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Cool Says, in 10-24-2012 at 10:18:09 from    

o o o Oppa Gangnam Style!

wow Says, in 10-24-2012 at 11:20:12 from    

why the F*** don’t they do this in Korea instead of China? Way more Korean fans than Chinese.

endless Says, in 10-24-2012 at 11:40:50 from    

Why post this? It’s just the promo they show on Korean television.
If you want a real shocker, ask Dana why Americans are paying for ppv. Most countries get it for free. and yes live. I’ve never paid for a ufc ppv, always free here in Korea. only bad thing is they have Koreans commentating, and they hype the Korean fighters up. When we all know they suck. I cried tears of Joy when condit nearly killed dong hyun kim, this that beautiful flying knee. Anyway this was a lame video to post. And for you people blasting oppa Gangnam style, keep this in mind. Koreans are so racist. They also broadcast hate news. To keep Korean women in fear of foreigners. the only good thing about Korea is the women. Guys are racist jealous pricks.

AssMusty Says, in 10-24-2012 at 12:59:18 from    

c level korean chick

genkimachina Says, in 10-24-2012 at 13:00:06 from    

Man, I bet she is way better then Arianny at math.

steptof Says, in 10-24-2012 at 13:05:25 from    

Asian women are the best

Reallynow? Says, in 10-24-2012 at 13:30:40 from    

:D Nice. F*** off Arianny.

420sakuallday Says, in 10-24-2012 at 13:40:46 from    


LOLO Says, in 10-24-2012 at 13:45:27 from    


Roe Jogan Says, in 10-24-2012 at 14:25:07 from    

Asian chicks are extra awesome once the bedroom door closes. What were we talking about here?

larter Says, in 10-24-2012 at 14:54:52 from    

Even the chinese has got more ass than Aryanni “Overrated” Celeste. Theyre even hotter.

jhu Says, in 10-24-2012 at 15:48:20 from    

korean oct girl for china event hmmm

Iron_Cobra Says, in 10-24-2012 at 15:53:32 from    

F*** off all Celeste haters. Y’all have never even talked to a chick half as hot as arianny.

anakonda Says, in 10-24-2012 at 15:55:46 from    

This was better than the main event to come.


Rampitup Says, in 10-24-2012 at 16:03:59 from    

They could have easily gotten a much hotter Korean chick. Not saying she isn’t good, but I think anyone who has been to Korea would agree.

blah Says, in 10-24-2012 at 16:18:09 from    

endless, you are a dirty piece of sh*t. u preach about how racist korean guys are, but in the end, it makes u sound racist urself.
this is coming from a guy who is NOT korean. and if u look at who those guys like stun gun and korean zombie beat: nate diaz, sean pierson, karo parysan, tj grant, matt hominick, dustin poirier…how the f*ck do u say they suck u racist douche. Even for asian fighters, who admittedly are known to be lower tier currently in the ufc, koreans actually are one of the most successful.

fufc Says, in 10-24-2012 at 16:52:43 from    

only one chinese fighter, where are the rest, One FC?

failsonnen Says, in 10-24-2012 at 19:13:50 from    

heyyyyyyyyyyyy sexy laaadey


op op op-op

Open ringirl style

Reallynow? Says, in 10-24-2012 at 21:22:58 from    

Last girl Iron_Cobra talked to popped and lost all it’s air. Uh oh.

endless Says, in 10-24-2012 at 21:25:02 from    

@blah I’m simply making a factual statement about how racist Korean men are. You’re not Korean, and you don’t live in Korea. So stfu. And pointing out who Koreans have beat, just proves my point. They have only beat other fighters that suck. And yeah putting Karo parysans name, ugh wow that’s was a loss later changed to a NC, so thanks for proving my point. Everyone knows Nate Diaz was too weak to be fighting at 170. But I am actually a Korean zombie fan. But back to the original point. most Koreans are racist. So don’t act like you know, because you don’t f**!

rolling 20′s Says, in 10-24-2012 at 21:31:07 from    

i want to slip my meatloaf between them titss

Doyle Brunson Says, in 10-24-2012 at 23:05:25 from    

Doesnt the UFC know most asians hate any other form of asians aside from their own nationality?
How can you go to Macau and hype Korean fighters? wtf is that?

DrDoom Says, in 10-24-2012 at 23:45:44 from    

Why go to China? Well, you’d think with a billion people living there, it might just be possible to find few thousand to fill a small stadium.

