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Espelho Says, in 10-2-2008 at 13:32:19 from    

Cheers bruno! awesome upload.

That junie is such a D-I-C-K…definetely needs to leave.

pitor=soy_el_chalo Says, in 10-2-2008 at 13:49:25 from    

it keeps getting better and better, thanks bruno

T-Coy Says, in 10-2-2008 at 14:20:46 from    

Junie’s amazing lol jk he’s a joke but entertaining

spyder Says, in 10-2-2008 at 17:09:09 from    

Very entertaining, but I don’t think he makes it past this next episode. Dude is a train wreck on booze.

What was that clip where he jumped INTO the ring!?!


KneeToTheFace Says, in 10-2-2008 at 17:13:58 from    

I f****** hate watching a bunch of a******* get drunk. Thanks for putting the fight alone up.

:pingaloca Says, in 10-2-2008 at 17:14:57 from    

GOOD LOOKIN’ :) on the the show, I’m going to depend on it, because for some reason I don’t get spike anymore with basic cable in NY.

hikari33 Says, in 10-2-2008 at 18:00:44 from    

ryan bader is a going to be champ

Pak Machino Says, in 10-2-2008 at 18:03:11 from    

Thanks for posting so fast. Thats the reason why we all keep coming back to this site. Dedication!!!!!! BTW the guys on the show are idiots.

Karson With a K Says, in 10-2-2008 at 18:44:34 from    

What about that knockout? Kid has some heavy hands!


gummo-815 Says, in 10-2-2008 at 18:47:05 from    

nog seems to be having the time of his life

noseel Says, in 10-2-2008 at 18:49:53 from    

Appreciate the upload

HFO Says, in 10-2-2008 at 19:09:00 from    

Well, my apologies to Ryan Bader, I called him a jerk after seeing that video he posted online. However so far he demonstrated he is cool guy. BTW, Mir got all the jerks from the show to his side. Go red!

TheJudge Says, in 10-2-2008 at 19:45:11 from    

hehehe, Junie is a misguided bumpkin. Hey i’m not judging, he looks like a decent dude when sober.

Bader looked impressive, reminds me of Matt Hughes.

Bruno, thanks again, i love this site and support you guys fully.

hond2dciv Says, in 10-2-2008 at 19:53:59 from    

Be hilarious if they dont kick Junie off but make him live in the garage.

noypin Says, in 10-2-2008 at 21:19:24 from    

i love nogs coaching attitude

KieranMac Says, in 10-2-2008 at 21:32:40 from    

Junie’s doing his best to be the next Chris Leben, only TUF 1 didn’t have alcohol in the house. Both from the wrong side of the tracks with parents who apparently didn’t give a damn, both have to be the center of attention and act like pricks to get there, both have some seriously f**ked up mental issues.

Yeah, I think Junie’s gone after next episode, based on what the trailer showed. If he really jumped into a ring during a fight and is starting s*** back at the house, I think his stay is about to get a lot shorter than he thinks.

Shame, too, cuz it looks like he might actually have some skills. There’s a dumbass pretty much every season, looks like Junie’s the one for now. Wonder if Shane Nelson will replace him as dumbass-of-the-house if/when Junie goes.

KieranMac Says, in 10-2-2008 at 21:34:25 from    

Oh, and yeah, no one was surprised at the Bader/Lawlor fight, but I didn’t think Bader had hands quite that heavy. Now all he has to do is learn what to do from the top. He looked like Josh Koscheck vs. Leben in TUF 1, just took him down and couldn’t really get GnP or subs going ’til he backed out and dropped that BOMB.

sterling Says, in 10-3-2008 at 01:12:30 from    

Thanks, Bruno. Much love.

I really like how civilized the red team is.

spyder Says, in 10-3-2008 at 09:39:21 from    

Nog is smart getting the all together and having dinner.

sjp925 Says, in 10-3-2008 at 14:25:45 from    

bader is awesome man i see him and krystof going real far. as for junie…ooo man what a idiot

Dunkindonuts215 Says, in 10-3-2008 at 15:29:23 from    

Thanks for upload , was a pretty good fight for being the first one . Usually the first ones are kinda boring because of the butterfly’s . Junie’s is a joke trying to be Chris Leben with his fake attitude , i hope they kick him off the show .

T-Coy Says, in 10-3-2008 at 16:54:30 from    

Here’s the thing junie looks like a great fight and tough as nails… i really believe that he just needs to get his act together with some conditioning he could wreck people maybe not win it all effan escudro’s good as well but i still think without the attitude junie could make some noise

BigM Says, in 10-3-2008 at 23:03:19 from    

Junie is such a wreck when he is drunk. I hope it was an awakening when Dana at the end said youve seen all those other episodes and those idiots now ur those f***** idiots lol.
Bader is the man.

J_satan_666 Says, in 10-4-2008 at 18:25:17 from    

great ko

Mathew Says, in 10-5-2008 at 07:13:35 from    

Junie, you got waaay, way more important things to do than punching and kicking other dudes.
You’re have to serve someone bigger than you or Zuffa Entertainment.

Respect yourself instead, don’t hand yourself over. This proffered corporeal glory is illusion. Don’t sacrifice yourself to what’s lost.

Tsunami Bong Says, in 10-5-2008 at 19:16:00 from    

dudes a monster

loucifero Says, in 10-6-2008 at 20:46:44 from    

Appreciate the upload

matt Says, in 10-8-2008 at 11:30:47 from    

that k.o. was awesome. at first i thought those guys were going F*** each other they were holding each other so tenderly and then bam. btw whats with homohawk making hair jokes?

francodevil Says, in 10-10-2008 at 03:46:21 from    

Thanks for the upload Bruno, appreciate it.

Keep em coming!


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