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ThunderBayMMA Says, in 1-6-2014 at 13:29:06 from    

Nice job big head.

Krio Says, in 1-6-2014 at 14:17:14 from    

Welcome to the USA where they arrest you because you crashed your car and nobody was injured, lol

coutura Says, in 1-6-2014 at 14:46:59 from    

USA laws are worst for immmigrants

Poolk Says, in 1-6-2014 at 15:08:07 from    

@Krio so by that same rationale they shouldn’t arrest people driving while drunk because they haven’t killed anyone yet? You sound like a very smart guy, please tell me more about your vision of the world.

Joe Dog Says, in 1-6-2014 at 15:08:43 from    

@Krio…Dipsh*t, ever been to Europe? Driving a car f*cked up on alcohol is a serious offense and should be treated like any other crime. “Oh I pointed a loaded gun at you but did not pull the trigger. It’s OK, no one was hurt.”

USA Says, in 1-6-2014 at 15:41:16 from    

@Krio! Welcome to the USA where justice is a dish best served cold! Land of the Free home of the BRAVE…you now this already

jacobsmokes Says, in 1-6-2014 at 16:12:35 from    

@ Krio They arrested him because he was driving while intoxicated. The story didn’t mention injuries, there may have been. But it doesn’t matter he was arrested for a DUI, not just crashing his car.

Chicago Says, in 1-6-2014 at 16:32:26 from    

.12 is not very high. It is 3 drinks.

coutura Says, in 1-6-2014 at 17:16:12 from    

Land of the free and home of the brave…
That’s an insult.. Home of the goverment and taxes nothing if free in America. .
You mean home for tools..

flyingfish420 Says, in 1-6-2014 at 17:24:11 from    

Hopefully someone wrangled up @Krio the retard and took away his computer so we all wont be subject to his tardiness again.

Dan Blankenship Says, in 1-6-2014 at 17:37:37 from    

Is TITO the word of “idiot” in Spanish?

ETK Says, in 1-6-2014 at 17:56:09 from    

Don’t drink and drive, because when you do, you can hurt people.

dipninja Says, in 1-6-2014 at 18:11:48 from    

So he’s crashed a Rolls Royce, racecar & a Porche now that we know of lol.

drewblood Says, in 1-6-2014 at 18:32:21 from    

Panamera? real men drive a Carerra GT.

stranger Says, in 1-6-2014 at 19:02:14 from    

I was just gonna say the same thing as ThunderBayMMA, except I was gonna say fat head.

stranger Says, in 1-6-2014 at 19:03:01 from    

@Chicago, well .12 is high enough for Tito not to drive apparently

paddedummy Says, in 1-6-2014 at 19:04:44 from    

Look at all the sheep going after Krio. DUI laws are bull$hit, just like the criminal harassment known as traffic stops and driver’s licenses. Ever heard of the right to travel under common law? Free men on the land! Back when the USA was a confederation of sovereign states before the war of the northern aggression you didn’t need a license to ride a horse and you could be so drunk you couldn’t walk! It is just as easy to trample another person with a horse as it is to run them over with a car. @ Joe Dogg, you are the dip$hit, the cops point guns at and even shoot/murder citizens all the time for no reson and nothing happens to them! You try that though, one set of laws for the tyrants and another for the majority. Public buses and police cars don’t have seat belts, yet you are the victim of the extortion known as a ticket/fine if you don’t wear yours even though countless passengers can’t unbuckle them after an accident so they end up dying a slow painful death by burning in the wreckage instead of going quick and painless by flying through the windshield face first. It’s legal to ride a motorctcle as long as you are wearing a plastic helmet though, since the governement makes more $ because the license costs more! Use your heads instead of being slaves who support your own enslavement!

Joe Dog Says, in 1-6-2014 at 19:41:07 from    

It’s tough for stupid old mma fighters married to ex-p*** star junkies to stay in the news these days…Poor Cheeto. He’s in for a round of hell with this DUI.

bunbury Says, in 1-6-2014 at 19:54:13 from    

thats what I was thinking. I wake up with a .12 He probably doesnt know how to handle his ride.

wcoastassassin Says, in 1-6-2014 at 21:55:53 from    

Paddledummy you need to stop getting your news from the Alex Jones show

KungFuLowKick Says, in 1-6-2014 at 22:38:38 from    

I am never suprised when I read a dumb comment then see it was posted by paddedummy.

mrl3 Says, in 1-7-2014 at 01:28:52 from    

Alex Jones actually has some interesting news sometimes…..

Not anonymous Says, in 1-7-2014 at 02:05:29 from    

Paddledummy : “It is just as easy to trample another person with a horse as it is to run them over with a car.”

Have you ever seen a horse? 0-60mph in about…never,plus they aren’t loaded with 13 gallons of ultra-flammable material. I do empathize with you, third grade must have been hardest the fourth time. When you get to middle school, you can breeze through shop class and kick-start your career in food stamps. Good luck, as the only surviving australopithecus, you will be lonely.

