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Corey Says, in 9-29-2011 at 01:56:20 from    

…hmm. Can’t say I was impressed… striker with no ground game vs BJJ guy with subpar submission ability and no striking. Not one punch or kick by either fighter was thrown with bad intentions, and this ended up being a “this fight should have been over a long time ago” kind of match.

ami Says, in 9-29-2011 at 02:09:25 from    

Wow great job listening to your corner in the second round Marcus…

instanthops Says, in 9-29-2011 at 03:00:19 from    

Bruno it won’t let me watch anymore of the season. It says I’ve watched over 75 minutes of video… Any chance you can help me out?

Bruno: If it say your veiwing time is up open the post in another browser and they should play.

Vitto Says, in 9-29-2011 at 03:29:07 from    

Bispig is trying hard to sound and look cool, but once a douche always a douche! He’s the most disliked fighter, no question!

Good win for Miller’s team

1999 Says, in 9-29-2011 at 04:45:10 from    

miller the strikeforce reject, that was funny :)
good job, good win

Nateismness Says, in 9-29-2011 at 04:59:19 from    

Thanks for the upload Sir!!

k9aid Says, in 9-29-2011 at 07:18:29 from    

I am starting to like Miller more and more, especially his after the show interview

Caots Says, in 9-29-2011 at 08:17:46 from    

That really was the dumbest little jingle they did. I could imagine them in their room like: “oh yeah yeah next lets call him a bitch” “yeah that would be so hilarious bro”

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 9-29-2011 at 09:37:37 from    

Is it just me or did Mayhem pick a much better team than Bisping? I have no idea how Bisping thought he had a better team.

Enscribe Says, in 9-29-2011 at 10:18:13 from    

Thanks B

starcityink Says, in 9-29-2011 at 10:24:24 from    

I’m sitting there watching the kids interview and I look down at my dog and go wtf! If your gonna pass gas go over there and then the kid cleared things up for me. Funny stuff

JJ Says, in 9-29-2011 at 11:32:18 from    

I think it’s an exaggeration to say that the guy sucks at the ground game, or the other “sucks” at the stand up. They have some holes, but it’s very easy to jugde if you don’t know how hard it is inside there. I had a session on tuesday and going for another sparrings today. My left hand is messed, every muscle in my body hurts and I basically feel like straight from a grinder:) Had to watch something to make my self really move and go for another practice…. I can’t imagine myself to get through 3-4 minutes of this kind intensite for a long time to come. I respect all these guys – yet some of them I don’t symphathize with. Ie mr Bisping:)

jaydog Says, in 9-29-2011 at 13:16:39 from    

Good job by a grappler grinding down a much stronger striker. Dude was trying to sink a choke but the other dude was just too strong. May have been shorter but much stronger.
Sadly, Bisping can’t handle Miller’s pranks. If B could laugh and roll it off with and back and forth, its one thing. He won’t and it’s going to get ugly. Bisping’s problem is he has that smug “I’m better than everyone else attitude” but he’s not that great and would get murdered by the top 5 in MW. Maheym Miller is going to destroy Bisping and dry hump him smiling and laughing as he chokes him out.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 9-29-2011 at 13:26:33 from    


Bjjgearjunkie Says, in 9-29-2011 at 15:18:25 from    

Marcus sounds like the ladies man

hond2dciv Says, in 9-29-2011 at 17:16:59 from    


My boy Bryan Caraway is a sweet grappler. I took BJJ class from him up in Yamika a few years ago. He’s the real deal, a student of the game. The guy who said he has “sub par” submission abilities above doesn’t know s***.

dave Says, in 9-29-2011 at 20:09:50 from    

that s*** video won’t play it says you’ve watched 72 min wtf? i watched like not even 10 min?
is there any other way I can watch it Bruno?


Bruno: Try a different Browser. Usually gives you another 72 mins.

John Says, in 9-29-2011 at 20:28:22 from    

the video doesn’t’ Work!! even using a different web browser it plays for a min or two then its says your 72min is up! :( that sucks! Bruno any help?

Dave Says, in 9-29-2011 at 21:06:29 from    

Marcus is stupid to keep following him and not listening and he needs to up his ground game, and the other lay and pray guy sucks so bad he can’t even throw a kick or a punch he had marcus’s back the whole round couldn’t do s*** with it f****** boring!!

fufc Says, in 9-30-2011 at 00:04:43 from    

HAHA “Lights out darkness” and “He’s getting grappling coaching from Bisping” I’m watching this season just for miller’s quotes

cms Says, in 9-30-2011 at 01:25:56 from    

aaaand smash

Corey Says, in 9-30-2011 at 06:27:34 from    

The guy who said “subpar submission abilities” watched a guy with a reputed solid BJJ skill set struggle for 7 minutes to sink a RNC on a guy who admitted having almost no grappling/BJJ skills. A guy who said he didnt like technical fighting, and just liked to hit people. A guy who couldn’t defend the most telegraphed and poorly executed take downs I’ve seen in a long time. I know this s*** is hard, but neither of these guys looked like soon to be UFC fighters, it looked like they both got a 2 month crash course on MMA from some local city gym.

Corey Says, in 9-30-2011 at 06:44:53 from    

The thing is these guys both have a professional record. Caraway has actually participated in over 20 pro MMA fights, in big organizations like WEC and strikeforce… are they overplaying his “nervousness”? Obviously Marcus was a tough kid to defend the RNC as well as he did, and I don’t mean to troll and say they’re terrible fighters, but with the experience and training Bryan has, this fight should not have have made it to round 2. I stick by my comments… caraway did nothing to set up his take downs, and Marcus lacked the balance, speed, and skill to defend against some extremely sloppy take downs. And for featherweights to gas in the second round…. that’s just terrible.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-30-2011 at 17:11:05 from    

Like always posters who don’t even train are better then pro fighters.If you guys are so great why not fight yourselves?And when you guys say:I’ve never seen such poorly executed technics.If you just film yourselves training you would see way worst technic,just saying.

hond2dciv Says, in 10-1-2011 at 01:32:24 from    

@Corey: Whatever dude. Bryan had a brown belt in jits 4 years ago. Do you train? If you do, you know that sinking a RNC on a guy who knows what you’re doing is not easy. I was able to fend off a black belts RNC in class the other day for over 5 minutes. At the end he said, “Good defense, you made me work for it.”

Bryan finished his man in the second. That’s dominant. The one thing I agree with that you said: He looked gassed and that’s inexcusable. He also fought first, so I hope he spends a month working on cardio.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-1-2011 at 14:51:02 from    

Guys you must understand that these guys will fight 4 times in 6 weeks i think.So if a guy comes in and fights at his regualr weight,he will struggle alot to make weight because he has so few time to cut and recover.And Corey I think you are just looking for somebody to hate.Instead of saying Bryan sucks for not choking him in seconds you should say,Marcus has a good defense.Alot of haters here are the same.Instead of sayng a guy is better then he looked,the heater will say both of the fighters suck.ANYONE who says a pro fighter sucks never trained.It’s a fact.If somebody trains he will never say such things.Only delusional keyboard warriors think they are better then pro fighters and think they know evrything.If you were so great Coreey you would fight or atleast have a school since you know everything and everyone has subpar abbilites compared to you.

JeffWonders Says, in 10-5-2011 at 11:32:23 from    

Wow This Was Bad editing -Daina- At least make it Believable!


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