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Lazer212 Says, in 3-12-2013 at 08:30:59 from    

Nothing but a G thang, absolute classic.

Jose Veyna Says, in 3-12-2013 at 10:30:02 from    

The source of the Diaz’s Bro’s attitude problem is… And I can see it on their face is that their father was a scent from their life nuff said!

BBJNerd Says, in 3-12-2013 at 11:14:17 from    

I don’t care if you’ve never been in 1 street fight or shouted a word in anger. If you step inside the octagon you’re a gladiator. Listen to the last line in that video. GSP is obviously not scared of Nick and I think he’ll win by decision as always. That being said I’d love to see Nick pull it off even if he is a punk. Gotta respect the warrior either way

BBJNerd Says, in 3-12-2013 at 11:15:31 from    

Of course I do believe Nick can definitely pull this off its just unlikely.

American MMa Says, in 3-12-2013 at 16:44:04 from    

lol he’s not scared of Diaz but yet GSP will NOT engage in any fighting , pure point system decision which is not worthy of Championship caliber fighters ..

Grottodevil Says, in 3-12-2013 at 17:00:17 from    

Am I the only one who listened when GSP said he is scared every time he fights? Has that somehow changed this time?

akos Says, in 3-12-2013 at 20:35:56 from    

Mike tyson said he was scared before every fight too. It is a heakthy fear.

akos Says, in 3-12-2013 at 20:36:23 from    


Joe Says, in 3-12-2013 at 20:49:51 from    

I’ll be happy with either guy winning this fight as long as one of them finishes it but sadly I don’t see that happening.

a nga thowed up in da game Says, in 3-12-2013 at 23:29:19 from    

The more scared GSP is, the harder he trains.

Nick is fast and he hits hard, but it took like a 14 punch combo from Serra to finally TKO GSP. It’ll be hard to see a finish from Diaz and vice versa.

GSP via UD. Reality…

OscarMayhem Says, in 3-13-2013 at 03:37:54 from    

The GSP romance is nearing the end. It seems to me that GSP has lost some of his twilight sparkle as of late. I suspect that team homie represents the target demographic better. Sure, GSP makes taking your girlfriend to watch the fights easier, but remember the original team sparkle wishy washy whiney pale doe-eyed girl ended up f****** around on that poor mopey melanin deficient bastard anyway). The real reason for a changing of the guard is that we’re tired of the company man BS the same way we’re tired of repackaged derivatives and passive income MF’s ripping us off with a 5 round slow bleed.


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