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OscarMayhem Says, in 3-8-2013 at 10:22:39 from    

Nick could have left out a few MF’s, but overall he is as consistent and genuine a person as an mixed martial artist can be. I was very disappointed in Johnny H. towing the line.

str8jkt Says, in 3-8-2013 at 10:40:57 from    

OMG please don’t let Diaz win this fight! I would hate to see this guy as the UFC welterweight champ. His idiocy sickens me.

NotVinnieJones Says, in 3-8-2013 at 11:19:06 from    

Wow, listening to Diaz’s rambling and sentence fragments that don’t actually lead up to making any specific point is painful. The guy can fight but he doesn’t have enough braincells to put together a cognitive sentence. Maybe it has been a good thing all this time that he has been dodging the media.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 3-8-2013 at 11:44:01 from    

What a bipolar.Giving s*** to GSP for being pampered,then he yells he would be pampered too m***********…He says GSP styles suck and is boring but later on he’s a big fan.The only thing I agreed with him is when he talked about deserving to get a beat down.But if he can’t realize it’s to sell more he’s a f****** idiot period.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 3-8-2013 at 11:44:40 from    

more PPV*

Ozinator Says, in 3-8-2013 at 11:49:44 from    

That was the greatest media conference of all time! I love how Dana ducked out early. Nick was going to rip him a new arsehole. haha!

Ozinator Says, in 3-8-2013 at 11:52:22 from    

yeah, Even GSP had to be real for a moment after that blast…Hendricks sounded like an idiot for trying to pretend that the curtain was still up.

Dharmaboy Says, in 3-8-2013 at 12:01:05 from    

Destroy this guy George. UFC can’t have an idiot holding a belt.

Jose Veyna Says, in 3-8-2013 at 12:13:31 from    

I can imagine GSP and everyone else wanting to laugh when they hear Diaz talk! Who raised this guy and tought him how to speak! I bet Dana is thinking to himself “I think it was better when He didn’t show up”. He wants respect? Well… First learn to talk… Second show up!

Tear Says, in 3-8-2013 at 12:30:27 from    

first and foremost!!

Tear Says, in 3-8-2013 at 12:38:20 from    

Diaz was just saying he had a hard life. He has to train extra hard because he’s not living a pampered life like GSP. Diaz was not talking s*** about GSP, just explaining where he’s at.

Diaz often comes of as a bad guy because of how he expresses himself when actually he’s a very dedicated fighter just speaking the truth.

A lot of fans hate him because they only listen to his harsh words, rather then the truth he’s trying to express.

d.b.s.homie515 Says, in 3-8-2013 at 12:52:44 from    

f***** this media call f***** sucks or wutever cearar gracie jj Stockton 209 wut!!!!!

Meat Drapes Says, in 3-8-2013 at 13:34:26 from    

GSP didn’t have a pampered like you tard his father was a garbage man in Canada.

Stockton is full of retarded trash, I know all about the Nor Cal mentality having grown up in Sacramento.

Stop playing the victim your immature clown.
Outside of the cage Nick isn’t a man.

Joe Dog Says, in 3-8-2013 at 13:45:10 from    

Poor Nick.

Dave-O Says, in 3-8-2013 at 13:46:32 from    

from listening to this call…pretty sure nick is going to fail the next pee test. he sounds high as hell.

adictfanatic Says, in 3-8-2013 at 13:48:20 from    

im a diaz fan because he is so confident in his skills, still gsp is the most respectable mma artist. people mistake gsp so much, we all want to see this fight, i only hope that nick diaz fights better than he did against condit.
please people there is not one single fighter in the ufc that can defeat anderson silva, he made all his opponent look like amateurs! when chael fought him for the first time, anderson silva showed the world the difference between brutality and technique, the second time he annihilated chael using technique.
gsp knows better than anybody what it takes to be an anderson silva, i respect the fact that gsp does not say any disrecpectful comments on the G.O.A.T

Tg Says, in 3-8-2013 at 14:20:39 from    

Nick sounds like he wants it more

mmraider81 Says, in 3-8-2013 at 14:57:01 from    

You guys that are saying Nick isnt making any sense are idiots yourselves! He makes perfect sense talking about GSP selling out and saying whatever he has to without thinking about the repructions. Nick is a smart dude and im from Nor Cal just hour away from where Nick lives and its pretty rough out there but he stayed away from the gangs and became and awesome martial artist and top it off he does triathlon!

blzd Says, in 3-8-2013 at 14:58:12 from    

i dont get why gsp got mad because of what nick said he wasnt talking s*** to him he just said he hopes gsp is pampered with all the money he makes

tg Says, in 3-8-2013 at 15:29:35 from    

f u dharmaboy, what do u care who holds the belts in the UFC, who cares u idiot

Amosaback Says, in 3-8-2013 at 15:30:19 from    

It sounds like Nick is calling from Chucky Cheese. I guess he suddenly got a wicked case of the munchies: toke, toke!

