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caxias Says, in 2-1-2013 at 19:29:49 from    

Alistair Overoid much smaller and not as cut. No horse meat for him.

Jack Says, in 2-1-2013 at 19:31:48 from    

Is it just me or that Overeem look kind of soft at weigh in? Must be off of the PED.

caxias Says, in 2-1-2013 at 19:33:43 from    

alistair overoid much small and not as cut. No horse meat for the loser. I hope he loses and Jr dos santos destroy him and he can go back to K1.
Dont cheat ass.

LOL Says, in 2-1-2013 at 19:49:27 from    

Silva has no chance. Dana knows he’s not marketable and has thrown him to the wolves. He will be cut after this loss.

PitfighterZ Says, in 2-1-2013 at 20:06:47 from    

@caxias: smaller? He weighted 264! The limit is 265. He might be eating walrus meat now.

Three fighter over the weight right at the beginning was weird…

boonching Says, in 2-1-2013 at 20:34:48 from    

big foot threw his hat in the crowd, like its really gonna fit anybody lol

Tear Says, in 2-1-2013 at 20:58:05 from    

Overeem is bigger, he was never 265 before.

DavidJones Says, in 2-1-2013 at 23:11:55 from    

the fact that edgar gets a title shot without fighting a top guy at 145 is Bull-s***, its quite possible hes sucking dana whites cock. why the F*** would he get more title shot, thats the least popular champ/fighter ever to compete in mma,i hope that little f***** is going to get knocked out cold and stiff. because of BJ lack of disipline and training we have to put up with this guy. h

kyokushin Says, in 2-1-2013 at 23:25:41 from    

werent they both at one point a member of blackzillians

sbmystiso Says, in 2-2-2013 at 00:18:24 from    

The stretch marks on his shoulders and the flab on his belly tells me everything I need to know about Reems steroid usage, or non-usage now.

Hawaiian Says, in 2-2-2013 at 01:15:00 from    

The Reem is gonna kill this guy.

Powertele Says, in 2-2-2013 at 02:16:04 from    

The REEM is still huge but not as ripped as he was in the past.

Just o Says, in 2-2-2013 at 04:14:58 from    

Pretty easy fight in my opinion for Silva, the reem has never done well when someone pressures him. He’s never been able to take a punch, he pretty much wilts under pressure. If Bigfoot can take him down I see it as an early 1st round stoppage to gnp.

facefrack Says, in 2-2-2013 at 04:56:21 from    

I think Silva left when Overeem came over to the Blackzillions camp. I’m kind of surprised to see such venomous hatred for Frankie Edgar. I watched all of his title fights n he definitely earned my respect. I like Ben Henderson a lot, but both of his fights against Edgar were too close to call… I’m not sure I don’t still consider Edgar to be the champ at 155. This is gonna be an awesome night of fights! This card is STACKED n any card is better if it has Aldo on it.

100%SUCKAFREE Says, in 2-2-2013 at 10:41:57 from    

Overeem still has mad skills and experience. Theres no way Big foot can match that. True, The Reem’s not as cut but he is bigger. Against Silva he’s going to have to play it smart and not get in slug fest and get caught like Cain did. If it takes 3 rounds or what ever.

ERICSSON Says, in 2-2-2013 at 10:46:50 from    

the reem will win easy for F*** sake and will go on to fight for the title

juice or not

kryptonite Says, in 2-2-2013 at 11:05:04 from    

agree with ERICSSON he aint on the juice now them kicks and knees will destroy silva screw the juice silva will lose

FailSonnen Says, in 2-2-2013 at 15:49:16 from    

When Bigfoot threw his hat into the crowd, it covered at least 6 or 7 people and left a crater the size of a Volkswagon beetle…


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