DUI EX Says, in 1-7-2014 at 03:19:12 from    

Paddedummy I’m with you man. People don’t know the truth, they just think they do.. This past July I was in North Carolina on vacation. went to Myrtle Beach for an evening, had 3 drinks in a two hour period, and decided to drive back to the beach house… Went through a sobriety check point. Officer said he could smell alcohol in the car, could i blow in the Breathalyzer. I blew a .09, past all the test he made me do, but since it was over the LEGAL limit of .08 i was arrested. I was talking perfectly fine with him, not slurring my speech or stumbling around. 1 mile from where I was arrested was a big RV where they took my information down, and actually had a judge in there as well. Once i got out and got back home, that next week i seriously got 20 letters from DUI lawyers telling me u need a lawyer or it won’t be good. reminding you a lawyer you mite see for 20 mins in a court room, cost no less then 1000 dollars, and no more than 2000 dollars for DUI’s. then you have court fee’s which is $500 not to mention fines which is another $500. You’ll have to take alcohol assessment tests with is $200. If you need additional treatment thats more money…It’s all about the money. I would never get behind the wheel if i thought i was f***** up,but apparently i can’t have 3 drinks as a 27 year old man. Its a money scam and there’s nothing we can do about it but not drink if you out. which alcohol should be illegal if they’re gonna charge you with a DUI I’m fine with no more alcohol, BUT LEGALIZE THE POT!!!:)

steamer Says, in 1-7-2014 at 05:41:05 from    


I know right? There’s no way Tito is that much of a lightweight. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and asume he was on numerous other substances aside from alcohol and several skanks from the mansion were fighting over who could give him hi-way head. If he really wrecked his Porsche because he had 2 or 3 cosmos…..sigh…c’mon Tito.

Ozinator Says, in 1-7-2014 at 14:06:07 from    

.12 didn’t cause the accident…4th caused it. If they made drinking and driving illegal all together, the bogus industry they made would collapse. The woman who started made said it was bullshit that they made it .10 because actual accidents caused (as opposed to blamed on by law and insurance companies) were predominantly over.12

USA Says, in 1-7-2014 at 14:52:30 from    

@Hoetura. Yes very free our government assures we are all taken care of.

Home of tools…why yes all the big tools that will keep us on top of the hill while you are looking up and our fine ass women, luxury life, and freedom! Free oh so free you wouldnt leave if you came.

Ozinator Says, in 1-7-2014 at 17:06:35 from    

Smart phone typo. ..i tried to say 4 am caused the accident

Joe Says, in 1-7-2014 at 17:14:03 from    

Who cares about Tito? And how can argue that someone was okay to drive when they got in a crash? For all you know, the cops just saved his life. Now I just hope that Cyborg will drop him as her manager and come to fight Ronda, finally.

Ozinator Says, in 1-7-2014 at 22:49:40 from    

Joe you answered your first question yourself. He wasn’t ok to drive but it wasn’t necessarily alcohol. Eating while driving causes more accidents than being under .12 and so too does driving SLEEPY. Did you know that insurance companies have a subrogation department which will find their hamburger eating, accident causing client innocent if another driver in a fatal accident has alcohol in his system? I tell everyone it’s a trap….don’t drink and drive even if you are .0… cops will F*** you and make time and a half filing your paperwork and if you die because some guy was busy fingering his girl, it’ll be your fault to the insurance companies. It’s an industry.

Vin Says, in 1-8-2014 at 07:14:24 from    

Paddledummy ,do you also think you could stop the US government, with the Marines, F16′s and nuclear arsenal , from doing you harm with your AR15?
Science shows that impairment such as reaction time begins at a level of 0.5-although ones ability to tell that they are capable is usually off as well.

titotitotito Says, in 1-8-2014 at 15:15:09 from    

tito is a washout… so much potential…

Unrecognizable Stupid a******* (USA)

The Funky FRO Says, in 1-8-2014 at 19:55:16 from    

That’s 3 drinks vs the legal 2. Give me a break newsfairies. That being said, for him to still crash means he can’t handle is booze apparently! Wuss

oz Says, in 1-11-2014 at 07:37:05 from    

.05 is the legal limit in Australia. That usually works out at 2 drinks in the forst hour and 1 every hour after that…If you are going to drink any alcohol you don’t drive. Simple.

diggy Says, in 1-11-2014 at 12:08:15 from    

pure arrogance by celebrities and no respect for anyone….these guys got money they shud juz buy a racetrack for themselves but don’t do this on public road…cuttin ppl off and putting everyone in danger…this aint a movie , theres real life tragedy involved!

harwelltattoos Says, in 5-26-2014 at 23:09:38 from    

@paddedummy is smarter than all of you. Tito however is a dip s***.


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