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The Llama Says, in 2-27-2012 at 08:55:15 from    

I don’t care that Rampage lost it was great to see his first Pride style slam in the UFC happen in Japan. And it was the highlite of that fight the rest was kinda ehhhh…

masterblaster Says, in 2-27-2012 at 10:46:30 from    

theres no really good fights that i am looking forward to now even jones vs evans not bothered about and thats nt until april 21 the rest of the card is crap going to be the summer now for a good fight card.. no1 mention crappy kampmann against alves

sammy Says, in 2-27-2012 at 13:15:34 from    

love the 155/145 divisions, these guys are definitely P4P the best martial artists in the world. look at Henderson, there are no weaknesses in his game, first off he usually puts on exciting fights, excellent wrestler, striker, submission defense/offense, cardio, athleticism and everything else

soven Says, in 2-27-2012 at 13:59:57 from    

something about bader makes me hate him

Reallynow? Says, in 2-27-2012 at 15:35:31 from    

masterblaster, you obviously hate mma, so why do you even watch it? Casual fans suck.

kingdean Says, in 2-27-2012 at 16:37:36 from    

mark hunt vs pat barry!! Come on ufc!!

Genghis Khan Says, in 2-27-2012 at 17:25:17 from    

Sexiyama should be cut.

glenn Says, in 2-27-2012 at 18:14:18 from    

masterblaster keep watching youre stupid wwe

randycouture Says, in 2-27-2012 at 18:23:36 from    

How can he say he won that fight?? look at that face….

DavidJones Says, in 2-27-2012 at 19:45:08 from    

rampage thinks anyone cares. he doesnt belong in this generation of fighters and he should retire.mark hunt VS pat barry would make an awesome fight, hunt’s hands are great he cant hurt anyone especially barry.

Common Sense! Says, in 2-27-2012 at 21:41:54 from    

No matter whether you like him or not, or how you scored the fight, Frankie’s right. He does deserve an immediate rematch! He had to give BJ Penn a rematch (when I thought clearly won the first fight), then he had to give Gray a rematch as well. This fight was a very close fight and if anyone deserves a rematch, it’s Frankie!

Harih Says, in 2-27-2012 at 21:48:35 from    

Thats one of the biggest differences with old great Pride fights…rampage says it all the time too…you did not need to win to stick around, just fight hard and put great shows…now akiyama lose 4 in a row, and he can get fired…after fighting great opponents, and always doing exciting fights…this lost is btw a win in my eyes, stopping one of the best at the ground, taking him to the ground at will…and only receiving shields p**** punches…Thats why any kind of monopoly SUXX and its bad for any kind of activity…I miss Pride so much..

Harih Says, in 2-27-2012 at 21:52:17 from    

Oh and I hope someday this dana muppet stops saying they are taking mma to another level..blablabla, the next stage..blablabla…get over it, Pride was, is and will be the top and best mma we will ever see on this planet, period.

DavidJones Says, in 2-27-2012 at 22:33:30 from    

i dont get all this fighter wearing suits, even dana white dont wear them, and why didnt frakie edgar wore an eyepatch. his eye looks bad.

Dave Says, in 2-28-2012 at 01:33:21 from    

I really like the way Henderson fights, but Frankie has earned so much respect from me, the guy has a huge heart fighting guys that are much bigger than himself and he surely deserves a rematch.

masterblaster Says, in 2-28-2012 at 08:13:41 from    

no i like mma just dnt like the gay fights making love to eachother on the floor abit like you and your mam reallynow. and F*** wrestling i dnt watch it thats for the americans thick americans in there 30s and get hard over it

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-28-2012 at 10:41:26 from    

@Common Sense
I thought the same thing.Frankie’s 1st title defense were pretty unfair.He had 2 immidiate rematch and they can’t even guve him one…come on.The 1st BJ fight wasn’t as close as that fight and they gave BJ a rematch.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-28-2012 at 11:21:55 from    

You haer that noise master??It’s the sound of your closet door sealed shut…

MangyMongoose Says, in 2-28-2012 at 12:56:54 from    

Frankie deserves a rematch, I thought he won the fight.

mma made easy Says, in 2-28-2012 at 13:29:58 from    

hehe, really?? In what way?

julian moran Says, in 2-28-2012 at 15:29:31 from    

Frankie Edgar clearly lost the BJ Penn 1 fight, the Maynard 2 fight and hte one against Ben Henderson.
He is just mad that having his team walk him on a pedestal right after losing, did not blind the judges into giving him the victory this time.

julian moran Says, in 2-28-2012 at 15:33:29 from    

Edgar’s “touch for points and run” style, just was not effective against Ben Henderson.

He did no damage on the feet or on the ground, and had Henderson ending up on top or stuffing just about all of his take down attempts.

H1tler Says, in 2-28-2012 at 16:30:06 from    

@randycouture This is not beauty contest. No matter how bad your face get in a fight if you land more punches,takedowns etc you win…
I’m not expert but I scored it a draw or maybe edgar winning.

scottc Says, in 2-28-2012 at 17:19:50 from    

Frankie “The Lionheart” first then “Showtime”.

shiznit Says, in 2-29-2012 at 00:05:17 from    


The fight is not scored simply on number of punches landed. Power shots matter. BTW don’t think he took down Ben H. more than Ben took him down… That face doesn’t deserve a rematch.

Hey, here is an idea. Let’s put Jose Aldo in against heavy weights and let him touch up Juniors calf with leg kicks real good

yourmomsucks Says, in 2-29-2012 at 12:16:37 from    

nice tie frankie! the knot is bigger than his head


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