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JasonCorb Says, in 10-3-2009 at 13:32:48 from    

Travis lutter could wreck a ton of people in the smaller orgs…so he coulsn’t beat ufc guys but hey mfc and smaller places watch out!!

zebo13 Says, in 10-3-2009 at 13:35:07 from    

Boom to the jaw line! LoL

God I hate that announcer.

hldn1977 Says, in 10-3-2009 at 13:47:20 from    

After watching this, I can’t say I miss either guy in the UFC. At least McDonald tried to push the pace.

IDrusif Says, in 10-3-2009 at 13:57:26 from    

Someone should have told Lutter he was in an MMA match!

Gt03champ Says, in 10-3-2009 at 14:11:44 from    

Oh man im 1st. I better say something really intelligent and note worthy……. ah… crap!

gringo Says, in 10-3-2009 at 14:18:15 from    

weak win for lutter if you ask me. one trick pony.

bearlythere Says, in 10-3-2009 at 14:24:54 from    

damn. lay and pray should not get points.
mcdonald landed so many more strikes it isn’t even funny. and with the home town judges. still no love. must be cause he’s a cop.

okami Says, in 10-3-2009 at 14:28:17 from    

Lutter’s training with Greg jackson looks like it really helped.

XfiendomaticX Says, in 10-3-2009 at 14:34:30 from    

That british commentator is really annoying…And Lutter is the most boring fighter to watch.

Gt03champ Says, in 10-3-2009 at 14:36:10 from    

I never liked lutter, but i started hating him when he could make weight agianst A. Silva. How do you gain weight? came in 2 lbs over and then weighed in again and was 3 lbs over. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

noseel Says, in 10-3-2009 at 15:20:50 from    

Classic Lutter….

Bojan Says, in 10-3-2009 at 15:57:58 from    

Jason MacDonald is better fighter than Lutter. He was just scared of ground game, but when he saw that he can actually lose fight on decision he dominated the fight.

wcoastassassin Says, in 10-3-2009 at 16:21:56 from    

Travis is good on the ground but runs out of steam. I wish the UFC would bring back Jason Mcdonald just because I think he is an entertaing fighter

deathblade Says, in 10-3-2009 at 17:35:47 from    

booooooooooo. Lutter didnt deserve that. What a crock. 2 takedowns and 2 weak sub attempts and he got the win. booooooooooooo

baller Says, in 10-3-2009 at 18:44:06 from    

gud promotion 4 the sport but this is my theory, the ring is 4 boxing and the octagon cage is 4 mma. mma is better and more exciting in an octagon cage than in a ring.

wow Says, in 10-3-2009 at 19:09:42 from    

If that fight had continued eventually Jason would have won. No shame in that loss. Hardly a dominating performance from lutter.

murrell Says, in 10-3-2009 at 19:17:59 from    

rampage is a wimp.

You A WeTodd Says, in 10-3-2009 at 21:07:11 from    

Not a great MMA fight, but Lutters jitsu is as good as anybodies. Love to watch him dominate for one round before he gasses. It is to bad he has no stamina or ground and pound game : (

Oh well still was a pretty good overall show, plus it was free…UFC=$50

mysryluvscmpany Says, in 10-4-2009 at 03:08:51 from    

this was an awful fight…travis looked like he was just rollin stricktly jits with no strikes like he was in practice…i guess luter won by the system but macdonald actually did more damage and kept more active…waste of 15 min of my time tho..

SteveP Says, in 10-4-2009 at 03:55:16 from    

Buddy commentator is Aussie!
How can you mistake an English and an Australian accent?

joejoe Says, in 10-4-2009 at 05:01:17 from    

lutter did what he knew best
good for him
mcdonald got laid for 2 rounds pun intended

Mike Says, in 10-5-2009 at 04:36:19 from    

If there is an argument for a 9-9 round this is it. Luther didn’t do anything in rounds 1 and 2 except lay on top off his opponent. Jason on the other hand tried desperately to escape. No strikes were landed and neither fighter really damaged the other. To me that’s a classic tie round. Both fighter nullified each other on both rounds other than the take down. Which by the way should only be counted if you do something with it. Oh yeah and also, rings are for stand up fighting. I has no business in an mma match.

paddedummy Says, in 10-6-2009 at 02:46:37 from    

“Buddy commentator is Aussie!
How can you mistake an English and an Australian accent?”
It must be because Australians are descendants of english convicts so they also sound like tossers

paddedummy Says, in 10-6-2009 at 02:49:39 from    

And what are there, like 75 different accents within England?

You A WeTodd Says, in 10-8-2009 at 23:00:30 from    

Lutter did make two decent attempts at a RNC so I think with the two takedowns and the sub attempts he did more in the first two rounds than did Macdonald. Yea it was boring if you don’t like Jitsu but Lutter won the first two rounds no question.

rob j4y Says, in 10-16-2009 at 21:54:40 from    

regional accent variations are not unique to england. and to say english is like ozzy wtf i suppose french is like german then and spanish italian? numpty

paddedummy Says,
And what are there, like 75 different accents within England?


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