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Sean_V Says, in 3-16-2013 at 10:41:51 from    

HEs just saying that cos GSP did what he wanted with him…

Gt03champp Says, in 3-16-2013 at 11:55:11 from    

I have 3 friends who went to college with Matt and all 3 said he was a cocky asshole that would bully people, especially when he got drunk.

overhandriteonurchin Says, in 3-16-2013 at 12:02:08 from    

Looks a bit too pumped Matt. That slam on Newton was epic lol he didnt wtf happend

overhandriteonurchin Says, in 3-16-2013 at 12:04:18 from    

+1 @sean
@Gt03champ: Most fighters are aggressive, some cant control thier temper some can..

Johnnybeards Says, in 3-16-2013 at 12:10:31 from    

I still have no idea what this guy is doing in any position related to “Athlete Development.” Such a terrible human being.

rasbutten Says, in 3-16-2013 at 12:41:07 from    

@Sean_V – Listen hater, no need to project your pussification onto an objective opinion. Don’t hate on a pioneering legend of the sport because your life sucks.

Young Says, in 3-16-2013 at 13:05:34 from    

I like how when a hall of famer has to to pick between someone they lost to, they always pick them to win. Just because He beat Hughes the hall of famer he will automatically win. I bet diaz would put it on Hughes when he was still fighting

Ozinator Says, in 3-16-2013 at 14:16:12 from    

god wants him to kill people because the old testament god was violent? did he become a jew or a christian?

Twana Says, in 3-16-2013 at 15:23:34 from    

stupid answer about Machide style of fighting…

dmfh1981 Says, in 3-16-2013 at 18:29:06 from    

He’s full of sh*t he was out just as Carlos Newton was & like I always say, he should be sending Carlos thank you cards for the rest of life because he wouldn’t be where he is today without that BS fight. The slam WAS NOT intentional & he wasn’t just ‘dazed’, that b*tch was completely OUT! So much so that he asked ‘what happened?’ as soon as he came too…Matt Hughes is a cocky b*tch period.

Jon Says, in 3-16-2013 at 18:36:31 from    

Matt Hughes is scum of the earth. I wouldn’t pee on him if he was on fire, I would just throw alcohol at him (no offense).

Noel Says, in 3-16-2013 at 20:01:39 from    

Wow, where’s the love for Matt?

c hill Says, in 3-16-2013 at 20:36:16 from    

not a big fan of matt


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