29-2012 at 18:08:04 from    

Yeah Joe Rogan was having a laugh saying that Sonnen needs a sub in the third otherwise he’s lost the fight?! But having said that it was no way a 30-27. I was expecting a split…

FailSonnen Says, in 1-29-2012 at 18:43:19 from    

@kungfulowkick: you need to watch more K-1 man. Rolling Thunder kick knocked out Badr Hari and Remy’s flying knees and jump roundhouses KO people and once broke a guys arm

ttt Says, in 1-29-2012 at 21:33:43 from    

i like ‘the count’ dealing with loss even though first 2 round was close fights, doesn’t talk s***. loss with grace. great man!

Manfred Says, in 1-30-2012 at 10:22:49 from    

“the C***” git robbed. I dont like him, but he did more than enough to win. I dont know what fight the judges were watching, but the decision was BS.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 1-30-2012 at 12:53:23 from    

I didnt knew last event was a K-1 event.I thought it was a UFC.I watch alot of kickboxing and K-1.And these kicks work in K-1 because it’s a kickoxing fight not an MMA fight.None of these kick would land on a good MMA fighter.

walter Says, in 1-30-2012 at 14:17:47 from    

a good question for cheal: how is it to fight without drugs????

bisping got robbed but he took the loss like he should with grace. nothing but respect for that.

silva is gonna destroy sonnen and then no more title shots for cheal couple of years.sick of this little prick

Paulwonder Says, in 1-30-2012 at 19:49:45 from    

If i was bisping i would also be happy at the result even tho he should of won at the end of the day styles make fights.
Cheal is a top wrestler and could very well beat anderson silver to become the new ufc champ if this happens bisping will be getting a rematch and could be the ufc champ “if for only one defense” before the end of the year.

romeroa519 Says, in 1-31-2012 at 18:07:55 from    

I was at the event and imo thought Bisbing took the fight by winning the first two rounds. Was kinda shocked that a judge scored it 30-27 but either way a good fight and should give Bisbing more respect for his performance


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