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jdogg Says, in 10-15-2013 at 09:46:23 from    

I just love watching ads. But anyway, NO JDS, you cannot beat either of the Klitschko bros. at boxing. At MMA yes. Boxing, ummmm no. JDS face would worse than it did when Cain beat him.

joel Says, in 10-15-2013 at 11:16:34 from    

What the hell happened to junior’s face?

joel Says, in 10-15-2013 at 11:27:31 from    

oh it’s an old picture

wulfis Says, in 10-15-2013 at 11:37:50 from    

Is it me or has this guy getting cocky as hell lately?

icolater Says, in 10-15-2013 at 11:54:20 from    

IMO he would have a small chance, I think the Klitschko bros rely to much on there size advantage.

BlindGoljaT Says, in 10-15-2013 at 12:17:47 from    

Small? LOL He has snowball’s chance in hell. I like this guy when he just stfups

High Stakes Says, in 10-15-2013 at 13:06:55 from    

I like JDS !! BUT he would have ZERO chance against either brothers! absolutely no chance! its a different sport.

bagboy Says, in 10-15-2013 at 15:03:15 from    

“Is it me or has this guy getting cocky as hell lately?”

EXACTLY!! I used to like this guy’s attitude. Not so much these days. I hope Cain wrecks him.

Glass joe Says, in 10-15-2013 at 15:45:10 from    

JDS may sound cocky but he really sounds like a guy that is hiding fear of his upcoming fight. I think Cain will beat his face worse than the time before.

And no way he could beat any of Klitschko brothers…..

shocktime Says, in 10-15-2013 at 18:44:40 from    

He has as much chance as BJ Penn does at beating Mayweather, which is is NO chance.

ToOcH911 Says, in 10-15-2013 at 20:40:53 from    

@ icolater

your right the klitchkos really there size the way jon jones does and jds is there size thats why i would give him a chance. they havent faced one boxer close to there physical atributes thats why there walking through everyone the way jon jones was. im not saying its gonna be like gustafson and jones but its deffinetly interesting and to count him out your nuts hes got the best boxing in mma and dont forget with hevyweights all you need is one punch

p*********** Says, in 10-15-2013 at 20:52:48 from    

He’d easily beat them all

danada Says, in 10-16-2013 at 00:33:55 from    

If he thinks he can face real championship level boxers in boxing rules when he got dropped by Cain Velasquez (a wrestler primarily) with punches then I’m not sure of his mental stability.

Meat Drapes Says, in 10-16-2013 at 01:36:33 from    

Didn’t JBJ say something just as retarded? Then he got out boxed by a Swede.

Junior has great boxing for MMA but let me know when he has a pro boxing match with a top 20 pro.

greengiant Says, in 10-16-2013 at 05:11:43 from    

Damn you guys are like little babys reading into things a little too much like girls. JDS came off as pretty respectful. What the hell is wrong with someone believing they can beat anyone? Its called confidence,I know you don’t feel that in yourselves but some people do.

Genghis Khan Says, in 10-16-2013 at 05:30:25 from    

lol what an IDIOT…Are you kidding me, this guy would get demolished by any top 10 current Heavyweight boxers. Ok he might have a slight chance against Arreola just because he’s too fat now but that’s about it. I hope Cain beats some sense into him. Just like I cannot stand boxers that think they can come into the UFC and beat everyone, I cannot stand MMA fighters that think they can get into pro boxing and be top contenders.
What’s next he’ll beat Usain Bolt in 100m dash.

reasonabledude Says, in 10-17-2013 at 02:47:01 from    

never go full retard


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