UFC 4 Old School MMA Review With The Fight Nerd

It’s time for another Old School MMA Review, with The Fight Nerd and Zane Simon. On this episode, they continue down SEG memory lane with an in-depth look at UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors”, and there will be plenty of revenging going on in this one!

Featuring the oldest fighter to ever compete in the UFC, Ron Van Clief, and the big return of Royce Gracie, this event also brought us tons of infamous and awful moments, including Joe Son’s one and only fight in the UFC, resulting in broken testicles via Keith Hackney fists, the debut of the first successsful wrestler in the UFC, Dan Severn, and the first appearance of proper MMA gloves. Plus, more WMAC Masters references the long flowing hair of Guy Mezger.


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