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fightdontbefake Says, in 7-3-2012 at 15:30:19 from    

silva is a joke, tries to be mister nice guy, blows up…chael got to him already…and he can speak english its all a show for the brazilian fans, i am sure zuffa told him he would make loads in brazil

i know Says, in 7-3-2012 at 15:36:17 from    

starts at 25:19

Stranger Says, in 7-3-2012 at 16:05:42 from    

@fightdontbefake, ur mom is a joke

bernie Says, in 7-3-2012 at 16:11:47 from    


PitfighterZ Says, in 7-3-2012 at 16:19:40 from    

The close up on Sonnen right before the stare down showed someone who is very concerned, either afraid of Silva’s reaction or that he would mess his hairdo.

But the best part is Dana Douche’s face! I think he might have sh*t himself there. Imagine if someone actually threw a punch there and ruined the fight? The Douche probably needed a change of pants after this. He will probably get a few more security people in there for the weight-ins.

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 16:45:05 from    

I thought for sure someone would of asked sonnen about his hair lmfao. Undefeated and undisputed.

DaBigFish Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:01:26 from    

… I can’t wait! Sonnen definitely has gotten under Silva’s skin the photo op moment showed his anger. Odds are on Silva, but I hope Sonnen will win.

spaced Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:07:54 from    

Chael, looked scared at the stare downs, but he also looked scared before the first fight, and look what happened then.

Chael may not have the technical expertise, and he probably knows it. but he IS a warrior.

I just wish they could both win!!

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:10:15 from    

just look at how nervous anderson is at 1:04:15

Dharmaboy Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:12:53 from    

F*** Silva, War Chael.

I know he will probably lose but if Chael wins I’m gonna start training again.

jakelo Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:13:00 from    

That end was funny.

murell Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:15:14 from    

WOW anderson is Sooooo UGLY,

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:16:15 from    

why does chael always do that silly staredown. nver makes eye contact either!

murell Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:19:06 from    

Im glad anderson has no plans to retire,because JON JONES still wants his chance to Beat down anderson.

Op_of_faith Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:22:31 from    

How does it not occur to anyone that Anderson may not be fluent in English but speaks some?

Joe Dog Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:24:05 from    

As I have said, this fight is unpredictably predictable. Silva will win by KO early in the fight or Sonnen will hump and pump to a decision win. Unless…..

stranglerman Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:54:20 from    

certenly a notorious fight in the ufc history.

my fight dream over this great event,
:”anderson silva vs josé pelé landi jones.”
i know anderson don’t like a fighter like pelé,
because josé pelé landi jones he’s the nightmare from brazil chute-boxe academy in curitiba maybe like he’s bad big brother

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 7-3-2012 at 17:54:31 from    

anderson almost had a N-word moment there

Shaikan Says, in 7-3-2012 at 18:45:26 from    

I’m so f**ing excited for this fight!! Sonnen’s trash talk has reached new heights, I respect him as a fighter but IMO he’s going wayyy too far!

f_u Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:15:32 from    

I would destroy Silva……in paintball :)

Shaikan Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:24:28 from    

There is a lot of dumb fans commenting in mmatko nowadays which is a shame. The crowd that comes to voice their opinion lately its totally different than the one from 2-3 years ago which was mainly hardcore fans with educated comments. Now I have the feeling that a bunch of keyboard warriors with mouth diarrhea come here and say dumb s*** like “Anderson is a joke” LMAO!!! go take some BJJ and Muay Thai on a regular bases and see if you have the same perception towards UFC fighters and specially the most dominant champ in the organization you donkeys. And just to make it clear I’m a Sonnen fan too but I don’t take everything he says literally, I understand he’s trying to piss A Silva off. (if you do martial arts and you’ve been a fan of MMA for 5+ years my comments are def not directed at you!)

Pira_Jiu-Jitsu Says, in 7-3-2012 at 19:44:43 from    

just look at dana face at 1:05:37 after silva tries to kiss chael.. it seems he couldn’t believe in what had just happened… So funny. chael deserve to get his face broke..

T-Bone15 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 20:16:17 from    

^^WTF, Go back under the rock you crawled from^^. In the photo op I noticed how Silva initially makes contact in a playing manner, had his bottom lip out and had no facial expression. Then when Dana and the other two stepped in he became more aggressive and visually showed more anger. I just think his conference call declarations and other bs is exactly that, bs. Regardless it is going to be one hell of a fight. 21st b-day is the 8th so I’m hopin Chael gets that strap and I’m gunna be drunk and happy as F*** haha. This fight couldn’t have happened at a better time, great for the sport regardless of who wins.

