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emrb Says, in 8-24-2012 at 23:21:16 from    

I hate it for Travis. To be that big he should have a better chin. But well done by Vegh. He is an up and comer, and we may eventually see him in the UFC.

ken shiro Says, in 8-24-2012 at 23:59:54 from    

Well for the record he wasnt hit in the chin..it was behind the ear..just saying!!

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 8-25-2012 at 00:56:24 from    

Damn that was quick and emrb Qiuff’s chin isnt bad his problem is his striking skills or lack thereof.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 8-25-2012 at 02:57:30 from    

Honestly…Bellator is the tits. They put on some good ass fights.

jonnyx Says, in 8-25-2012 at 04:01:18 from    

eh….it should have gone on for like 2 more seconds. I don’t think he was out, and it looked like vegh pushed him down with his fist on that first hit as opposed to striking him.

tobes Says, in 8-25-2012 at 07:56:48 from    

when you cut that much weight, it affects your ability to take a punch. lots of fighters go down in weight classes and then get brutally KO’d (Marcus Davis, Tyson Griffin). being bigger doesn’t always mean taking bigger punches.

Twana Says, in 8-25-2012 at 12:05:35 from    

Of course when you stay in front of your opponent like a punching/kicking bag then that is what happen…. dance..move..counter…surprise attack..trick your opponent.combination..not just going forward to get hit…

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 8-25-2012 at 12:36:57 from    

Travis has always had problems with decent punchers. This reminded me of his Pride 33 showing. ;) haha♠

grizz Says, in 8-25-2012 at 15:45:35 from    

after Wiuff won his last fight fairly quickly he said he didnt get a good enough work out so the cocky SOB headed for the parking lot to do some wind sprints. wonder if he did the same after being KO’d in 25 seconds

pitbull1779 Says, in 10-1-2012 at 00:50:57 from    

i dont know.. that was really more of a fluke.. Not only was it sloppy but it looked to me like when he went down he was hit in the back of his head once or twice.. i could be wrong but thats what it looked like. Either way it was a fluke.. would never happen again


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