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jdogg Says, in 11-4-2011 at 16:42:34 from    

I guarantee you somebody’s going to sleep in this fight.

Enscribe Says, in 11-4-2011 at 18:56:03 from    

Let’s Go! Munoz vs. Leben has great potential.

i like sexy time Says, in 11-4-2011 at 19:25:07 from    

I stand by the fact this is the most shitist UFC card ever. Anyone disagreeing is on crack!

Dr.Acula Says, in 11-4-2011 at 20:40:30 from    

@ilikesexytime I believe that is why the card is free..unless im mistaken. I just assumed this was free because it’s a rather weak card.

Randy Couture Says, in 11-4-2011 at 20:47:34 from    

i smell a Leben vs Silva 2 coming up soon.
Is this s*** on PPV?

KungFuLowKick Says, in 11-4-2011 at 21:06:14 from    

Who is Papy Abedi??Is he a alte replacement because I don’t know why he’s fighting Alves.Alves is a top 10 guy.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 11-4-2011 at 21:30:41 from    

LEben has a huge head!!! Holy s***! Hes been hitting that HGH big time…hes gona look like Tito soon!

Sacramentofan Says, in 11-4-2011 at 21:39:26 from    

It’s a free card with Leben and Pickett on it, what the hell are you complaining about?

If you don’t know who Brad Pickett is go watch his fight with Demetrius Johnson.

fightdontbefake Says, in 11-4-2011 at 23:43:36 from    

War Crippler!!!

Common Sense! Says, in 11-4-2011 at 23:52:02 from    

Leben vs Silva 2? Why? Because Silva’s too scared to give Chael a rematch???

PastelXCore Says, in 11-5-2011 at 02:49:27 from    

lol @ Common sense! love the name as well
bu i think they’ll prolly give him bisping if he beats miller and its about time yes people hate on him and all tha s*** but cant deny that hes been in a top position for a while he his only losses are to the top of the top, and meanwhile their feeding guys to this douche silva when he could at least break a sweat with bisping not that bisping would even come close to beating but its a hell of a lot better than f****** okami

PastelXCore Says, in 11-5-2011 at 02:51:15 from    

wow that’s written extremely poor sorry about that (face palm)

Bobby Long Says, in 11-5-2011 at 05:04:29 from    

Cant wait to go to the fights tonight!!

p.s loving the guy with the spurs scarf :)

Dd Says, in 11-5-2011 at 08:05:03 from    

Real shame this card… Dana mnows that peoe in the uk rarely get to watch live ufc so got them hooked then knows he can sell out even with a s*** card, it looks like a f****** undercard, and no its not free in uk!

fightdontbefake Says, in 11-5-2011 at 08:55:09 from    

I love the crippler, cool dude but he wont be fighting for the championship anytime soon. he just lost to brian stann (TKO). first he needs to get a streak going and then fight a top contender. Then and only then can we discuss Leben vs. champ fight. If I were him I’d just want to get some rematches of before loses, like bisping (after bisping loses to miller).

mr42069 Says, in 11-5-2011 at 12:54:25 from    

KungFuLowKick: no…alves is not a top 10 fighter, not anymore, lost like 3 in a row, i can’t believe he still has a job

@MMA Says, in 11-6-2011 at 00:33:18 from    

Munoz vs Chael! I’d love to see Mark knock Chael’s head off for his boy Anderson.

Justsayin Says, in 11-6-2011 at 02:24:51 from    

@mr42069- the hell u talkin bout 3 in a row? He beat Howard then lost to Story, who is legit btw. He’s won 1 of his last four with two of those losses being to GSP and Fitch (the last loss being to Story as mentioned). That’s basically the cream of the 170 crop- he’s still top ten material and is only 1-1 in his last two bouts dude.


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