Virodust Says, in 10-25-2012 at 04:39:04 from    

She’s pretty damn cute & hot, but what’s up with those bags under her eyes? It looks like she hasn’t slept in 10 years.

yoyo Says, in 10-25-2012 at 05:43:35 from    

well said sir. i’m glad to see that the irony isn’t lost when seeing someone randomly calling a group racist while simultaneously saying the only thing he cares about is their women.

and @endless, as a korean currently living in korea, i suppose i can’t just stfu. instead i’ll just say that korea has just as many ignorant racists as any other country. meeting dumbasses like you isn’t gonna help them change their mind though. you complain about how korean commentators suck cheering for their homeland fighters as you watch free ufc ppvs in their country. let everyone cheer for who they want. grow some class buddy.

endless Says, in 10-25-2012 at 13:35:38 from    

@yoyo I suppose you could just stfu. But since you want to open your sausage hole, I’ll be glad to put you in your place as well. As a Korean you know better than anyone one on here how racist Koreans are. let’s just state some facts here, if you’re not Korean or white you have a slim chance to teach English here. If you’re not Korean many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants refuse to let you in. If you’re Chinese you’re labeled as dangerous, if you’re Japanese you get harassed and even assaulted all because Korean and Japan argue over a stupid island. If you’re not Korean you have to have a aids test to get a job. and the list goes on and on. but the one good thing is, if your not Korean then Koreans girls want to bang you. So it looks like you’re sol. Any foreigner in Korea will tell you the same. So yes you can just stfu.

123456789 Says, in 10-25-2012 at 13:48:33 from    

very cute

yoyo Says, in 10-25-2012 at 17:04:18 from    

lmao, temper temper. i gotta say, i do love your “facts.”

i’ve grown up in both america and korea. now could i take the fact that i and some friends have been refused service at several restaurants and bars back in the states as a sign that all americans are racist pricks? or maybe the fact that a few months ago when briefly returning to the states, i was detained for 2 hours in the airport by the nypd because i matched a name on their “terrorist watch” list?

i currently have 2 japanese friends and 1 chinese friend here. they are all here to study, at korea’s top universities i might add, and have come back to korea not once, but multiple times. judging from your post, it sounds like you’re an english teacher, and one who doesn’t seem to actually care about his/her job so much as banging foreign chicks. that’s a shame. cause for someone who’s living in a country they seem to hate so much, you sure don’t mind getting paid by their government or chasing their women.

2 of my korean male friends are currently engaged. one to a japanese girl. the other to a white australian girl. they’ve been dating for years already, mind you. several of my black friends here are also teaching, one actually from liberia, and loving it.

btw, yes, the reason korea and japan have no love lost between them, is definitely because of that island dispute. nothing has happened between these countries in the last few thousand years that would cause any bad blood.

korea’s got a big issue with racism but i’d say it’s also a lot of ignorance rather than strictly hatred for foreigners. korean women like foreign men? you don’t say? if any of the american posters here were in a room with 99 american girls, and 1 french girl, who do you think they’d be interested to talk to? exotic is erotic my friend.

my experience is just as real as yours.

this ain’t the place for such a discussion, but what should i expect from feeding the troll? sorry fellow posters.

ringmanjy Says, in 10-25-2012 at 19:30:39 from    

you sound like a kid who wants attention.
I guess you havent had much love from anyone,
and seeing all that against Koreans, you must
be a racist yourself. oh yeah. Are you happy
now that you got peoples attention? Like @yoyo
said, Grow some class and grow up.

endless Says, in 10-25-2012 at 21:41:12 from    

@yoyo I don’t feel sorry for anyone detained because their name matches suspected terrorist, if anything I applaud law enforcement for doing their job. But your claim is highly unlikely, and sounds like total bs. You were refused service? Again highly unlikely, and sounds like total bs. You have a Japanese friend and a Chinese friend? Haha how fitting.

You still haven’t disproved my point about most Koreans being racist. Simply making up delusional stories doesn’t help.

Koreans depend on Americans for protection, Chinese and Germans for trade, but yet Koreans remain ignorant. The men feel inferior, and the media spreads anti foreigner propaganda. Sad sad people.

And no I’m not an English teacher, everyone knows Koreans cheat, lie and in most cases don’t honor or pay foreigners.

But if you want keep guessing or I suppose you could just stfu

jeff_figmb Says, in 10-25-2012 at 22:25:07 from    

I totally agree F*** Arrianny!! She looks like a typical american style bikini model doing hot rod mags. The UFC needs to get more international looking models like this one or girls from Brazil, Europe etc. I’m tired of American looking tramps…

Chefraski Says, in 10-26-2012 at 11:57:48 from    

How come UFC hasn’t chosen Ring card girls from all of the different countries that they have been in. The current girls aren’t bad but would add some spice if they featured local women. They’ve only done it in China, I believe. Brazil, I’m sure would have had lots of talent with real bangin bodies.

Genghis Khan Says, in 10-26-2012 at 13:42:10 from    

10$ says she’s hairy down there

pwned Says, in 10-26-2012 at 13:50:30 from    

you got pwned, don’t like how their country run, go back to the States. My bad they don’t want you here. You sound like those Mexican raising their Mexcian flag chanting freedom in America. DUMB

pwned Says, in 10-26-2012 at 13:53:53 from    

o yea, let me get this straight, if your a Korean male, your racist with a little penis syndrome, but if your a Korean chick, you wanna jump on any foreign sausage you meet. What a douche-ass remark.

rampage Says, in 10-29-2012 at 02:03:53 from    

@endless and @yomama just to answer u guys question why koreans are racist, (which they are not), u have to go back to history. im not saying this accounts for everything but the korean war like vietnam war had many tragedies or cruelties WHAT makes it worse is its relatively unknown throughout the world. the used and abused techniques caused alot of distrust towards foreigners. relax im a history major :)


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