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greengiant Says, in 9-5-2013 at 13:38:21 from    

Worst season ever? Probably. Most dumb mtv type stuff? Yes definitely.

kryptonite Says, in 9-5-2013 at 14:19:44 from    

fast forward to 74mins youll see a great fight best part of the show by far blue shorts is a tuff kid, the rest pretty crap whats with RR at the end all for the cameras hussy

wcoastassassin Says, in 9-5-2013 at 14:20:18 from    

Yes but we all can’t wait until they get into the house and get their drink on

ash Says, in 9-5-2013 at 14:22:41 from    

^^ur right this season sucks only 8 fighters are not enough and the women have lousy records
15-10, 4,4 I guess all the decent women already signed with invicta..

High Stakes Says, in 9-5-2013 at 15:03:05 from    

oh my god what is this a soap opera or TUF?? crap fights,girls crying every 2 mins…they show parts of the fights that look good then the end….there was more of the fighters family then there was of fights… #1 prospect vs a hockey player wtf is this crap?? WOW what a waste of 85 mins of my life…..

Chicago Says, in 9-5-2013 at 16:08:51 from    

cant wait for next week

mmman Says, in 9-5-2013 at 16:27:57 from    

first time I saw those halos in a woman eyes I thought they were cool looking design contacts. Then I realize it was the reflection of the camera. Now it kinda looks creepy.

ken shiro Says, in 9-5-2013 at 18:47:03 from    

Welcome to the fully realized manufacturing plant of the UFC >>>Ugly Fighting Championship!!! The only reason anybody would care about any of these fighters is because the propaganda machine tells you to!!

dag Says, in 9-5-2013 at 21:43:08 from    

Can’t get this to play for anything. Is there a special plug-in needed?

Bruno: It is a .mp4 file. Still plays for me.

BiteMyBird Says, in 9-6-2013 at 01:53:16 from    

Do you guys every stop whining?
It seems like a large portion of mma fans are cunts.
You guys never miss a chance to cry about something.
You mangy mutts bitch more then any girl I know.

cutu2bad Says, in 9-6-2013 at 06:47:24 from    

Is Honda on the sniff cause it looks like she has the start of a cocaine nose job? and that thing on her eye gets bigger every time i see it ..

DaMilkman Says, in 9-6-2013 at 08:38:42 from    

u guys r being a bit snobby imo.. there r some dodgy fighters but @ the same time some good 1′s just like every year. It’s definitely gonna be more about the coaches rivalry this season but nice2 c some decent women involved2… thanx 4 the post Bruno.. I’ll be watching this 4sure cos i like 2 watch FIGHTS regardless

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-6-2013 at 16:15:11 from    

At 20:50 when the guy gets drop, we can see how much Ronda cares about TUF… And LOL @Dana White for saying Ronda had laser focus. To me she looked bored and agravted to be there.

Tempted Says, in 9-6-2013 at 21:28:46 from    

This season is going to suck balls. Maybe ever literally if they put the dudes and chicks under the same roof. God that house would smell bad.

greengiant Says, in 9-7-2013 at 00:48:58 from    

@BiteMyBird – Now see we just choose to see through all the BS,you are part of the BS. You follow what ever is pushed your way without question. Your the exact kind of fan the ufc and other companys love. Non questioning,believe whatever you are told mindless fools. Tunnel vision much?>>

@spacedread Says, in 9-7-2013 at 07:26:51 from    

I know it’s obviously an American ting, but the production Is just too much now. Don’t wanna bitch but every five minutes we’re shown what’s ‘comin up’ and we are shown half the fight as a preview. People’s attention span surely didn’t get so small that they can’t just let the whole thing run without ‘coming up’ to make sure you don’t zone out and start dribbling in the corner!!!

p.S the UK dudes on this show are seriously ugly!!!!!!!!! Sorry.

And p.p.s I wanna eat Meisha’s a*sss


mattattacksu Says, in 9-8-2013 at 02:13:16 from    

What BiteMyBird said. greengiant and all the other whiners are hilarious. Nobody said these are the best fighters of all time. Dana and company are consistently putting out a quality product that is fun to watch.


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