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Flawn Scorpion Says, in 4-1-2013 at 18:52:14 from    

What a Fackin Douche Bag Bubba is if he refuses to fight….??..?
Is there something I’m missing here? What is he doing there if he doesn’t want to fight????????? Really!! who cares who your fighting.

Flawn Scorpion Says, in 4-1-2013 at 18:56:10 from    

This looks some good on him:)
I Love it

WAR HALL……………..he wins the whole thing

Tear Says, in 4-1-2013 at 19:22:04 from    

I would be afraid to fight Uriah too.

Tear Says, in 4-1-2013 at 19:24:22 from    

I would rather see Clint Hester vs Uriah anyway.

Freddie’sRoach Says, in 4-1-2013 at 19:52:59 from    

Like how they didn’t show any snippets of the Urijah/Bubba fight, leaving you to wonder about whether it actually takes place. Stupid TV-created hype. Then in complete non-eventful fashion, Bubba having doubts will be some 8-second, out of context non-event and the fight will happen as normal.

Freddie’sRoach Says, in 4-1-2013 at 19:53:32 from    

But Bubba will still lose.

str8jkt Says, in 4-1-2013 at 19:57:14 from    

Is it just me or does everyone else want to see Josh get beat to a bloody pulp?

agreed Says, in 4-1-2013 at 22:14:28 from    

yes i do want to see Josh get f***** up..he’s such a douche its hilarious

FailSonnen Says, in 4-2-2013 at 00:21:50 from    

You could tell from the start of the season what Bubba was all about. Him calling out that BJJ guy harassing him to death now all of a sudden the shoes on the other foot and he scared

W*************! Says, in 4-2-2013 at 03:36:06 from    

I hope josh gets the s*** kicked out of him but wins so Hall finishes the job. Bubba needs to focus and train so he walkes out of the cage and not carried out.

Iron_Cobra Says, in 4-2-2013 at 10:06:10 from    

I dont think josh will be too banged up by quinlan. I see a ud. I had clint and uriah for the finale. Very surprised he didnt pick up any take down defense by jones’ camp. Uriah wins the whole thing.

Amosaback Says, in 4-2-2013 at 14:13:25 from    

Uriah does look great, but it seems like (from clips of practice) his ground game may not be stellar. Bubba may have the advantage there. If he weren’t such a head case then he’d focus on fighting a smart fight and giving a superior athlete a real test. Instead……

Yes, I dislike Samman and Bubba to a similarly-extreme degree. I’d love to see that arrogant pr!ck take some humility medicine tonight!

Flawn Scorpion Says, in 4-2-2013 at 17:48:26 from    

Bubba fights fer sure and gets his head beat in


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