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Twana Says, in 2-24-2013 at 10:46:11 from    

The Karate Kid schooled the bum. hehe.

gripman Says, in 2-24-2013 at 11:44:43 from    

I watched the whole UFC on pay per view and I never saw Machida fight. I did see him in the ring with Henderson though, but never any fighting.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 2-24-2013 at 13:18:56 from    

god damn and people honestly think honda is pretty? this degenerative world is becoming one boring mediocre place

brucelee23 Says, in 2-24-2013 at 13:28:09 from    

Hendo looked too old like Couture did when he fought van arsdale. Machida is still way too smart to get in a slug fest with Hendo. Machida clearly won every round IMO.

FailSonnen Says, in 2-24-2013 at 13:39:37 from    

lmao at the Uriah and Liz twins comment at the end. So true.

Huskerhandy35 Says, in 2-24-2013 at 13:41:51 from    

I had a totally open mind going into this card, but now it’s over and I’ve seen the “Main Event”, I have come away very underwhelmed and disappointed! Oh surprise… an arm bar. A 1 trick pony champion vs. competition that isn’t even on par! Whenever a fighter can’t be taken past the 1st round in 6 or 8 fights, then that tells you how deep the competition is. Not At All!

What really did it for me, was how some lesbian in the media just had to turn this thing into a sexual orientation event with he question of Carmouche about how important it was to have the “Lizbos” there to support her, yada yada yada. What a disgusting travesty that was in my opinion. Not because i dislike gays, but because it is a sporting event, not a gay pride conference and it had absolutely no place in the post fight conference! I’m disappointed!

Huskerhandy35 Says, in 2-24-2013 at 13:44:46 from    

MAchida didnt school anyone! One judge had Hendo winning and Hendo should have. Ring generalship alone should have pulled it out. Machida simply ran around the ring with an occassional kick or punch thrown in. He didnt engage or come forward at all! He’s taken a page from his friend Anderson Silva on how to not fight but simply win!

Sammy Says, in 2-24-2013 at 14:14:20 from    

I don’t know, round 2 Machida was backing up the whole round, landed like 3 strikes and you give him the round? I’d give Hendo round 2 just because Machida was running away for 5 minutes.

This is not Karate, it’s not about scoring points, or at least it should not be IMO

Sammy Says, in 2-24-2013 at 14:16:25 from    

They should give cautions for not engaging and running away excessively as they do in most other martial arts including wrestling and TKD

Two cautions and they deduct a point

Wow Says, in 2-24-2013 at 15:07:28 from    

Lol at the guys saying Hendo should have one. You think Machida is dumb enough to stay in the pocket and trade with Hendo give me a break… He won and Octagon control is crap It should be called Control of the fight. Machida implemented his game and Dan didn’t…

dumbass Says, in 2-24-2013 at 15:08:59 from    

about 99% of the f**** dont understand Machida and his brilliant approach of timing. Ronda only needs one move until she can be denied it, haters can go suck more dicks than they already do.

AussieBum Says, in 2-24-2013 at 15:24:31 from    

Karate beat TRT that is all

cutu2bad Says, in 2-24-2013 at 15:45:49 from    

Bring back the yellow card! The U FC sucks hope Belletor one0fc or some other organization can become the major force in mma Ranks are a joke titles shots are given on licking DFwhites ass wwf style hype and biased fools calling the fights , there champions Ducking people and being fed cans is become more and more apparent

cgbloke Says, in 2-24-2013 at 17:02:16 from    

cutu2bad, Can I give you a yellow card for your terrible use of grammar and punctuation?

Proya45 Says, in 2-24-2013 at 17:34:11 from    

you cant stand toe to toe with hendo, thats plain stupid, machida is not running away, he’s evading, guida vs maynard, that’s running!

Tear Says, in 2-24-2013 at 20:13:10 from    

Women’s mma has no talent, except for B level fighter Ronda Rousey.

shocktime Says, in 2-25-2013 at 02:45:26 from    

I’ not saying Machida needs to stand right in front of Hendo, but that was boring as hell to watch. They need Pride style yellow cards for crap fights like this and the Rashad Vs Lil Nog fight. It’s a fight not ring around the rosey. A. Silva is a perfect of example of patience with lethal timing and killer instinct. Machida is garbage. Anyone who thinks J. Jones won’t wreck him again is a blind fanboy.
Seeing that fight makes me respect J. Jones more n more. Dude is a killer! Nice guy, but he wrecks and finishes the best fighters in the world with ease. Would easily do same to Machida again and Hendo. Whatta Beast!

Tesla Says, in 2-25-2013 at 03:25:21 from    

All you idiots who thought Hendo won need to watch it again. Machida struck Hendo CLEANLY every time he came in with knees and strikes, while never getting hit cleanly even once. Some weak a.s.s leg kicks from a guy who generates NO POWER kicking is the only thing Hendo could do. Just look at the 2 fighters. Hendo looks tired and beat up in the post fight conference, Machida looks like he just had breakfast and had ZERO damage done to him.

Yeah, that’s really running all fight and doing no damage. Hendo charging in and getting hit or KNEED HARD and getting blocked to the ground is also called take down defense as well.

Go to fight metric and click the Decision/TPR tab. Fightmetric has Machida wining all 3 rounds based on DAMAGE and quality of strikes.

Hendo throwing worthless pitter patter and MISSING every single hard strike shows up in the decision scoring.

Sammy Says, in 2-25-2013 at 08:52:26 from    

of course Machida did not have any cuts on his face.

The only way that would happen is if he tripped and fell on his face while running backwards.

Sammy Says, in 2-25-2013 at 08:59:13 from    

Look they got cautions for being playing it too safe and defensive in almost all martial arts, don’t act like it is some wild concept, they’ve been doing it for years in most martial arts competitions.

Machida would get cautions left and right if this was wrestling, judo or TKD.

gene labelle Says, in 2-25-2013 at 11:30:14 from    

WHOEVER SAYS DAN WON HAS NO CLUE ABOUT THIS SPORT!!! #1 machida landed more strikes #2 they were 1-1 on take downs #3 the majority of hendersons strikes were weak leg kicks #3 machida was landing with power with the body kicks #4 machida pushed the pace of the fight THE ENTIRE time (except for the 15 secs hendo was on top) #5 machida did more damage (there not even a stratch on machidas face!

so what you idiots how could you have possibly thought dan came anywhere near i would have given a 30-26 machida because of a 10-8 in the last round

Huskerhandy35 Says, in 2-25-2013 at 18:56:48 from    

BS Gene… they showed the punches landed and Hendo had a 28 to 5 advantage in body strikesm, which is calaculated seperate from leg kicks. Machida had advantage in head strikes 25 to 8 and takedowns were even and leg kicks were even.

Crocography Says, in 2-25-2013 at 22:40:49 from    

Most boring UFC ever. Just saw it tonight at a friends, glad I didn’t buy this one. But thank you Tony!


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