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ruddo293 Says, in 1-11-2013 at 12:06:38 from    

Cain seemed scared… Is it just me? The inteviewer was trying to make a point by using the Couture vs. Toney fight where they gave James a fight with Randy although it was Toney’s MMA debut. Cain should’ve just said “yeah i’ll fight him in the cage”, and stop trying to be politically correct for the UFC’s sake. “Work you way up the ladder like everybody else did” Dana white can make any fight he wants on any given moment. Chael sonnen vs. Jon Jones is a perfect example.

xc Says, in 1-11-2013 at 12:19:14 from    

very well said! if Tyson really wants to fight Cain, he should at least get a couple of fights in the Ufc to prove that he is worthy of having a fight with the champ.

Tempted Says, in 1-11-2013 at 12:19:52 from    

Randy was not the champ when he demolished Toney. Cain taking a fight like this is stupid.

Yelajackit Says, in 1-11-2013 at 12:22:06 from    


jassmo Says, in 1-11-2013 at 13:06:00 from    


ultimate fighter Says, in 1-11-2013 at 13:09:04 from    

LOL, cue bemused face.
Cain I think your fat, I challenge you to a game of table tennis, if you dont accept your a coward and a bad mexican.

rock on Says, in 1-11-2013 at 13:32:51 from    

What Cain is really saying is ” I’m a complete fighter you are just one disciple, I can finish u under 30secs, don’t try to get a fight with me just because u open your mouth”. I love boxing with a passion, but people, again again, do u not get it? what the hell is Tyson gonna do when he gets taken down by one of the the greatest take down fighter in the game? And yes he will get taken down, and he will get his face smashed with 15 shots before the ref comes in to stop it. Yes Tyson has a one shot chance and that’s it. CAin is just a nice guy and doesn’t want to talk trash.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 1-11-2013 at 13:37:59 from    

Fury would lose in the small leagues before he could even reach the UFC.I can’t wait until Fury fights a good boxer and gets smashed.

failsonnen Says, in 1-11-2013 at 13:38:57 from    

Cain I challenge you to a game of Guitar Hero

casemax Says, in 1-11-2013 at 14:15:20 from    

@ultimate fighter Hahahaha!!!

Freaklegion Says, in 1-11-2013 at 14:17:08 from    

Scared? Are you crazy?

More like he seemed confused at why the reporter was asking him such stupid questions and trying to come up with an answer.

frankenweiner Says, in 1-11-2013 at 15:01:14 from    

lol @ ultimate fighter. however, he’s not a mexican. he’s born in america. he’s an american citizen.

Ruddo293 Says, in 1-11-2013 at 15:25:31 from    

He’s not going to move over the the UFC or MMA, especially not right now while he’s a active ranked fighter with a good chance at winning a WBC boxing title. A fights a fight…You won’t see Floyd Mayweather calling out Jose Aldo to a MMA match…. I’m sure if Dana heard this, he’d be on the phone right now trying to make that fight happen asap.

Silverblunt Says, in 1-11-2013 at 15:37:38 from    

There is only one Tyson…

Username Says, in 1-11-2013 at 15:40:22 from    

Like Brock Lesnar worked his way up through the ranks? Like Chael Sonnen worked his way up? Grow up, Cain. UFC can do what they want.

dumbass Says, in 1-11-2013 at 15:49:34 from    

Cain would most likely lose in a boxing match and Fury would get smashed into the ground in MMA maybe if Fury was The heavyweight champ too it would be more likely to happen

Ozinator Says, in 1-11-2013 at 16:16:01 from    

He should have said, “I’m not a boxer, won’t accept a boxing fight but mma, I fight whoever they put in front of me”. Didn’t even need to talk about the guy

Joe Dog Says, in 1-11-2013 at 16:16:46 from    

In the words of James Toney, “Um fa mo sug I gonna bea dow ju mon ta fu in cha fa Randy Couture.”
Golf anyone?

Doyle Brunson Says, in 1-11-2013 at 16:26:19 from    

No one gets a free title shot? Tell that to Chael and Diaz

cigronne Says, in 1-11-2013 at 16:50:35 from    

To my eyes Cain had the right attitude there, the boxer has to gain respect before getting his faced smashed against the cage

CRO_GUY Says, in 1-11-2013 at 17:25:41 from    

STFU ruddo293, it’s just you man…

L060 Says, in 1-11-2013 at 18:03:44 from    

basically, cain is the champion, if tyson truly wants to fight then he should challenge any other mma fighter than target a specific one,

why say that to antonio bigfoot silva or dana cormier, even alistair. would tyson fight those guys ? nope, tyson wants a name, give a guy who has a lower tier contention rather mouthing his way to the top

Amosaback Says, in 1-11-2013 at 18:31:06 from    

Man, I wish he’d have answered that differently. He came off sounding very reluctant to fight a dude he’d demolish. Cain is a much better fighter than he is an interviewee. He’s the anti-Sonnen.

drewblood Says, in 1-11-2013 at 18:47:05 from    

the interviewer should be fired just for bringing this lame sh1t up. ‘someone talked smack, you don’t wanna fight him?’

but… it would be funny to see another smack talking boxer get taken down with the low single and submitted again.

shitface Says, in 1-11-2013 at 19:05:00 from    

Idiot journalist trying to get Cain to answer if he accepts the challenge or is scared.

