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murell Says, in 2-2-2012 at 18:33:33 from    

Diaz is and always will be a punk, G.S.P will always be respected,Carlos is Awesome,i hope he takes out punky diaz.

sandro.s Says, in 2-2-2012 at 19:07:50 from    

wow, diaz shake hand….

kill Says, in 2-2-2012 at 19:10:01 from    

diaz has the best answers to questions that i have ever heard……

kill Says, in 2-2-2012 at 19:11:34 from    

so hate all you want but diaz is gonna put a ass whoppin on carlos

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-2-2012 at 19:55:24 from    

Wow some of these interviewes are dumb as F*** and dont know anything about MMA.Like the guy asking if the winner of the fight wil eventually fight GSP…

ttt Says, in 2-2-2012 at 20:19:30 from    

If Diazs are not real thugs, fake thugs with lack of professionalism. Obviously, there is no question to be asked about their work ethic cos they both have great fighting skills, but very disrespectful people n always rude. just below the human level

scottc Says, in 2-2-2012 at 20:22:11 from    

Whats with all the stupid questions from these writers? I get Nick Diaz and i think he and Condit are the most talented fighters in the UFC welterweight division. This is a perfect match up. But i give Diaz the edge in the crazy department and keeping constant pressure on his opponent making them make mistakes and draining their energy. Somebody will get knocked out or submitted in this fight. I don’t see this fight going the full five rounds. Whoever wins this one will give GSP the most trouble of his career.

Randy Couture Says, in 2-2-2012 at 20:22:17 from    

Most akward press conference ever.

mmamike Says, in 2-2-2012 at 20:31:24 from    

one of the reporters played off the new movie planet of the apes the guy with the old timers

Juniordoslightout Says, in 2-2-2012 at 21:56:12 from    

diaz isn’t a punk that was class work right there and he’s got a point he explained it the only way he can take it or leave it.

MMT Says, in 2-2-2012 at 22:07:53 from    

Poor Nick, He is not used to be normal n nice.
Look at the way he answers, it’s pretty dumb.
He should learn to engage with people, especially in press conference. It’s part of the job too, whether he likes it or not

Samuraitato Says, in 2-2-2012 at 22:43:05 from    

Diaz is an outstanding athlete and a superb martial artist , one of the best of the best..he should have his hand raise feb the 4th.

ruckus Says, in 2-3-2012 at 01:08:33 from    

dick niaz! jk im a huge diaz fan. go el diablo!

Tempted Says, in 2-3-2012 at 01:17:47 from    

I am excited for the Chris Cope and Nelson/Werdum fights. I had high hopes for the last UFC on Fox card. Since it sucked balls I hope this one makes up for it. If Condit can keep from getting TKO’d or subbed it will be FOTN for sure. Condit doesn’t have a prayer at subbing or KOing Diaz. He might be able to out point him with speed but if he starts sitting on the end of Diaz’s range then the fights over.

sam Says, in 2-3-2012 at 01:25:52 from    

MMT YOUR A SADASS, why hating on everyone. grow up

Tempted Says, in 2-3-2012 at 01:29:49 from    

In the last 10 fights, Diaz is 10-0 with 8 stoppages and not a single boring fight.
In the last 10 fights GSP is 9-1 with 3 stoppages(excluding the one where he was stopped, KOed by Serra) and 8 boring fights.
Why the hell do people like watching him fight again?

Elvislad Says, in 2-3-2012 at 03:01:24 from    


FAK THE U.K Says, in 2-3-2012 at 03:07:52 from    

diaz will win 1 million dollars if he win several millions if he takes out gsp … wooooww u know DANA is really on his dick…me personally i think dana is on diaz’z dickkk and for u idiots diaz is not a punk… a punk is u typical rejects that is afraid to fight and nick is far from that and he makes more money in 1 fight then all u guys make in 15 plus years a million dollar fight sheeeeeit ill clean dog s*** for a year for that type of money…. diaz next ufc welterweight champ

Ditchpigii Says, in 2-3-2012 at 03:38:05 from    

Nick showed up to, and manned up at the press conference. Did as well as could be expected. Big fan of Diaz, Condit, and GSP so may the best man win in this “tournament”.
Kinda worried about Nick shaking hands with Carlos, though. What’s up with that homie?

dave Says, in 2-3-2012 at 03:49:22 from    

Wtf is wrong with those reporters? can’t they come up with few more logical questions??

Gaudy Says, in 2-3-2012 at 03:57:26 from    


DiazFan Says, in 2-3-2012 at 04:22:12 from    

Diaz is the best. All you crybabies saying he has no class? Dont think i even have to say more on that. Both these guys are great fighters and 2 of my favorite. Either of these guys will make great champions, and either way this fight goes, Diaz and GSP will fight cause if Condit wins, Condit will beat GSP. I have Diaz 3rd round TKO.

bigleejones187 Says, in 2-3-2012 at 08:00:06 from    

cant believe mma fans slag off diaz n bitch about him. all his fights are entertaining. i watch ufc for the fights and support anyone who puts on great fights! diaz being near the top

cbears034 Says, in 2-3-2012 at 11:24:27 from    

Stockton Homie!!!

arjangjameh Says, in 2-3-2012 at 13:31:51 from    


Tempted Says, in 2-3-2012 at 19:08:22 from    

Koscheck is such an arrogant douche. And is not even near the top in the WW. Saying his camp doesn’t matter? Doubt he’ll be getting an invitation back. These were about the most retarded questions ever asked.

eroc Says, in 2-3-2012 at 21:08:46 from    

nicks the man. dont think i like him as a nice guy. hope he doesnt loose his edge. go nick!!

walter Says, in 2-4-2012 at 00:44:28 from    

that reporter millions of dollars gsp fight…… and if you listen good you can hear dana say (at 32:10 ) you believe this guy?? laughed my ass off.

willienugget Says, in 2-4-2012 at 01:32:58 from    

LOL Dude is cutting weight and hasn’t been high in over a week. What do you expect?

DanielMcfate Says, in 2-4-2012 at 02:32:32 from    

I have become a fan of Nick over the last 6 months or so. I can totally appreciate his disdain for these silly media events as one is trying to prepare for a battle.
I’m looking forward to a good fight.

stevosteebs Says, in 2-5-2012 at 20:10:09 from    

congrats UFC! you have finally turned all your fighters into cyborgs/politicians. good job. the sport is losing its personalitys quick. downhill…..even josh and nick cant talk real anymore….ufc….f****** controlling monsters who will ruin this sport in the end. nuff said.


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