T-Bone15 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 20:17:15 from    

@marvelous mad madam mim. Ignorance is one hell of a drug.

Op_of_Faith Says, in 7-3-2012 at 20:49:15 from    


Shocked that Sonnen said he would “die” if he wasnt doing TRT…!?? Did I hear that right? He would likely get fat, grow bitch tits and lose the bass in his voice from an Estrogen spike…but die??? That was a weird comment. Even with one Nut and a lack of Testoserone production…Die? It’s not a fatal condition…!?!

london_Jones Says, in 7-3-2012 at 21:34:01 from    

when sonnen loses this fight what will you all say then? go back and look at all the blogs and vlogs of Silva’s past fights… every time it’s hate for this man. i say f**k being liked by the sheep! they will never like you unless your running around in a captain america suit being disrespectful to others. i Love MMA but hate the 60% of the fans. please go back to WWE!

facephucke Says, in 7-3-2012 at 22:08:05 from    

MR. London Fairycake Jones here we are again with your anti american rhetoric. WTF does one figher have to do with America! Dont tell me that you dont have any jackasses in your country….cheerio phuckface…Go fancy your bumhole…oh yeah and go Silva…sonnen must go back to sheepphuckers paradise (Oregon) and learn how to respect people..

iphone siri Says, in 7-3-2012 at 22:16:30 from    

Self inflicted hypogonadism from previous exogenous steroid use is not exactly lung cancer. There is no way Sonnen would die if he didn’t take TRT. Maybe he would get his ass kicked in the octogon, but die? No.

dantae53 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 23:10:32 from    

The UFC fighters that Silva fought at 205 were easy for Silva to beat. After Silva fought some cans at 205 he then dropped back down to the 185 pd class and never tried to fight any good 205′ers that might beat him and could alter his legacy.

thecoolguy111111 Says, in 7-3-2012 at 23:11:23 from    

AWESOME… Spider ripped this fake a** amateur a new one. He called him out on all of his career BS.

Fight night = Spider being Spider: 1st rd Head Kick KO

Chael “the Oregon clown” Sonnen carried off in a stretcher.

marv Says, in 7-3-2012 at 23:47:34 from    

Brazil needs to start there own organization to compete with the ufc..

Kanu Says, in 7-3-2012 at 23:51:43 from    

1- Anderson Silva is the greatest MMA fighter of all time (I didnt say fighter!!! I said MMA fighter)…That’s not even negociable and if you think you can debate this… you need to make some research and learn about MMA
2- Chael is the only fighter who ever came close to beat Silva and dominate Silva for almost an entire fight…eventhough I am a Silva fan I have to admit that.
3- This gona be a darn good fight

axe pittbull Says, in 7-4-2012 at 01:54:52 from    

@ rearnaked. what r you talking about? Anderson not scared of this guy. u crazy!

ASDF Says, in 7-4-2012 at 02:54:11 from    

Op_of_faith, I thought everyone told you to stop posting. Why are you still posting?

kbf Says, in 7-4-2012 at 08:21:16 from    

Dana is sleeping with Sonnen. Good for sonnen the the venue was changed from brazil to vegas. This fight was delayed but UFC 1418 could have taken place in Brazil. Chael owes Dana plenty.

Sil Says, in 7-4-2012 at 14:24:17 from    

Sonnen is a joke for the UFC image. He took his disrespect to another level by insulting Silva’s wife. Fighters always talk trash to each other before fights but they keep the level. He is full of BS. How can he keep a straight face while saying he didn’t know that by tapping he would lose the fight? And he is a cheater. Was caught cheating on doping and now found his way to keep taking his steroids. Not fair for the other athletes, he has a clear advantage.

Rugburn Says, in 7-4-2012 at 14:38:42 from    

@Sil I agree and maybe Anderson should get on some TRT so the field is even. All I know is no one was ever able to touch Anderson and then you get this fake fight where Chael who is mediocre at best in striking, connecting at will and taking him down at will. Something was definitely fake in that last fight and from what I seen Anderson will pick apart Chael and then go in for the FATALITY!!! Anderson by FATALITY in Round 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Op_of_faith Says, in 7-5-2012 at 01:29:04 from    

@ASDF-I thought your Pimp told you to get back to that glory Bitch, why are YOU posting?

murell Says, in 7-5-2012 at 14:02:58 from    

London jones,your right i will never like Goofball silva,even if he does win,by the way anderson takes TRT also.


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