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fightdontbefake Says, in 1-23-2013 at 20:57:07 from    

good s***

NickLover Says, in 1-23-2013 at 21:24:53 from    

Nick is a retard indeed.
Its excrutiatingly painful to hear him answer any questions. Let him do what he does best, let him fight. Wishing him well. I

p*********** Says, in 1-23-2013 at 21:38:31 from    

canadian media is s***… listen to these retarded questions

Iron_Cobra Says, in 1-23-2013 at 22:08:40 from    

Diaz doesn’t pose any threat for gsp. I think Georges just wants this monkey off his back.

mma tko fan Says, in 1-23-2013 at 22:18:26 from    

“i like him just fine.” I was dying laughing

Jack Says, in 1-23-2013 at 23:13:23 from    

I think GSP is thinking it’s best time to fight Nick since Nick is coming from year lay off. I might be wrong but Nick Diaz has all the tool to whoop GSP in front of the home crowd.

That is my humble opinion,so don’t be scared homie.

Avedis Says, in 1-23-2013 at 23:20:02 from    

I feel stupider just listening to Diaz. I know he is a fighter and not a public speaker, but god damn, get a grip on the english language. He must of said, “you know” 100 times.

DavidJones Says, in 1-23-2013 at 23:52:58 from    

diaz is going to lose he doesnt stand a chance u think georges is going to stand up infront of him? plus GSP can take him down any time, plus diaz gets dropped almost every fight, so GSP can tag him with jabs and his right hand which is pretty good and for sure will land in a five round fight, i dont know why diaz think he has a chance, cesar gracie is really brainwashing those 2 retards.(diaz bros) both are fa ggs, and both will never be UFC champs,ever.

Ground St. Pound Says, in 1-24-2013 at 01:04:10 from    

Someone is coaching Nick well about not saying disrespectful things to his employer. He’s way better than I remember seeing him.

That “I like him just fine” stuff was epic; I too laughed out loud at it. Nick is hilarious.

I know Ceasar is raising up his team on Kool-Aid and I like Nick’s confidence but he sounds utterly deluded about what he’s walking into with Georges.

Good luck Nick! Oh and I like Georges’ answer to that heckler: “You obviously haven’t ever got into an octagon but you should try it – it’s the experience of a lifetime.” Great sh*t.

Joe Dog Says, in 1-24-2013 at 01:34:50 from    

Poor Nick. The guy is incapable of effective verbal communication. There is some serious disablilty there.

greengiant Says, in 1-24-2013 at 07:43:11 from    

@NickLover nick is not a retard fool.He is just awkward in front of the media.He actually improved this time around.Have you seen him hanging around his friends,he is as normal as any of us are.

ATF Says, in 1-24-2013 at 08:30:04 from    

Nick was quite cool and relaxed! first time i hear him make full sentences he’s a nice guy. He has to get into triathlon mood when he does press conferences.

Blue Zombie Says, in 1-24-2013 at 09:43:14 from    

@NickLover… Saying Nick’s retarded just because he’s not a great public speaker is retarded. When people come out with stupid statements like this it always says more about themselves than the person they’re trying to ridicule.

ZW Says, in 1-24-2013 at 12:18:20 from    

I like the new Nick Diaz in front of the press. Nick has trouble with speech, it’s comical to watch, but he was genuine with his response. Nick looks like he is very comfortable with the dollars he is looking for with this fight and in a way he owes that to Georges. Because it was Georges who specifically asked for Diaz. Georges is going to make a lot from this fight as well and you can almost see an admiration from both for each other. Strange but true.

mma made easy Says, in 1-24-2013 at 13:32:46 from    

me too, that whole section was pure comedy

Meat Drapes Says, in 1-24-2013 at 14:27:48 from    

Love hate with this guy, I hate the mean mugging and all the threats and thug act, love to see him fight and how f****** tough he is.
Facinating person, I wonder what he would actually say if he really opened up.

Roe Jogan Says, in 1-24-2013 at 14:59:33 from    

Nick Diaz deserves respect. He is a beast and has fought with incredible success for years. He has knocked out guys that have never been knocked out and submitted guys that have never been submitted.

Bashing him is just pure hate and ignorance.

I think it will be a great fight and either fighter can win this one.

Omar Says, in 1-24-2013 at 15:08:15 from    

“I got what you call, like, I dunno, a relaxed brain, but I ain’t punchy. I can read!” —Rocky Balboa

Thxer Says, in 1-24-2013 at 15:30:38 from    

I’m looking forward to this fight, but GSP is just using it as a way to avoid the A.S. fight. Easy win for him IMO, hopefully Diaz makes it more difficult than expected.

ieatrice619 Says, in 1-24-2013 at 16:48:29 from    

Hey Bruno! You think you can post this video of Joe Rogan teaching GSP how to do a turning side kick? pretty awesome video.

Bruno: I did over a year ago. http://www.mmatko.com/joe-rogan-helps-georges-st-pierre-out-with-his-turning-side-kick-technique/

c Hill Says, in 1-24-2013 at 16:52:39 from    

George st. pierre is surely a more capable player in the octagon based on his discipline priority choices.

but george is growing from nick. GEORGE MAY DESTROY NICK but he is still learning from nick. psychologically nick has a very solid confident state of being that is very rare. it doesn’t act as a slave to all the gatekeepers. there is something secure about this george could be taking in

just a humble opinion

STOCKTON WHAT Says, in 1-24-2013 at 20:14:38 from    


Tear Says, in 1-24-2013 at 20:52:51 from    


OscarMayhem Says, in 1-24-2013 at 22:58:29 from    

If GSP comes to fight, he will lose the match Nick. If GSP comes to compete, GSP will win on points. Either way, GSP’s future is in his hands, if, as we have seen over and over again, Nick chooses the “path of least resistance”, which invariably to Nick, means fighting to an opponent’s strengths (I understand the contradiction). That said, I don’t question Nick’s fighting acumen or eloquence inside the ring. The question is whether GSP will show up to regale his former fans and put himself at risk of losing or whether he bores us with control.

onlyendsoneway Says, in 1-24-2013 at 23:41:35 from    

Decision folks! This is quiet straight forward. Both are well rounded in all aspects except for wrestling. Close contest in the stand up with an edge to Diaz and Nick is brilliant of his back so GSP wont be able to submit him. He will take Nick down every round atleast once and win a decision. Basically a closer version of the Nate Diaz v Benson Henderson fight.

Danby Says, in 1-25-2013 at 02:55:40 from    

@Thxer I don’t know man. I kinda think nick would be a harder matchup then anderson would. Chael already pinpointed andersons weakness, and although he’s shored it up since then, i still think its his weakest point.

Nick is VERY well rounded. Plus hes very very dangerous on the ground, which is GSP’s strenght. I think nick is much better on his feet than gsp, and is more then capable of submitting him on the ground. Plus he has cardio up the wazoo.

Anderson silva has excellent stand up and is ok off his back.

Genghis Khan Says, in 1-26-2013 at 13:38:11 from    

Kuddos to Nick for showing up and answering these questions. The man has clearly some type of speech disorder or social phobia but he’s getting better at this part of the game.

Stupidfighter Says, in 1-29-2013 at 22:38:06 from    

50-45 GSP! Probably not an exciting fight, but a clinic by George!


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