Yeah, Nick, you may have been a poor kid (whatever), but you’ve been a high-level professional athlete for a decade. If you’re not well off now then that’s on you. Stop bi+ching about it, find something new to talk about.

jdogg Says, in 3-8-2013 at 15:34:49 from    

d.b.s. homie was dropped as a child.

failsonnen Says, in 3-8-2013 at 15:49:54 from    

Who is cracking up in the video? Who is that laughing?

TheGMan Says, in 3-8-2013 at 15:56:54 from    

Guys. Seriously. I am a Nick Diaz fighter fan and I am very excited about this fight, BUT it’s fairly obvious that Nick Diaz is a barely educated man who has trouble actually making a point when he speaks.

I do believe he’s probably a pretty sincere guy but when you come out and all you do is ramble and throw expletives at your competitor how do you expect people to like you?

Diaz constantly whines about where he’s from, what he doesn’t have, and what others do have. The most truthful and wistful comment in the call was when GSP told Nick that he doesn’t have any of that stuff because he’s prevented himself from obtaining it.

That being said, I do think Nick is great for the sport because he’s so honest and in your face. I would just like to see more of his sentences come to actual points.

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 3-8-2013 at 16:15:21 from    

I agree Oscar, although I feel he is a large bit childish at the way he views things. I guess in some ways a little crazy is a good thing as you can see in the way that he trains.

inanebignate Says, in 3-8-2013 at 16:16:47 from    

haha nick was saying some super funny stuff. He was not trying to disrespect gsp either. Funny stuff

B-Real Says, in 3-8-2013 at 16:31:43 from    

George,”I speak better english than you”… Touche George Touche

Jose Veyna Says, in 3-8-2013 at 16:41:12 from    

Nick just doesn’t have class that’s all and that makes all the difference!

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 3-8-2013 at 16:56:58 from    

Lol this was a great conference call now that I listened to it all the way through. Best line is GSP – ” I do not understand you Nick, my English is better than yours.”

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 3-8-2013 at 17:02:21 from    

lol 37.15 Ariel Hell Winning.

Nico Says, in 3-8-2013 at 17:03:08 from    

And Dana didn’t show up and Nick Diaz is there? That’s ironic. gnna be a amazing fight!

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 3-8-2013 at 17:08:08 from    

GSP became to be “pampered” when he became the champ.He never was rich before.He was average to poor.His father was a karate teacher so it’s rare you have rich karate teachers in small town.It’s not because a retard says something that it’s true…

jona Says, in 3-8-2013 at 17:18:00 from    

Dana> we cant found nick diaz is running away from media

Nick> Hello? …


Cheeto Ortiz Says, in 3-8-2013 at 17:44:42 from    

nick diaz is the man. If anything I am like the superhero coming in with the anti bullsh*t. hahaah lmao!

WTF Says, in 3-8-2013 at 17:47:36 from    

Nick is a Fool!

John Boss Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:14:43 from    

Why do they let Diaz talk so much? This dude is boring and full of frustrations.

John Boss Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:19:53 from    

I could not listened till the end…
Poor diaz, and I am thinking to those who have to listen to this dude on a daily basis.
Amen to them.

str8jkt Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:33:13 from    

Hmmmm…. GSP was asked a question and Nick not only interrupted him but called him a motherf***er at the same time. Just being interrupted would half cock my switch. Congratulations to GSP for staying so reserved.
Now maybe if Georges never got past the 6th grade and had zero ambition to make himself a better human being, he would have instantly known that Nick gave him a compliment and was speaking to him as if he were a good friend.

TsaGoii Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:43:38 from    

Good exchange. Great conference call.
I think George thought that “MotherF…” was directed to him as an insult and not an expression slang. That seems to have ticked him off.

I am so looking forward for that fight. Being a great fan of GSP, I also wanted to see someone who can give him a tough time. Always thought Diaz could.

Same for Silva, but here, I still haven’t found anyone to destroy him, but yet I am a great fan of him too.

GSP VS DIAZ, I neutral, however wins, deserves it. I love both fighters. Great warriors.

T’Challa Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:51:33 from    

“Uneducated fool” is now my favorite insult. GSP is going to smash this kid..

kronickt Says, in 3-8-2013 at 19:12:46 from    

Everyone else must have just hung up the phone lol! This is priceless! Diaz is priceless! As real as it gets!!!

Jack Says, in 3-8-2013 at 19:22:35 from    

I think Diaz got to GSP’s head!!
I see a knockout for Diaz!!

