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dharmaboy Says, in 10-17-2012 at 18:32:12 from    

why is Jon Jones such a vagina?

IAmNumber1InChina Says, in 10-17-2012 at 18:45:00 from    

Looks like Chael Sonnen talked his way into another title shot

fightdontbefake Says, in 10-17-2012 at 18:51:51 from    

ufc pretty much lost interest in the fighters and just cares about money like any company at this point. i really would have liked to see machida vs jones 2….come on now we have to wait and watch jj beat down sonnen like anderson did

MONTE Says, in 10-17-2012 at 19:49:17 from    

Jon Jones should have said that he’d invite Chael to his BBQ after party after he beat him.

wcoastassassin Says, in 10-17-2012 at 20:21:50 from    

Chael will go to WWE after this. Jon will destroy him

dude Says, in 10-17-2012 at 20:24:15 from    

Lol I can’t wait for Chael to get KTFO

DavidJones Says, in 10-17-2012 at 20:27:21 from    

dana white hates anderson because he doesnt play ” the game” and help promote the sport by talking,and dana wants to promote jones so he could break silva’s records and become “greatest ever”(marketing wise) dana is a fcuking joke and whoever respect him doesnt respect MMA pride had its issues but at least it was about fighting, and super fights, not BS fights. jones get 2 gift fights in a row, thats BS.

ThatDude Says, in 10-17-2012 at 20:32:57 from    

Jon Jones

king catcus Says, in 10-17-2012 at 21:35:59 from    

david jones…wtf that your opinion and i dont agree at all

boonching Says, in 10-17-2012 at 22:54:11 from    

@davidjones – I agree 100%. I don’t even keep up with “in between fight” crap no more because its all BS. I used to watch EVERY ppv, but not no mo. I can’t even watch tuf anymore. I absolutely LOVE mma, im just starting to hate what the ufc is becoming and dana white is the anti-Christ of mma.

screwballhk Says, in 10-18-2012 at 00:35:42 from    

I’m not sure that its fair to say Jon Jones has been given “gift fights”. When you’re Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, every fight you sign up for is a “gift fight” because nobody is even close to your level.

HelloWorld Says, in 10-18-2012 at 03:41:51 from    

at 15:16 Dana White basically says Jones is going to win..and then fight who is next in line for the Title…could this fight already be rigged???

ultimate fighter Says, in 10-18-2012 at 04:00:45 from    

lol jones, so many haters, because he tries to be polite and honest, yes, hes arrogrant but hes a 24 yr old LHW champion, last 5 fights vs different champions
not everyone can be as conflicted and emotional as rampage or tyson,
saying everything that pops into your pee brain doesnt make you anymore honest or more “real”

amosaback Says, in 10-18-2012 at 17:31:27 from    

Wow! Jones really had Chael flustered. If Chael doesn’t step up his hype game then he’ll lose where he’s strongest (pre-fight hype) and REALLY lose where Jones is strongest (actual fighting). Chael is not a fan of discussing TRT. It was like Jones put him in “check mate” every time Jones brought it up.


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