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becquer Says, in 9-11-2013 at 16:11:19 from    


thanks for subtitles

Chicago Says, in 9-11-2013 at 16:32:00 from    

Thanks Bruno for correcting that one ignorant comment…I shared blood with every race, religion, color, gender, gay and straight on the battlefield & on the mat. Anyone who loves this sport is a brother or sister of mine.

mangymongoose Says, in 9-11-2013 at 18:09:07 from    

Hey Chicago, sounds like you need an HIV test…and a sense of humor if you just got offended.

sib Says, in 9-11-2013 at 20:02:15 from    

Bruno: I am glad you are finally moderating your comments. About time.

ken shiro Says, in 9-11-2013 at 20:42:41 from    

You mean your glad comments get removed that you dont like!!!!!

Chicago Says, in 9-11-2013 at 21:50:09 from    

Yes when someone uses the N word over and over on a MMA website I think it should be pulled.

cutu2bad Says, in 9-12-2013 at 08:34:33 from    

I belive That young white males are the most unprotected by Law, If your old you can calm ageism If your a Women sexism, if your not white Racism, I am not meaning to cause offence but you have so many Do gooders Rushing to the Defense of Every other Race creed or colour but white Males ..there will be a time I believe there will be just a few white people left like American Indians or Aborigines in Oz as there Land and Rights are being taken away Fast

chicago Says, in 9-12-2013 at 10:55:22 from    

I can see how you can feelthat way cutu2. I think their is a whole lot of grey area with that argument. Not saying your wrong or right. I can see examples of what your saying in society. I think their are a lot of messed up stuff in our society that was passed down from our parents and our parents parents time that they just” hot potato” it in our lap. I feel that smart people are going to be like the native Americans because stupid people ARE EVERYWHERE! and they breed by the litter.


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