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 3-8-2013 at 22:17:10 from    

But you have to stutter and repeat the beginning before saying it :P

edo Says, in 3-8-2013 at 22:19:07 from    

Mr. Diaz, what you’ve just said … is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…

DavidJones Says, in 3-8-2013 at 22:40:44 from    

diaz is a real f^^ktard, for god sake hes legally retarted, hes IQ must be around 50. GSP is going to win, and diaz can go back to s^^cking off cesar gracie.

c..kid Says, in 3-8-2013 at 23:02:43 from    

lol… i cant wait!

fufc Says, in 3-8-2013 at 23:07:31 from    

LMAO best conf call ever. I rooting for diaz all the way

OscarMayhem Says, in 3-8-2013 at 23:11:29 from    

@ Ozinator

It’s amazing that some folks keep getting stuck in the WWE style muck orchestrated by the promotion. As a younger man, I’d be boiling over f-bombs by the stupidity of the whole thing. Everyone complains about judging, about boring Fitch style fighters, about getting Greg Jackson’d, but they blank out on the victims of the lay and pray and run away tactics that padded so many records (Machida anyone). Instead, some of our colleagues here can only see Dudley Do Right vs. Snidely Whiplash. It really is a shame Johnny is now a yoga practitioner of the head in Dana’s ass technique.

Live4mma Says, in 3-9-2013 at 00:05:55 from    

is it weird that im actually impressed by some of the points made by Diaz? i wonder how much heat im gunna get for this comment lol

Rugburn Says, in 3-9-2013 at 00:08:43 from    

Thank God that Nick’s fighting skills are leagues away from his speech skills!! But you have to give it to Nick for trying and improving. Any MMA fighter knows you have to be very intelligent to be a top level BJJ fighter, especially a top UFC fighter. With that said, don’t let Nick’s lack of expression trick you into thinking he’s slow bc that’s when he KO’s your a$$. The top fighters are so discipline, gifted, talented, brilliant and responsible!!!

ThatDude Says, in 3-9-2013 at 01:02:54 from    

Nick is smarter than alotta people think.

DonDonDon Says, in 3-9-2013 at 01:28:40 from    

I think from day 1 of both of these guy’s careers they both come to this one moment on completely different paths. diaz is just a rebel man he doesn’t like being told what to do that is why he is where he is at, unlike gsp. He’s crying for too much attention so why is he arguing why he’s perceived that way? i don’t doubt he is intelligent i just think he could say what he wants to say in a different way because it only reinforces that perception that he has a thug mentality.

I respect both fighters tremendously and nick mentions GSP style of point striking as boring or his lay&Pray technique. Both of those are called strategy, I mean seriously what do we have a brain for?

rob Says, in 3-9-2013 at 01:34:56 from    

Diaz got into Diaz’s head

DanielMcfate Says, in 3-9-2013 at 01:49:57 from    

I like both fighters but Diaz comes across such a victim. Look brother, you are responsible for your life and the choices you make.

baller Says, in 3-9-2013 at 02:02:59 from    

LOL I speak better English than u. Daiz is just hallarious

mma made easy Says, in 3-9-2013 at 03:20:42 from    

this made me smile, but… it was a sad smile.

Compassion mixed with pity for Nick. Still working his way up that elusive consciousness ladder.

Ozinator Says, in 3-9-2013 at 03:37:13 from    


yes, that’s what happened. Funny too because GSP calling him uneducated and going after his English are not things to be proud of- even IF Diaz was calling him a m***********. Nick being uneducated or a poor speaker of English has nothing to do with the points he was trying to make,i.e., ad hominem—NOT very educated sounding retorts (to be fair, thinking someone called him a m*********** may have triggered an unexpected emotional response….doesn’t mean GSP is stupid—just not in control there).

crookz Says, in 3-9-2013 at 05:43:07 from    

Lolololol gap is going to do to Diaz exactly what Diaz was whining about…..gsp by lay n pray with a few Superman punches thrown in there

home Says, in 3-9-2013 at 05:54:49 from    

Nick diaz is rich make no mistake about it… him and Nate got money. Maybe not GSP money, but trust me Nick has money. But we gotta be serious now, i hope he has a good plan to beat GSP or he’s going to get taken down round after round.

John Boss Says, in 3-9-2013 at 09:03:24 from    

GSP will rock his ass, just like the others. Diaz is so overrated, thanks to his big mouth.

Twana Says, in 3-9-2013 at 09:16:05 from    

to me this nick diaz is like a street bum.

Joe Dog Says, in 3-9-2013 at 10:14:11 from    

What is wrong with Diaz?