Cain kept it real by saying, I am the champion, I fight title contenders, not boxers with 0-0 mma records. If he wants to fight me, let him come to the ufc and fight his way up to the title shot.

Dana should offer Tyson Fury a fight against Gonzaga.

shocktime Says, in 1-11-2013 at 19:21:46 from    

Never heard of you Tyson Fury, but ur name sure is gay. There’s only one Tyson and fury? really?

PAPABaaar Says, in 1-11-2013 at 19:29:47 from    

I like his response….get in line bitch, u aint got the heart to get in line….

Sammy Says, in 1-11-2013 at 19:45:53 from    

LOL, yeah he is scared, dummy

MaxPayne Says, in 1-11-2013 at 21:37:10 from    

lol at ultimate fighter great stuff.

Tyson fury is failing in theBoxing world so can see why he would challege. Also hes a gypsy just like bradd pit in snatch. They have been feeding him bums and showing it on public TV in the UK for years and he makes hard work of them all. Hes at the stage now I can see them feeding them to David Price who is a really legit british boxing heavyweight but still isnt in the public eye even here.

On and also i encourage bruno to post the video or a gif of the time Fury managed to uppercut himself in the face during a fight!

Axe Murderer Says, in 1-11-2013 at 22:08:31 from    

He responded the way he should. Seriously why would Cain be scared? Really how hard would it be to take whatever his name is down and pumble him to a bloody pulp?

NotVinnieJones Says, in 1-11-2013 at 22:39:36 from    

So we are at this point, now? Understandable. Before the UFC was created Rorion Gracie would use various media outlets to call out top boxers of the time to a fight. No big-name fighter ever accepted his challenge but it was an attempt to get Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (and MMA before it was “MMA”) on the map.
Fast forward to now. MMA is the fastest-growing sport and the UFC is at the top of the MMA world. Meanwhile, boxing is dying more and more everyday.
How ironic that there is now a boxer (who, at 20-0 is still an unknown to the general public) calling out an elite MMA fighter to get attention to himself and the sport of boxing, just like an MMA fighter was calling out elite boxers a few decades ago to get attention to his style of fighting. My, my, how the tables have turned!!

MangyMongoose Says, in 1-12-2013 at 00:31:30 from    

Tyson Fury, who the F is that? Oh wait, I don’t care, zzzzz indeed.

alexnexus Says, in 1-12-2013 at 01:04:16 from    

toney was -is- a legend in boxing that’s why he deserved a chance to fight vs. couture in the octagon… and he lost as expected.

fury is boxing’s wanna be. he has to do -achieve- a lot before getting a title shot in the ufc.

just stop for a minute and think about it: dos santos is a good mma boxer with an effective takedown defense and a bjj background, and still got demolished by cain!

now, what do you expect to happen if fury fights him?

fury can end up stupider if he fights any of the top five ufc hws -… not a bad thought at all.


paddedummy Says, in 1-12-2013 at 04:28:19 from    

Ya you gotta work your way up like Lesnar did lmao

wow Says, in 1-12-2013 at 09:58:44 from    

Is this a joke, I am british and have watched a lot of Tysons fights, he is average at best and he is calling out Cain hahahaha

This is a joke stick to boxing chums Tyson.. Price will knock your head of your shoulders.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 1-12-2013 at 11:26:08 from    

I like these boxing chumps who’s ego are so big they can’t admit their sport is useless in a real fight.My old boxing gym was lime that.We were 4 guys who boxed there but would do MMA at the other gym.They almost laughed at us until we challenged every single boxers,heavyweights to lightweights,golden gloves boxers to new guys to fight us in exhibitions MMA matches.They all lost miserably and looked pathetic on the ground and even standing up when we were kneeing them and kicking them.Now that boxing gym is 50% MMA,50% boxing.Boxers have the illusion of knowing how to fight because they practice a fake way of fighting everyday since they were young.They just need to get manhandled by a smaller less experienced grappler to lose their huge ego.I hope there’s a british grappler who would go to Fury’s gym and manhandle him like a child.Maybe then he will shut his mouth about challenging the best HW fighter on the planet.

anderson cheats Says, in 1-13-2013 at 16:24:56 from    

Boxers are not real fighters! their Boxers,theres a huge difference,Cain is right,a Boxer could not get past an average M.M.A Heavyweight much less the Champ,what a Moron!!

Willsteezy Says, in 1-13-2013 at 17:00:18 from    

I wouldn’t fight Tyson either. Think about the payday Tyson would be getting. Cain had to work his way up to fight fighters with a name to get a good paycheck and main card statuse. Cain isn’t scared, he is smart. Why put in the work of a training camp and invest money into a camp with good sparing partners to prep for an elite boxer and for what, to shut a dudes mouth. Efff that, I’m sure he would rather invest in a fight in which he would get another top heavyweight under his belt. And like he said, he never heard of Tyson before.


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