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Prorok Says, in 10-31-2013 at 18:40:21 from    

I’m really tired of seeing all those guys cutting weight. Obviously it’s detrimental to your health. Before I’ve started watching mma I didn’t even know folks do it on such a large scale. Crazy s***, I would rather compete at my natural weight.

Krio Says, in 10-31-2013 at 20:10:39 from    


They cut weight because they are weak and not strong, I hate people like that, that’s why I love fedor :) little guy fighting huge guys

thunder Says, in 10-31-2013 at 22:36:22 from    

Obviously both of you have never competed. keyboard warriors, got to love em

jasonfn22 Says, in 11-1-2013 at 00:47:43 from    

this is crazy man I just have the biggest crush on the tomboy lesbian………….f_uckin crazy

dumb people Says, in 11-1-2013 at 01:17:01 from    

Because they are weak? Go wrestle a lightest UFC fighter and tell me theyre weak. They are professional athletes doing everything they can to win and be successful. Go fight at your normal weight. Fedor didn’t fight at heavyweight because he wanted to. He did it because he is lazy

mma made easy Says, in 11-1-2013 at 10:39:44 from    

It’s tricky to fight someone who weighs 20 lbs more than you, who is virtually identical to you in skill levels.
These days, everyone is elite. There isn’t one guy who can fight and 30 who are just off the streets like in the old days.
Everyone is a cardio machine, everyone has skills, and sometimes the only difference IS a few lbs.
While I agree that cutting huge amounts of weight is bad for your health, there are healthy ways to do it

Basher16 Says, in 11-1-2013 at 10:51:05 from    

You have to train for a weight cut too. You have to start going into the sauna months in advance to be able to do it successfully if you are cutting a significant amount. Your body has to get used to what it feels like to be in there. Not training to cut that much weight is like running a marathon without training for it at all.

NotVinnieJones Says, in 11-1-2013 at 15:32:43 from    

People tired of seeing guys cut weight, thinking they are weak and not knowing that people do it on such a large scale. Jeezus, talk about not knowing much about something. Wrestlers in high school and college do it all the time and have been doing it for ages, along with boxers on all levels, way before MMA came onto the scene. Its nothing new, get over it.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 11-1-2013 at 17:32:48 from    

Exactly and wrestlers also cut weight every week.
I love reading some of these clowns who think cutting weight makes you a weak person and they would rather fight at their own weight. Maybe that’s why they aren’t even an amateur fighters…

casyboy Says, in 11-1-2013 at 18:34:44 from    

the fight and weight cut may be the most demanding mentally.. and he broke mentally , made some bad decisions leading up to and during the cut.. sad how everyone teamed up against him .. he was honest.. and it was too late to go back.. darn it slipped by.. give another shot . he is a good fighter… i wouldnt dare compare him to that quiter on season 5 gabe ruediger

lol Says, in 11-1-2013 at 19:33:00 from    

weight cutting isn’t good for the health, but that’s what it takes to be at the elite levels. i suggest trying a weight cut if you think it’s for the weak, cut even just 10 lbs to get a feel and then put the weight back on like you have a fight, you’ll see it is not for the weak. and fedor lazy? oh lord…tell me your joking


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