FailSonnen Says, in 3-9-2013 at 10:37:49 from    

@Joe Dog:


I sensed some oompassion in GSP’s words

Joe Dog Says, in 3-9-2013 at 10:50:21 from    

Diaz is unable to link thoughts and form meaningful verbal messages. It must be a learning disablity probably compounded by the effects of chronic heavy cannabis use. If it gets any worse, the UFC might have to call in James Toney as an interpreter. Why do they even require Diaz to attend these media ordeals? They know he’s “off”.

yo Says, in 3-9-2013 at 12:32:00 from    

nick diaz is the biggest draw the ufc has. every time he speaks there are more posts then any other video or news than any other fighter on the planet. just put his name on the title and hundreds will watch and have an opinion. love him or hate him he is the biggest name period.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 3-9-2013 at 12:49:16 from    

That’s it.I said it in my 1st post Nick is such a bipolar.Normally I hate the internet psychiatrists but this is just plain bipolarity.Calling a guy boring and saying he shouldn’t be an MMA fighter then 20 minutes later say you respect everything the guy does and you are a fan is textbook bipolarity.And on his last press conference(not the phone one the one in person)he was so calm and he looked like a normal guy.He had nothing but good things to say,now a couple weeks later it’s the complete opposite.

Cheeto Ortiz Says, in 3-9-2013 at 14:20:10 from    

Alright morons. Being bipolar has nothing to do with flip flopping your opinion in a conversation and is different than the adjective bipolarity. Bipolar is a psychiatric disorder when a patient cycles between manic and depressive moods on a regular consistent basis. Labeling someone uneducated is one of the most arrogant things a person can do. Some of you retards should check your grammar and spelling on your posts before you call someone uneducated.

MuffDiggler Says, in 3-9-2013 at 14:28:32 from    

George is Nicks father.

“Ariel Hell-Winny”

Cheeto Ortiz Says, in 3-9-2013 at 14:28:46 from    

and when I wrote “than” I meant “then”.

John Boss Says, in 3-9-2013 at 17:18:53 from    

I careless about Diaz and his croonies, GSP is the champ and Diaz will never rich GSPs legacy. NEVER.

MMABESTPICKS Says, in 3-9-2013 at 18:36:25 from    

To all you haters saying Nick dosen’t know how to communicate, you are the ones who don’t understand the nature of communication.

c..kid Says, in 3-9-2013 at 19:41:57 from    

aril hell winny… i coined that!

willienugget Says, in 3-10-2013 at 00:08:33 from    

I’ll go out on a limb and suggest maybe because that uneducated fool just sold a shitload of ppv.

Dave Says, in 3-10-2013 at 00:19:28 from    

I Know Nick is not a bad guy in real life but anything coming out of his mouth doesn’t help the situation at all.
I was shocked by how disrespectful he was, despite that GSP still was a better man with a better martial arts attitude and kept his cool & respect.
Nick almost every time hijacked the answer and interrupted with coursing out and not letting George talk. Nick in the same time complains about how people think he is disrespectful person, well how the hell does he want people to take him as a good guy if he acts that way lol. he should blame himself. any person can buildup their image to show who they are by the way they behave and talk.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 3-10-2013 at 12:45:59 from    

@Cheeto Ortiz
What you described is exactly how Diaz acts.How can you explain a guy who a month ago had only good things to say about the UFC,Montreal and GSP and he was calm and smiling.A month later,he’s hyped up and extremely angry at everything and everyone for no reason.This is being bipolar.My mother was bipolar and she acted excatly like Diaz.Smiling,happy and positive a day,and angry at everyone for no reason the other day.There are levels of bipolarity.Nick might not be the kind of bipolar who hears voices during his episodes,but he clearly has major mood swings.

kevin Says, in 3-10-2013 at 13:25:54 from    

Cheeto Ortiz

Isn’t that how all women act?

Jacob Adam Brooks Says, in 3-15-2013 at 13:02:39 from    

Nick is a great fighter, extremely talented and skilled, and despite his antics, he’s also quite intelligent.

However, there is a difference between intelligence and communications skills. Nick does not have the communication skills to present himself in an intelligent way. He’s also smoked a ton of weed in his life and the way he sounds is exactly like all the burnouts I’ve ever met.

GSP will win because he’s the better athlete, has better wrestling, and has a more diverse striking game. GSP doesn’t lay and pray like some seem to think. Lay and pray is what Guida does and what Koscheck used to do. GSP is constantly looking to advance position, strike, and look for submissions. People think anything other than striking is lay and praying. It’s not boxing or kickboxing its MMA and wrestling is a big part of MMA. If GSP takes you down and beats you up and you can’t defend it thats a you problem, not a GSP problem. He DOES NOT lay and hold on for dear life as Nick claims.


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