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luvudanawhite Says, in 7-22-2012 at 11:36:11 from    

if you’re reading this Mr. Dana White, please know that you are APPRECIATED beyond belief! I thank you for your hard work and growing this sport and being the coolest president of any sports org. in the world. One so-so card can’t derail all your hard work and the love we have for you as fans. THANK YOU

icolater Says, in 7-22-2012 at 11:42:33 from    

Where was the posion dwarf ? was he there but to small to see over the desk. I think so.

ibunn Says, in 7-22-2012 at 14:06:52 from    

To me ufc 149 will be remembered for the constant crowd booing if its even remembered.

DavidJones Says, in 7-22-2012 at 15:43:59 from    

dana u owe a refund for anyone that paid for this crap card. give them all a new ppv for free.focus on something else other than making money for a second.

Brandyn Says, in 7-22-2012 at 16:29:58 from    

Riddle was epic

dmfh1981 Says, in 7-22-2012 at 19:53:56 from    

@ luvudanawhite—
How abt u take Dana’s nuts out of mouth?? He isn’t the greatest anything ever. He is an opportunist & a 21st century version of a white collared Don King. Everyone is ALWAYS praising this guy for some odd reason. Granted he did believe in something nobody else did & made it VERY successful, BUT let’s not get beside ourselves & say he is a mastermind of some sort. He seized an opportunity AND THEN made it big with some else’s money. He was in the right place & knew the right people. If he wouldn’t have known the Fertita’s he’d be working at a super market. Does anyone remember the humble Dana White?? The one that didn’t talk sh*t?? The one that was slightly balding & wearing suits from Sears?? Watch the old interviews from when they had just purchased the UFC & you’ll exactly what I’m saying. Now he’s this out spoken, arrogant, wannabe. I mean I actually like Dana, but when people start saying/acting like he is a god then I’ve to say something.
P.S.- Dana White knows that the main event fight sucked a** just like the rest of the main event bouts, I don’t know who he’s trying to fool…..

Sammy Says, in 7-22-2012 at 22:14:22 from    

put on less pay per views but better quality, events like this should be on free tv and even then it’s hard to watch

Cro Cop Fan Says, in 7-22-2012 at 22:51:12 from    

“Sammy Says” I agree they seem to be focusing on quantity not quality. A lot of crap cards lately with maybe one good fight or so.

iWay Says, in 7-22-2012 at 23:32:12 from    

i suppose the joke’s on us (those of us who bought the PPV). not worth it.

penis Says, in 7-23-2012 at 01:29:02 from    

wow, rare moment of weakness exhibited by Dana.

kljlsjsldf Says, in 7-23-2012 at 11:57:10 from    

Lombard’s going to be a real *ick. I don’t think he has any respect for anybody and not showing up to a press conference, typical douche!

The Dooch Says, in 7-23-2012 at 14:51:15 from    

Haha, some bugger-toothed Brit… Riddle vs. Hardy will be good. Jimmo was perfect. F*ck Lombard.


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