UFC 81 Fight Results

Antonio Rodrigo NogueiraTim sylvia

Fight results from UFC 81 the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

Keita Nakamura vs Robert Emerson
The judges score it 30-27 X 2 for Emerson and 29-28 for Nakamura. Robert Emerson gets the split decision win.

Marvin Eastman vs Terry Martin
The judges score it 30-27 X 2 and 29-28, giving Marvin Eastman the win in what may be the boring fight of the night.

David Heath vs Tim Boetsch
Boetsch wins by TKO just before the end of the first as ref has to jump in to stop it.

Chris Lytle vs Kyle Bradley
Lytle attacks Bradly hard from the start and unloads a flurry of rights to finish the fight in just over 30 seconds into the first. Yves Lavigne pulled Lytle off a dazed Bradley and was promtly pulled into Bradley guard and almost received a shot from the groggy fighter.

Gleison Tibau vs Tyson Griffin

Round 1- Griffin was faster to the punch most of the round. I call it 10-9 Griffin

Round 2- Griffin looked even better in the 2nd. Tibau is now bleeding from the nose. 10-9 Griffin

Round 3 – Much closer round but Griffin should take it 10-9.

The three judges agree and issue it 30-27 X 3 for the winner Tyson Griffin.

Rob Yundt vs Ricardo Almeida

Round 1- Almeida quickly gets Yundt in a guillotine choke and Yundt trys hard to free his self but can’t and has to tap 1 min. into the round. Almeida wins.

Jeremy Horn vs Nathan Marquardt

Round 1- Horn is getting pounded most of the round but tries a few subs that don’t work to end the round. 10-9 Marquardt

Round 2- Horn cuts Marquardt with an elbow. As they stand Marquardt gets Horn in a standing guillotine. They both drop to the mat but it didn’t help. Marquardt makes horn tap at 1:30 into the round.

Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar

Round 1-
Lesnar grabbed a kick and quickly took Mir down. From half-guard, Lesnar pounded away with elbows and punches. Steve Mazzagatti took a point away from Lesnar for hitting the back of the head. Lesnar knocked down Mir with a right hand. Lesnar pounced with punches and had Mir hurt. Mir went for an armbar but Lesnar escaped and continued the beatdown. As Lesnar went to posture up, Mir locked on a kneebar that forced Lesnar to tapout at 1:30 of the first.

Lesnar was looking very good and I was impressed. He just didn’t see the leg lock coming.

Tim Sylvia vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Round 1

They are trading jabs in the center of the Octagon to start. Two short rights landed for Sylvia before Nogueira pulled guard. “Minotauro went to half-guard when Sylvia decided he had seen enough of the ground and stood up. Nogueira landed a right hand that popped Sylvia’s head back. Sylvia then smashed Nogueira with a right hand that buckled him to the canvas. Sylvia tied to capitalize but Nogueira recovered quickly. Nogeuira is bleeding above his left eye. Elbows landing for Sylvia. Sylvia stood up again and landed an uppercut. Nogueira, looking beat, landed a jab. A body-head combo landed for Nogeuira and he scored a single-leg takedown as time expired.

10-9 Sylvia.

Round 2
Even round with both getting in shots but no one gets hurt badly. I call that even.

Round 3

Stiff jabs early from both in the second. Sylvia landed a right hand moments before Nogueira pulled guard. Nogueira swept Sylvia and went to side-control. Nogueria locked on a guillotine choke as Sylvia tried to get to his feet. Sylvia tapped quickly. The time was 1:28 of the third round.


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