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failsonnen Says, in 3-18-2013 at 14:07:03 from    

Why can’t this guy go away

boss Says, in 3-18-2013 at 14:32:41 from    

The way he sounds makes be think he had some dental work done prior to this interview and his mouth or jaw is swollen.

adictfanatic Says, in 3-18-2013 at 15:26:34 from    

good to see people tht give back to the community

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 3-18-2013 at 15:41:17 from    

Whatever Boss I dont think you even watched this video just another chance to hate on Tito. Actually was a good interview and I think he is spot on about Cyborg. Especially when he described how Rousey jumped divisions and ran from Cyborg since basically the beginning of here pro mma career. And Rousey is a good fun fighter – but when talking about the best female fighter in the world like Cheeto says “it’s not even close” Cyborg by far.

christopher dorner Says, in 3-18-2013 at 16:23:03 from    

Show Tito some respect, one of the best LHW champions ever, a legend in the game. And now he turned his talents to managing.

champ Says, in 3-18-2013 at 17:16:44 from    

Im a long time mma fan. I let the fighters decide my opinions of them.
Hes always full of it and hes selfish. All he does is make excuses when he or someone loses… Hes trying to sell his stuff in this video super bad… He cant publicly speak. He thinks hes chael sonnen. He was a good LHW champion because of the lack of fighters. Look what Chuck did to him. Tito Ortiz sucks

Joe Dog Says, in 3-18-2013 at 18:08:55 from    

He wants to be a “role model”? Does he remember that his wife was a famous p*** star? Tito was a great fighter but always sounds very simple minded.

lol Says, in 3-18-2013 at 19:33:25 from    

Tito’s wonderful talents to managing… ROFL….. That’s why his relationship with ZUFFA is top notch. hahaahhahahaha. …

thatsit Says, in 3-19-2013 at 01:36:33 from    

just answer the question, short and quick. omg he just goes on and on and on and on, fuk he shows promise but fuk just answer and stop tryin to be so wise, way to much fuk

fuk thatsit….

daaveeee Says, in 3-19-2013 at 19:30:42 from    

I laughed when I saw which show he’s on. As Dana said, he’s over negotiated and the UFC are moving forward. Cyborg needs to win some fights and maybe next year she’ll be in the picture again

daaveeee Says, in 3-19-2013 at 19:41:34 from    

HAHAHAHA what the hell is going on with his speach? Omg this is hilarious, has Tito been hitting the bottle? I didn’t understand some parts of this


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