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xformat Says, in 7-5-2013 at 19:32:23 from    

Really didn’t need to see two grown men kiss. lol

afasdfa.com Says, in 7-5-2013 at 19:34:34 from    

Chris Wiener got a good luck kiss from Silva.

rjcowger Says, in 7-5-2013 at 20:03:42 from    

Nog looked jealous that silva planted one on him

Spiderman Says, in 7-5-2013 at 21:45:45 from    

Kiss of death ! ! ! Good bye Chris … you can see that he is scared

Lee Worrier Says, in 7-5-2013 at 22:03:31 from    

Anderson Sliva is so Gay, kissing Weidman.

sleeping dawg Says, in 7-5-2013 at 22:09:34 from    

I wanted Anderson Silva to say, ” I knew it was you Chris. You broke my heart. YOU BROKE MY HEART!” before his kissed Chris Weidman. It would have been epic(God Father II reference).

But on a serious note, I doubt this kid can do anything to Anderson Silva. AS is just on another level. Weidman has never faced a champion before and Anderson Silva is the greatest UFC champion there is.

GSP with his shoot box (Box people safely and if they get too wild, shoot and take them down using my karate skill to close the distance whenever I want) style and not do anything risky on the ground is very scientific and makes him win fights, but will never make him the greatest of all time. In my book.

a2k Says, in 7-5-2013 at 22:11:37 from    

Where’s Heath Herring when you need him?

Schtuppin’ Hawking The F*ing Genius Says, in 7-5-2013 at 23:28:57 from    

Gonna miss Silva one of these days when he’s gone boys. He’s our Ali. Weidman funny sh*t…”He got nice lips!” Chris’ day will come soon. Great card, top to botton. I am truly stoked up for this thang!

greengiant Says, in 7-6-2013 at 00:51:58 from    

To honor,humility and respect… to silva.

Chewy Says, in 7-6-2013 at 01:43:23 from    

Leben is sooo creepy! he’s smile towards Graig,nothing but a creepy grin,love it! Warrrrrr Cripplerrrrrrr!!!!!!!

joaoblade Says, in 7-6-2013 at 03:45:45 from    

Chris looks like a nice dude, after AS retires he will be the MW Champion.

My feeling is that AS fire to high to get beat by anybody, tomorrow morning (Europe), we will see Chris Wiener being knocked out in brutal fashion. Also think that AS mistik has enter in Wiener head. It is going to be another magic night for the fans hosted by Anderson Silva Productions in conjuction with Zuffa.

Tankless Says, in 7-6-2013 at 10:51:07 from    

Douche …..why does he keep getting away with it . Shoulder punching sonnen , kissing cris ….all of its BS . …….he is a punk not a champ.

mmafan Says, in 7-6-2013 at 13:00:17 from    

I checked the tape..Weidman closed the distance for a typical 2-3 inch distance man to man stare down..then gayguy Anderson Cooper…I mean Silva closed the distance and planted a kiss on Wiedman. If that is not the most gay thing ever..I dont know what is.now I dont see anything wrong with two gay guys hugging and getting their rocks off for 25 minutes but I would feel grossed out to have a gay guy on top or bottom of me and be enjoying it…so thats why I put my money on AS to win…by homophobic freak out of his opponent.

Tear Says, in 7-6-2013 at 18:14:27 from    


Shut the hell up.

booby lubby Says, in 7-6-2013 at 18:45:41 from    

That would be crazy if Anderson silva pulled a sonny liston move and had something on his lips


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